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The History Of The Family Disorganization Sociology Essay

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Un-pleasant functioning within the family is called family disorganization. It may include tension between relationships i.e., tension between child and parents, husband and wife etc. Tension between children and parents cause serious problem of adjustment. Disagreements and conflicts cause tension and quarrels between husband and wife. Yet, the conflicts between parents and children doesn’t cause severe threatening situation as more severe in the case of husband and wife which cause disturbance, conflicts etc. In the result family disorganizes because, these marital relationships are the central bonds for the family to survived in any society. When this bond broken then family automatically broken. Family disorganization may include divorce, separation, and physical violence etc. After marriage, due to failure of high expectations among couple may exit from marriage/divorce. In modern age, tension and conflicts are growing up among the families just because of incompatibility and different viewpoints of partners and other family members. In the result of family disorganization, people especially youth and children more effected and become criminals who create violence in the society. (Ruchismita)


When misunderstandings and incompatibilities are growing up among family members/ relationships which lead to disruption, disturbance and anxiety which cause family disorganization. Such failures are just because of functional and role failure.


• The failure of family system. It is associated with loss of significant roles of elders who served as central or main part for the family support. (Joseph, 2011)

• The act of upsetting, damage of system.

• Those situations where behavior patterns are un-productive and need to be changed.

• A constant interruption and weakness in the family social system.

Literature review

Family disorganization refers to social disorganization, there are many factors which cause social disorganization but family disorganization is the most common factor among the youth. According to Shaw and McKay socially disorganized people tended to produce crimes increasingly or more rapidly. Chicago school proposed the social disorganization theory.

Social Disorganization Theory

The main features of this theory are crimes and law breaking of society. According to this theory mutual relationship supports positive behavior and produces sense of social responsibility but when any fault exist among mutual relationship then the sense of social responsibility and organization lost which can lead to negative and even criminal behavior. This theory began its focus on urban difficulty. The team of sociologists at Chicago school gave the key assumptions about this theory and these assumptions indicates that crime and delinquency caused by social issues.

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Urban Crime

According to many theories there are high rates of crimes in densely populated areas. Theorists focus on fast social environment variables which includes family, peer groups and schools in metropolitan environment. Study in metropolitan areas support the link between criminal behaviors and high rates of family disorganization, poor resources, and many other social issues these all are prevails in urban society system. According to this theory, these all issues or causes, forbid the development of strong socialization responsibilities in urban or any society or in community among the people.

Suburban Crime

After the study of “crimes rates in suburban communities” which was published in western criminology review, sociologists demonstrates that when absence of positive mutual networks or presence of negative mutual networks combine with variables like social issues then crimes rates automatically increases and the structure of family disorganizes as well, which gave the negative impact. Crimes in suburbia are similar to urban or metropolitan areas, other factors are

Single parent household rates, lower economic status and crime rates in environment which causes family disorganization and in the result people became criminals just because of disturbed environment.

Gang Violence

According to sociologists gang violence is the result of lack of social opportunities and incompetence in the poor social environment. The team of sociologists at Chicago school designed a model, this model studied social agencies in urban areas to create strategies for gang activities in urban areas. The aim of this model is to involve the disturbed youth towards social agencies to resolve the problems, provide training and employment programmers’ to restore the destroyed society, to observe and correct the negative behavior towards the society through proper training programmers’ according to them due to these connections gang activities may be lessened in any society. (Hardy)

Causes of family disorganization

Bezuidenhout also states: (Pretoria)

It is clear from the nature of disorganized families that there are a number of causes for this.

Research also indicates that the following aspects contribute to family disorganization.

• Lack of privacy.

• Incompatibility like in age, mentality, personality and culture.

• Interference of in-laws and other peoples.

• Unemployment.

• Lack or poor resources and low income.

• Poor discipline.

• Lack of social control.

• Societal variations.

• Strength of communication, like didn’t give proper time to family.

• Lack of mutual understanding.

• Misunderstanding.

• Psychological factors.

• Conflict, including abuse/neglect.

• Disruption caused from outside by persecution.

• Change in attitude.

Nature of interaction, like ones behavior towards other family members. Family is a vital factor for the social development of the people especially among youth, because youth is the main part or central figure of any society. Many sociologists demonstrate that family functioning gave great impact on youth, if family disorganizes then it will gave negative effects on the personality of children or teenagers and the risk factors to become a criminal will be high which is harmful for society. Family is the major source of emotional support especially in early childhood when children are growing they adopt fastly from their environment this is the critical phase of their lives. They need to build self -esteem, moral support, moral guidance and physical necessities but when family doesn’t fulfill all these needs then children/youth/teenagers automatically suffer and lead towards criminal’s behavior and antisocial behavior. In the situation of parents divorced children/youth display problematic behavior because they are suffering from psychological factors and poor supervision as well. Sociologists suggest that proper family functioning should reduce problematic behavior.

Effects of family disorganization

Family disorganization may effects the life of peoples, who suffer. The following effects of family disorganization are:

• Stress, anxiety & other mental disorders/illness.

• Hopelessness.

• Sense of un-security/loneliness.

• After divorce of parents, children have low or no warmth feelings.

• Low self-esteem.

• Stubbornness.

• Pessimism.

• Criminals/social evils.

• Emotionally & mentally un-satisfaction/disturbance.

• Attempt suicide.

• Lack of empathy.

Recommendations/ suggestions

To improve the family disorganization, it is necessary to learn three R’s of order which are: rules, roles and rights.


Without obvious and definite rules in family cause turmoil among the members of family. Every member must understand that definite actions are expected while other actions will not be accepted. Children need clear limitations about rules and regulations so, giving them warmth feelings, self-confidence, security to become their best and teach those moral values and all the rules in the friendly manner and understand their feelings.

Keep the list short

Make a short list of rules which can easily and more precisely remembered and followed. The element of flexibility must be present while teaching the rules and avoid the strictness. Just cover the most important things such as treating others with respect, speak in a polite way etc.

Write them down

Be precise, uncertain generalization does not impose, it will be difficult. The element of specificity must be follow.

Communicate with them

Don’t assume that family members automatically understand your view point, explain them what you mean several time. You should Communicate with them and clear all the issues or conflicts.

Be consistent

All the rules and regulation must be apply to all even mother and father. Age differences may change the rules and regulation for children and parents, therefore general principles should be apply to all family members and they should follow it.

Pick your issue

It is the responsibility of parents that they decide what an issue island what’s not, like is the wearing of ring in fingers an issue or the usage of drugs is an issue? It’s means that parents should not create invalid issues to create a problematic environment in home.


Every member of family has its own role to be played for the survival of family and society, but when those roles are not clarify and identified purposefully which may not be healthy and appropriate, then everyone will force them to be improper role. For example parents have the vital roles of authority and they are decision maker as well. Children are the citizens of society and have the right to speak in family affairs in a proper way; whether they participate in any way like as a toddler with an action or as teenager with mouth, parents should formed or developed specific roles for all of the family members and support them everyday life.


After the establishment of rules and roles every family member should have proper minimum rights to be followed. For example, everyone should have right to listened to others and use respectful tone. Family rights raise the spirit of trust and mutual respect among the family members which is very much necessary. (Pretoria)


The family is a vital and significant factor in the social development.

I believe that family disorganizations can contribute to the loss of social control which is imposed by family members.

Many marriages/family relations don’t live up to high expectations, of people and families, so they break down or are violent. As the result people especially children suffers a lot mentally & from all aspects of social & personal life and the risk factor of becoming a criminals/suicidal activities is higher. But with the some prevent measures/strategies disorganized families can re-bounds/reorganized.


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