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The emasculation of males in society

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Emasculation of male has been said to gain its roots as from the World War II and the

Post war period (Faludi. S 1999). Traditional gender roles have been said to the most important indicator of emasculation. This is mainly based on its application in modern society as opposed to traditional society. Changes based on jobs, empowerment, independence of women, loss of

rugged individual, loss of G1 Joe ethics, Metrosexuals, Hollywood among others are important

factors to consider in emasculation of the male in the modern society.

According to Hillary, more effort is needed to eradicate emasculation of males in the modern

society. Faludi J. in her book, The Betrayal of the American Man refers to male emasculation as the male crisis. She proceeds to state that it is the cause of the great unhappiness, violence , anger and confusion in the modern man.

The thesis statement of this study is changes brought about by World War II and the post war Period. These had significant impacts on traditional gender roles more so the emasculation of the male. The problem is due to persists if men failed to recognize their gender roles meaning that it is very crucial for men to realize their gender roles before it is late. This state of affairs is not to be blamed on men or any particular person but on culture and society. These are the betrayers of men (Faludi S. 1999). Faludi identifies the reason why men are not able to pick themselves up as poor upbringing. During upbringing, they are raised to inherit a world they will exercise firm control over. Unfortunateltly, that world no longer exiats and all that remains an ornamental fa¿½ade of masculinity which Faludi refers to as ¿½male superdominance.¿½


Emasculation refers to the deprivation of man¿½s masculinity, power and his manhood hence making him impotent of both identity and expression. Through emasculation, patriarchy has lost value in men thus demoting male dominance in the family and the society. Masculinity is associated with the male. With emasculation, the patriarchy that exists in the male is breached hence enabling the female to compete with man for existence. It is true that masculinity is a female centered realty in every society in the world. According to Faludi (1999) the laid off laboring which has caused man to lose his work mates and the many paranoid husbands insecure about their wives during the second half of the twentieth century is a clear indication of the male crisis. Masculinity crisis was evidenced in America stage whereby men discovered that women were advancing. The advancement of women has been seen as a driving force to men¿½s distress. According to faludi, men have discovered that masculinity and femininity are similar ornaments, that they do not essentially differ from each other as it were the case in the traditional society. Mass culture from Hollywood, Madison and pop psychology highlights the avenues of America man troubles .several American men have perceived the advancement of women as the major cause of their decline (Faludi,1999).

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It was argued that men in stiffed did not miss male supremacy but companionship and social relevance. It was argued that emasculation of male has empowered women therefore being in a position to snatch jobs that were formerly made for men and dominated by men. Women have become independent.they have learnt to rely on themselves and not their husbands. A good example is that of divorced women who have managed to provide for their families in the absence of men or husbands.

It was argued that in modern society, women do not base male utility on finding work and appreciation but it is all about looking for one¿½s place in the society. Faulty refers modern society as a Media world, that the media influences everything. For instance, the media has played a major role in the feminization process. Through the media, the public has advanced feminism massively resulting into what is referred to as gender war. This is because it sets men against women whereby the two genders struggle for existence. In America, men were said to have been betrayed, a situation which was not unique. According to Faludi, American men have faced emasculation but to some extent, this has been highlighted by the fact that many women are working into men¿½s miserable production jobs but they still earn low wages. Emasculation of the male also depends on personalities. Some men clearly emasculated while others still have very strong male complex. The Economic system in Stiffed has highlighted aspect of emasculation of males through the manner in which it screws males in white working class jobs and their families in particular (Faludi, 1999).

The collapse of masculinity has left males uncomfortable since their gender roles have been violated. Culture reveals that emasculation of men resulted from men¿½s brutalality, violence and irresponsibility, which was of their nature and the nature of their hormones. Susan Faludi holds that in the modern world cultural forces are disfiguring men¿½s lives and destroys their chances to live happy lives.

Men¿½s attributes such as craft, social utility and loyalty are no longer honored as the traditional masculinity continues to decline or collapse. To Faludi, they have lost their loyalty and their economic power.

The way we never was a myth presented by Stephanie Coontz which illustrates the way of life experienced in the modern world or society. According to this author, none of the past moments presents workable models based on how people conduct their lives today. According to this book, dichotomous gender roles were developed in the early nineteen century with an aim of creating balance between the male individualism and the female altruism. It has been argued that economic and political trends have led to deterioration of traditional life values hence advocating for emasculation of males.

Male are said to be ignorant in that they believe that their reality is centered among females

without adhering to the fact that female also have their own reality. Male reality is determined

externally but not internally, because it has been noted that masculinity is measured based on

one¿½s wife satisfying behavior in the society. This is to mean that the male soul does not play any

part in individual reality. The selfishness implicated in the disregard of reality of females has

been considered as the major cause of both spiritual and emotional differences between the two

types of gender. As regards emotions, females are considered to be more emotional as compared to males. In the matter concerning spiritual backgrounds, female take the forefront as they are considered to be more religious than their male counterparts.

During the World War II and the period after the war, several changes occurred in society leading to the erosion of male masculinity (Clinton & Hillary, 1996).

Women learnt that their freedom had been barred by the patriarchy or the dominance of males in the society. Before then, love was a good indicator of the relationship between the male and female but with the onset of emasculation of male, love was replaced by economic foundation . In the absence of emasculation, women had a close attachment to their husband. Emasculation in most cases is said to germinate into what scientist call bacterium. Male are said to be have been disadvantaged by the emasculation which is said to shed off their powers hence are they unable to practice patriarchy in the society. According to the masculine logics, this breach in behavior calls for punishment or any other consequences in the society. Males are said to find it difficult to resist the use of what is referred to as physical force and that is why aggression has been considered natural to male as in their reptilian brain. When males are offended by their wives they tend to use their masculine to punish them but according to the recent research based on masculines, it has been noted that masculine prowess is under the counter of emasculation .

