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The Current Trends In Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

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In economics, a service is an intangible commodity. More specifically, services are an intangible equivalent of economic goods. It sets a onetime benefit; delivered from the accountable service provider, mostly in close coactions with his internal and external service suppliers, effectuated by distinct functions of technical systems and by distinct activities of individuals, respectively, commissioned according to the needs of his service consumers by the service customer from the accountable service provider, rendered individually to an authorized service consumer at his/her dedicated trigger, and, finally, consumed and utilized by the triggering service consumer for executing his/her upcoming business activity or private activity.

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The nature of the service, strategies for improvement, and understand the customer’s perception of having that is very popular among researchers over the past two decades (for examples, leonard and sasser, 1982; lockwood, 1996; johns and lee-ross, 1998). Increases the other hand, the growing economic importance of the service sector in many countries has been in quality initiatives including guided centrally based European Foundation for Quality Management. Many hospitality, tourism organization have taken this challenge focuses on customer orientation employee performance in the interface, the recognition of the centrality of meeting service

By this definition, customer / employee interviews have the potential for conflicts. In a service context that feeling cannot be met exactly, but it provides a cautionary note for Service Manager, because the customer’s perception of product quality connection often depends on the interaction between customers and employees.

The History of Hotels: From Economic To Extravagant


The hotel has a very long history, but not as we know it today, back in the 6th Century began to develop BC, when the first inn in and around the city of London. The first match for travelers, offering them a simple roof to stay. This condition of the hotel was long before the industrial revolution in England, the new ideas and developments made ​​in the field to keep the inn. The invention of the steam engine to travel even more important. Who had more and more people are traveling not only for business but also for the sake of recreation. This will lead to the actual development of the hotel industry, as we know it today. Hotel today not only provide the basic needs of customers, such as food and shelter much more personalized services such as hotels, etc. are now a “home away from home.

“Evidence of the hotels and restaurants has as far back as biblical times, when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem collected during the census. As shown in the Bible, Mary and Joseph were refused accommodations because it”. No room in the inn “Since the dawn of time, people have traveled for trade, religion, family, health, immigration, education and recreation.

Such as Texas Tech University, cited the word “hospitality” from the Latin root meaning “host” or “hospice.” The University has also noted that the first hotels were only private homes open to the public. Most unfortunately had a bad reputation. Under the influence of the Roman Empire and breakfast and hotels catering to the delight of travelers began in an effort to encourage visitors.

The first hostel in America was recorded in 1607 and paves the way for many other firsts in the hospitality industry. The first hotel of the public (City Hotel), owned in New York opened in 1792. The first modern (Tremont) opened in Boston in 1809 and the hotel first opened (Buffalo Statler) in 1908.

Current trends in hotel industry

Hospitality Industry continued to change, which has made it more practical and functional in the world! The types of services and facilities that are offered by the great industry and has emerged from the past decade. All this is possible because of the widespread use of technology, environment friendly services, pricing, market division, regional preferences, etc. The relation of technology and hospitality industry will grow stronger in the years to come. The use of technology is present in all departments of the hotel, the upgrade reflects the motion of the hotel services.


Keeping the entire latest trend in the memory of the hospitality industry, KONEKT V4 application that you would definitely want to explore. This is the application that will help you reach your customers in one click. The main attraction is the “dashboard” application. Is an unconventional marketing tracker is sensitive facts giving minute to give you the latest campaigns and activities conducted by you. The time, name and number of customers who liked your Facebook page, make your table reservation, you asked for any questions or comments about your application also can track comments on the same page!

CRM systems help you to increase the advertising campaigns for events, and you can send informative mailers to customers, after core build your brand. It is a system that works on all digital platforms and databases also you can get more for clients achieve your Hotel, Restaurant and Resorts. It is the only system to integrate the old with the new database, so that you can get, it’s data in a single view. It works perfectly with the iPhone and iPad systems. It is built in a way that let you miss any opinion or report, even when you’re away!

Travelers increasingly will turn to their mobile devices not only research accommodation and travel options, but to book and communicate directly with the hotel options. Booking mobile channel has been multiplied by four between 2008 and 2010 according to Forrester Research. In addition, Google provides the mobile PC that exceed the device the most common internet access by 2013! To smart phones and tablets travel at a rapid pace, it is imperative for hoteliers to use their website for mobile capture potential mobile transactions.

Revenue management has changed since the days it was first introduced by the airline industry in 1970 to be a complex science today. Managers always lowering prices to stimulate sales when demand is low and prices have risen during periods of peak demand. Hotels are now able to update prices for all future arrival dates to meet the market demands every day, through the application of advanced market information. TravelClick has reported passenger demand and visualize group bookings a year in advance. In addition, the Smith Travel Research reports that will soon provide information by looking at future bookings, rather than historical figures that. (By Robert A. Rauch, CHA)


Gueridon a form of service in restaurants food service to their customers is provided. This type of service includes the preparation of food (mainly salads, main dishes such as beef stroganoff, or desserts) in direct view of the customer, with a “round table”. A table usually consists of a trolley equipped for cooking, preparing and serving food. There is a gas stove, cutting board, cutlery drawer, cold room (depending on the type of carriage) region and for general working capital.

