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Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of History

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  • How did the leaders of civil rights movement in America seek to win over public opinion?
  • How did the Mughal and Ottoman military systems differ from one another- What was the policy behind each administrations choice of a military system?
  • How did the reform period in the Ottoman Empire affect the relationship between Islam and the state?
  • How important was the role of the CIA in Americas policy of containment.
  • The primary instrument of the Sunni revival was the madrasa.
  • Treaty of Versailles between victory and defeat. How was Germany affected by the Treaty of Versailles?
  • What conflicts in French society are revealed by the purges?
  • What is politics, tribal and monarchy
  • Why was there such a rapid dismantling of British colonial rule in the three decades after 1945?
  • About fire fighting and witnesses report for "Hindenburg Zeppelin Accident, 6th May 1937".
  • Analyse and contextualise a primary source document.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the larger work from which the extract is taken and its broad context.
  • Did Parnellism resolve the tensions within Irish nationalism?
  • Dustrialisation and imperialism through the era of the First World War had a huge impact and influence on Western European Countries.
  • Assess the progress and position of Great Britain during the 19th and early 20th centuries (up until the end of WWI).
  • How far were the difficulties facing the early Stuart monarchy from 1603 to 1630 the result of limitations in the presentation of its image?
  • How the position of women changed in Canadian society between 1900 and 1960.
  • In what ways was the King James version of the Bible translation an improvement on previous English versions, and how have subsequent English versions improved on the King James Version?
  • National Curriculum History- Could do better-. An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of National Curriculum History including references to later study, 14-19 i.e progression between the stages...see below for further explanation of essay title.
  • Outline the differences between passive and aggressive resistance from the Slaves towards the Europeans, discussing the merits and short falls of each.
  • Profiling the heroic leader: Empirical lessons from combat-decorated.
  • To what extent do you agree with Herstein's view that Nazi propaganda was so successful that it can be called the war that Hitler won?
  • What role did charisma play in the establishment and consolidation of Mussolini and Hitler's respective regimes?
  • What was early modern society's understanding of science and the natural world?
  • Why did the UK lose its status as a world power after the Second World War?
  • Why has the notion of the people's war' been called into question in recent years.
  • Why, and with what degree of success, did Cromwell attempt to expand English interests in Ireland and the West Indies?
  • Highlight and examine the various risks and difficulties that can arise within the residential development.

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