According to Stephanie Coontz, women tend to exercise powers above their husbands in the society, which is contrary to the traditional gender roles. They use state authorities like the police as their watchdogs and they have the powers of summoning them at a mere dial of 911. With increased emasculation of males, both the man¿½s reality and masculinity are irrepairably damaged. They will never at any given time be the same again as it was during the times of traditional society. To cover their emasculations many males have indulged themselves into drinking sprees. Alcohol has become the bandage for their masculine wounds. Emasculation is said to be worsening as the time goes on hence developing into a full-fledged kind of disease. This showed how emasculation of males had affected men and their families whereby women had rights to decide when to quit marriage. Males are said to have no alternative reality that they could rely upon as opposed to females in every society in the world. Emasculation of males has made them to result into alcohol taking which has made them lose consciousness of their males reality in favor of their imaginative realities. This imagination of their reality has had negative effects on their jobs meaning it interferes with their jobs to the point that they are unable to play their roles as breadwinners in the family. Many males think or consider alcohol as the best solution for their emasculation but it has negative effects to males roles since it made them lessconcerned to what is expected of them. Imagination reality and Alcohol are said to collide if and only if the males apply them both. Emasculation is said to reach what is called malignancy hence resulting to death when males lose their jobs because they believe that there is no life worth living .

The process of human evolution has been said to result to a more devastating form of emasculation since it led to feminization process through destruction of patriarchy organization and the old paradigm of expression of the masculine (Fricker, 2000).

In the process of human evolvion, several roles or features were made less useful in the

society. Things such as suppression, war, aggression, competition and brute muscle force are

no long inexistence today. Emasculation is argued to become stronger and stronger as males

escape the destruction imposed by nature. As time goes on, masculinity of males is viewed to

have been transforming into a situation considered by many scholars as a vanguard of femininity

in the society. According to Faludi, men have discovered that masculinity and femininity similar

ornaments meaning that they do not differ from each other as it were the case in the traditional

society. Mass culture from Hollywood, Madison and pop psychology highlights the avenues

of the American man troubles .several America men have perceived the advancement of women as the major cause of their decline.

Emasculation of males was good or bad depending on the side of human evolution one stood after the completion of feminization process. The feminization process is a complex and unstoppable process in the transformation of human beings since it is beyond people¿½s ability. This is to mean that human transformation is a process controlled by the spirit of God in every society in the world. This is a strong ascription of the natural law school of thought. In the early form of Christianity, females are said to possess values such as obedience, commitment, innocence, ability to sufferer silently and faithfulness (Fricker, 2000).

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According to the transformation of human being and the impact of industrial revolution,it was argued that these values are no longer useful since females have realized their roles after the call for gender equity in the society. Feminization process has brought about rugged individualism in the world where by a man has become a master of his own fate but not the fate of others; men are now responsible to make their beds, cook and clean among others roles previously known as duties of women.

Rugged individualism has been implicated through several movies and television in the United States. The Hollywood culture is a good indicator of emasculation of males. Most of the American movies present a large number of female actors as opposed to males. In these movies female characters are empowered or play a dominant role in acting meaning that they are the most dangerous and armed characters as compared to the males. Hollywood culture had portrayed men as having adopted female characteristic. Men have taken up female habits such as trimming eyebrows, slim, tight abs, attractiveness among others. On the contrary, several researches have showed that females have embraced male¿½s characteristics and that is why they have ventured into roles that traditionally were made for males. On the issues of appearance conscious, it has been noted that with the onset of emasculation of males, many men have become more conscious of their appearance than it was before. Some sent a lot of times decorating their bodies through the use of cosmetics and other chemicals or substances that are said to bring about beauty in human beings. Traditionally men had a little concern on the issue of beauty but this seems to have ceased with passage of time (Lewis, 1975).

Younger men are the major victims of appearance conscious since they are said to adhere to fashion trends more often than in past .Emasculation of males have made women to become independent of them meaning that women are able to provide for themselves without depending on their husband who have become ignorant of their role as providers. It has therefore been discovered that many women or females are not willing to get married to men since they can take on the role of provider with ease than it was before. This is so because females are taking on the roles or jobs of males in the modern society a fact that has contributed male emasculation.

Professional fields are flooded since career equity has empowered female to compete males dominated jobs. In the past, that is before the world war two, females were not entitled to venture into certain fields such as drivers, engineers, doctors among others because nature prohibits them .

The world war empowered women or females to take part in economic activities in every nation in the world. This is to mean that females have the right to remain in the task force like any other human being. Traditional gender roles are no longer considered important in the modern society that came about because of the industrial revolution. This industrial revolution is said to have enlightened females thus ceasing from being victims of male exploitation in the society.

It was witnessed that emasculation of male has empowered women therefore being in a position to snatch jobs that were made for men. Women have become independent meaning that they rely on themselves but not their husbands. They are no longer silent sufferer and that is why they have become increasingly independent than in the past.

The Solution

According to Faludi, there is an opportunity for the two sexes to look above their adversarial relationship. That they can agree on a more suitable mechanism or paradigm of human progress that will enable both to excel.

Solution to emasculation of males is that gender is socially determined meaning that people perceive their role depending on the acquired knowledge that brings about equity in human beings. Through the book gender-neutral socialization, people are free to make choices that at some points made them stuck in certain social positions in the modern society. This is to mean that those choices people made on their lives contribute largely to their imprisonment in their conventional gender roles (Hilary, 2004).

According to Frazier, the solutions lays primarily in employment. He states that once a man has a job he behaves like a man and takes up both his sexual and social roles with adequacy.

Further, man should not measure his masculinity base on the female perception of his ability to perform his duties (Scott M. 1997)


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