Dishes such as these are generally Crepes Suzette, Caesar Salad, Cherries Jubilee, and banana flambé steak tartar

Read more: http://www.cooksinfo.com/gueridon-service#ixzz2Dq1Y1MxT

FUTURE Trends of hotel industry

The hotel industry is in the midst of a transformation that affects virtually all aspects of the industry and its stakeholders. Essences the transformation of the hotel industry is changing its approach to concentrate more focused on the customer and brand insentive. Product and support services are developed around the perceived needs and desires of the customer for customer satisfaction. In the future, the focus will be customer focused to a level that transcends medical examinations. It will focus on the emotional and psychological needs and wants more precisely defined target audience. Hotels then use this knowledge to market a wide range of products and services through strong brands to a loyal customer for life. Some ramifications of changes will be made as reserves, trading activities and high taste information will be more automated. There will be a greater personal guest of technology accurate and fast service. Services and mobile technologies will be prompted to supply any service in the property. Supports functions such as accounting, human resources, reservations, etc. will be centralized at the place the most profitable worldwide.

Medium sized hotels will be taken by brand chain like the Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Ramada, etc. while location will be the priority to choose a hotel by future traveler, brand names will be the next preference.

Another aspect of future trends would be fusion of cuisines. The French started this trend with the ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ mixing eastern food products with western ones. Fusions restaurant will grow as the new adventurous public will search for new gastronomic experiences.

(Intro to Hospitality & Tourism

 By Sudhir Andrews)


A bunkhouse is a youth hostel or barracks-like building that historically was used to cowboys working on ranches in North America. Like most cowboys were young single men, the standard bunkhouse was a large open room with narrow beds or cots for each individual and little privacy. The bunkhouse of the late 19th century was generally heated by a wood stove and personal needs were attended to in an outbuilding.

A capsule hotel is a type of hotel, developed in Japan, which is a large number of very small “rooms” (capsules) cheap and easy accommodation for guests who do not require offers the services of more conventional hotel services offered.

A condo hotel, also known as the hotel-condo or a Condotel, is a building used as a hotel and two condominium. Condo hotels are usually high-rise buildings developed and operated as luxury hotels in major cities and resorts in general. These residential units which allow someone to have a holiday full service. If they do not use this home can be used to ensure that the marketing and management of the hotel chain and manage the condo unit than any other hotel room is.

An ice hotel is a temporary hotel made up of snow, sculpted blocks of ice, and, in some cases, some steel framing. They are promoted by their sponsors and have special features for travelers who are interested in novelties and unusual environments, and thus are in the class of destination hotels. Their lobbies are often filled with ice sculptures, and food and drinks are specially chosen for the circumstances.

A pop-up hotel is a hotel that is temporary, being in one place for a short period before being moved. These hotels can be constructed from prefabricated modules that are connected together on site or from removable structures such as tents or they can be completely mobile, being built on a large vehicle. These hotels provide accommodation for seasonal events or unique such as music festivals in the outdoors.

A Turbaza is, generally the Soviet era, the Russian form of cheap, spartan, holiday, a visit or a base camp tour. Turbazas are generally rented to groups or companies who rent the entire facility for holiday accommodation Oops for their members or employees. They are gene rally rustic located in rural areas that offer outdoor recreation. Eat, sleep, and often is housed in a large open space and common.

A love hotel is a type of short-stay hotel found around the world operated primarily for the purpose of allowing couples privacy for sexual activities.

(^ Schreiber, Mark, “Back to the future of a ‘hotel for 2001′”,Japan Times, 16 January 2011, pp. 7-8).


Manager’s problems

In the hotel managers are responsible for all management of human resources, or as appropriate, all managers have the responsibility to understand their human resources. When providing services to our clients, our primary resource is our people, our workers, our employees. Successful hospitality managers must be able to work with people. We need to develop guidance of people in our management approach. As a manager with responsibilities for human resources, your concern is that people of their needs, wants, and desires fit the needs and desires of the hotel company.

We define managers as the implementation of strategies, plans and programs to attract, motivate, develop, reward and retain the best people to meet the objectives of the organization.

Mike Hurst also emphasizes the role of management changes over management in the past and in conduit. The hospitality is based on the gift of friendship friendly people who care, it has become imperative in a service management concentrate on the benefits to the people and his style.

The managers of today have earned a place of respect for their contribution to organizational value. The contemporary role of managers with the human resources responsibilities is a critical one to any hospitality organization. Most of the people spends more than one-third of their waking hours at their jobs, and as a manager you will make the decision that affects and influence the lives, dreams, goals and ambitions of these individual and their families.

