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  • Discuss whether the institutions that supported the Golden Age of capitalism may have been incapable of sustaining growth in the longer term.
  • Explain how a consumers risk preference may affect her decision to purchase a consumer durable.
  • In the context of the quantity theory of money, explain the relationship between the growth rates of the money supply and the rates of inflation and show that inflation could, in the long run, be considered as a monetary phenomenon.
  • Approximately 2500 words for report and 500 word diary, an explanation of the diary is within the attached file for lecture 1 page 13. Attached is a friends report from last year that received a 67% and is a good example of the structure and statistical content and techniques required, although its is a vastly different topic.
  • Contrast is taken to mean: A discussion of two or more items and a comparison focusing on their differences. Performance may relate to turnover/sales, share of value-added, contribution to Gross Domestic Product, employment or other relevant indicators.
  • Critically evaluate this view of the policy response to the economic crisis using appropriate theory and evidence.
  • Describe in some details what these monetary and fiscal policies have been.
  • Discuss the role of financial markets in a world of uncertainty.
  • Discuss this statement, referring to the transactions costs of financial investment?.
  • Evaluating the prospect of entry, an entrant may fear that engaging in head to head competition post-entry with the incumbent may result in severe losses. Some companies manage to make a virtue out of staying small when entering markets dominated by large incumbents. Why is it that entering small and remaining small can be an advantageous entry strategy (describe it in the context of a sequential game)? What is the role of commitment in adapting this strategy and what are the attributes of commitment? Discuss when you expect this strategy to work. In the second part of your essay, discuss a real-world case in which an entrant tried to commit to be soft when entering a market. Explain how effective this strategy was. Could it have been made more effective?
  • Examine the implications of industrial disputes in China in the first half of 2010.
  • Explain the main features of the Solow growth model.
  • Explain why many economists consider that vertical integration is in terminal decline. Use theory and evidence in your explanation.
  • Government borrowing is too high and interest rates are too low in many countries; fiscal stimulus does not work and cheap money leads only to inflation.
  • In terms of the four main types of market outlined in economic theory, explain in which category the different types of outlet should be placed. Using economic analysis, show the main ways in which these firms compete, the sort of behaviour that would be expected of firms in these markets and the extent to which this is borne out by actual experience.
  • Outline the neo-classical theory of individuals supply of labour. To what extent does the theory explain the effects of a wage rise and the concept of voluntary unemployment upon the individuals labour supply?
  • Over the last few years, the Economics Division has been accepting more and more undergraduate students while staffing has remained fairly static. This situation is possible because the marginal cost of an extra student is less than the average cost per student.
  • Swot and pestel analysis to Marks and Spencer company, also the five forces to the company with what kind of strategy the company should use.
  • Use supply and demand economic theory and diagrams to explain why the prices of houses has changed so much over the last three years
  • What form of market structure best describes the supermarket chain in the UK?
  • What was the Bretton Woods system?
  • What, in your view, is the contribution made by Solows 1956 growth model to our understanding of the determinants and dynamics of economic growth in capitalist economies?
  • Why might an economy experience disequilibrium?
  • With reference to country examples, what reasons can be given for development success? What theoretical arguments support such claims?
  • Describe the long-term trends in poverty and inequality in the UK.
  • Analyse the key components in, and factors relevant in explaining, Malaysian economic growth and development since 1957. What are the lessons and policy implications of Malaysia's development experience for other less developed countries?
  • Critically Review Chapter 2 (the ends and the means of development) of Sen, A. 2001. Development as Freedom.
  • Define inflation and outline how it is measured. What is the distinction between cost push and demand pull inflation?
  • Discuss the extent to which factor availability is no longer an effective explanation of the competitiveness of regions or countries.
  • Historical evidence suggests that when the hourly wage rate of coalminers rose absenteeism on Friday shifts increased. Use economic analysis to explain this phenomenon.
  • How can we design a policy that protects against sub-prime mortgages for those with bad credit ratings?
  • Identify and analyse the main criteria which the Inland Revenue would consider in establishing whether an individual is a resident in the UK and comment on the strengths and weaknesses of those criteria.
  • Select one industry or product (Does not have to be a UK-based company or have business operations in the UK) that has not been affected by the current economic recession. Then draw upon the knowledge that you'll have gained from this module, explain and analyse why this particular industry or product is 'immune' to the economic downturn.
  • The economic perspective on ageing in Hong Kong.
  • The economic understanding of the effect and need of urban development in the Isle of Dogs.
  • There is general acceptance of the 'polluter pays' principle but on what basis should environmental accountability be assigned when dealing with open economies where international trade represents a major issue?
  • What are the main problems in China that can derail its economic growth? (explain them and their possible negative effects.)
  • What is the 'Basic Economic Problem.
  • What is the economical situation of marks and Spenser in the UK market specially with management changes and how that impact the share price and what the M & S should do in the inflation situation to improve there strategy plan for the future?

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