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Manager in the hospitality industry participate in strategic planning sessions, understand financial documents relating to the work and the bottom line. Many managers in the host organization is part of the management team. The manager’s role is more important than ever before in the hospitality industry. It is up to us to keep management informed of what their needs and desires of people to be productive, and to be faithful.

There are some things that came into consideration to keep them loyal; management should recognize the importance of balancing work and personal life. An opportunity to grow within the organization. A better explanation of employee benefit. A feeling that their coworker have the necessary skills to do their jobs.

(Mary L. Tanke, march 2000)


The globalization of labor and continuing advances in technology are changing the way the labor market. Knowledge workers are known for their special properties. These are people who analyze, synthesize and evaluate information to solve different problems. Knowledge workers actually use their intelligence, ideas, products, services and processes to implement. Your most important asset of an organization is its ability to collect and analyze data and make decisions that benefit company (Jyothi, 2010), (Bohlander G. a., 2009)

Technology has had a positive effect on the internal processes of an organization, but also changed the way the work of the HR staff. Some managers in the hospitality industry will see the application of technologies to operational issues as a problem. It is true that technological systems used in the bar, front office, restaurants, etc. much more advanced and complex than those currently available only for a short time, continue to grow, these systems quickly. The approval of the computer and other technologies from all levels of an organization is a major challenge in view of the sponsoring organizations. For example, if the systems are updated and new technologies have made ​​the workers’ struggle to adapt. It is not a positive attitude towards it. (Bohlander G. a., 2009), (Hayes, 2009)

The economic environment is very unpredictable and implementing change processes for each organization to make progress. Globalization and technology are the two main factors that drove the change in today’s organizations. Globalization has opened new doors for business opportunities. It has led to many interventions, but also for how reform, reorganization, merger, downsizing, etc., in order to succeed, companies need to make these changes that have taken place with staff to manage the challenges occur. Change Management Sun is working smoothly for the vital organization. To do this, for example, when the new software is installed, which allows you to install the company has knowledge workers refuse to work on it. (Bohlander G. a., 2009)

Due to the shortage of workers in the industry and the defection of customers of the quality of service that is affected. If the workload increases the performance of the employee moves. By too much work pressure, reduces the employee’s performance and, in turn, affects the quality of service.

It is very important to overcome the various challenges faced by the organization to success. Company is now a day to develop the human resource function, because the meaning of HRM have been seen in the highly competitive market that exists today. In today’s world of increased competition in the local and global. To succeed, businesses become stronger, more flexible and customer-oriented. Hr after for these changing market trends is adjusted.

(Karan, Challenges faced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009).


Staff turnover is critical for a hotel, especially if you have a high quality hotel as we do. The goal of our hotel is on exceptional customer service that will exceed customer expectations, and therefore, we invest heavily in our people. A high rate of staff turnover has an immediate effect in the hotel industry, particularly in the areas of customer service, and therefore we can not afford to lose a single employee. The rate of staff turnover in the hospitality industry is generally higher than in other sectors. One reason for this is that many of our employees are students to work at the hotel is a first step in a career for them, and as soon as they graduate from the institute, they may consider working in their field of specialization. (Jason C. Cho, 14 June 2011)

The hotel industry has a high turnover, which decreases productivity and costs companies time and resources. A number of factors affect the fluctuation in the hotel and one of the reasons is ineffective in recruiting. Identify many hotels and difficult to recruit the right people. Hotel staff need advanced knowledge of beverages, which are difficult to measure for recruiters during the interview. However, recruiters develop recruitment strategies that will identify the best opportunities and recruit the best workers. Do you understand what a candidate looking at the recruitment stage can help the hotel staff turnover. (Rose Johnson, 2008)

Read more:http://www.themoscowtimes.com/business_for_business/article/staff-turnover-in-the-hotel-industry-two-realities/438729.html#ixzz2DpWNZeiu

The Moscow Times

To overcome this staff turnover keep in mind few thing. Which help in reduction on turnover.

Understanding why employees leave. All organizations should conduct a confidential face-to-face exit interview with a HR manager (instead of the boss). Benchmark your company against current industry and geographical location. If you work in a restaurant business, you will naturally have a much higher turnover than auditing and consulting firm. Context and location are key. Set clear promotion and development policies that are transparent and fair. If an employee feels they do not progress in their role, and has no control over career development, after a certain time they will begin to look externally for a new position. Develop effective workplace policies and maintain a positive culture. Opened on appeal, bullying and harassment, the employee should be in an environment where employees feel confident to communicate about reporting problems. Investing in people management training for executives. This will enable them to not only support and reward employees effectively, but also to intervene before small problems or escalating workloads are a reason for leaving..


The recruitment process can only be doing well if only the organization understands its requirements. The candidates should be selected according to the requirements of the organization. Different strategies are required for focusing on hiring high performers and average performers. The strategy has to be clear about the amount of experience they require. It can range from an experienced senior professional to a new fresher. It should also describe as in from which industry they require the employee. That is from the same industry, different industry, employed or unemployed professionals.


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