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Social Problems Faced By Developing Country Sociology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Sociology
Wordcount: 1663 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Social problems are biggest problem in our country. Social problems, also called social issue, like every society, great and small. Even in relatively isolated, sparsely populated areas, a group will suffering social problem, part of this due to fact that any member of the society living close area then we would free from every social problem but this is can`t impossible. It`s virtually impossible to avoid them, and even people who live together in the same house.They don`t get along seamlessly on problems that effect people living together in a society.

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Not all social conditions become elevated to the status of social problem. Social problem are related to the febric of the community including conflicts among the interests of community.social issue has the part social problem. Social issue include poverty,violence,pollution,injustice,suppression of human right,gay marriage,gun contral.social problem also big problem in developing countries.For examplehere are some objective conditions”which exist today and as you will see no all of them are considered to be social problem


India is one of the developing nations in the modern world. It has because an independent country a republic, more than half of country ago. During this period the country has been effect to attain development and growth in various area such as building infrastructure,production of food grains, science   and techonology and spreed of eduction.the life expectancy has increased and many disease have been controlled.However,there are many areas in which India society is experiencing a variety of problem.A large section of the Indian society is suffering from so many social problem like ….


Are increase rapidly.The increasing economic developing and rapidly growing population that has taken the country from 300 million people in 1947 to more then one billion people today is putting   a stain on the environment, infrastructure and the country`s natural resources. Industrial pollution,soil erosion,deforestation,rapid industrialization,urbanization, of the country`s resources be it land or water and the industrialization process has resulted environmental pollution is one of the most serious problem facing humanity and other life forms on our planet today


The Indian eduction system has failed-what our eduction system strives to produce are creative and intelligent young who will take our country forward in to the golden age


India is progressing with an growth rate.Growth rate in India is the second highest in the world after that china.The youth force of India are contributing lot to the some .It is believed that principal reason behind Indian progress is its youth force,highest in under the world. However there is a problem.Hugse number of India youth are not only unemployed but unemplable large number of white collar jobs are waiting for suitable candidates.India is a leader in softeware and industries in India are continuity offering white collar jobs be side some blue collars.


A large of the Indian society is suffering from poverty is a phenomenon poor people lack the necessary resources and capacity to satisfy basic need like food,shllter,health and education.There were only about 150 million abjectly poor people in India around 1950.Today about 50 years later , India has about 300 million,abjectly poor people.India still has the world`s largest number of poor people in a single country of its nearly 1 billion inhabilants an estimated 350-400 million are below the poverty line, 75 per cent of them in the rural areas. Some poor people are living on the street and do not buy a meal.


The generall laws against child labor children younger thon nine wear not allowed to work and the word day of youth under the age of 18 was limted to twelve laders.The small hands of slervery bonded child labour in India.For exemple my friend sister is ten years old.Every morning at seven she goes to the bonded labour man every night at nine she comes home. He treats her badly, he hits her if he thinks She working slowly or if she talks to the other children, he yells at her, if she is sick and cannot go to work. I don`t care about school or playing. All I want is to bring my friend sister home from the bonded labour man for 600 rupees .we will never have 600 rupees. As a developing country India is facing a number of problems which need careful analysis. 


Sati system according to which woman were also killed along with their husband on his death. Basically the custom of sati was belived to be a voluntary Hindu act in which the woman voluntary decides to end her life with her husband after his death. A few rules of India tried to ban it.

Dowry system is a hug problem in India and has been a source of great disturbance and embarrassment in our society. Dowry is acultur system where the parents of bride (girl) pay hug amount of money, expensive gift and jewellery to bride groom (boy) and his parents during marriage. Dowry is usually an unspoken requirement. Legelly, dowry is a banned practice in India but it still bride burning, murders and dowry pressure in India

Female infanticide is the intentional killing of baby girl due to preference for male babies and from the low value associated with the birth of female. Legelly, female infanticide is a banned in India but it still.


England is a most developing country of the modern world. It has an independent country. England still has the world`s largest number of modern rich country but some families were very poor then England also suffering from so many social problem like…


Teenagers` community problem can be related to any thing that happens in this society. Teenagers` can be affected about anything. Social problem can be as simple as listening to loud music in a park. 

If a child became an adult its did not get better. It was a terrible life. The family and parent`s are a totally change. Social problem can be as simple as caring and dependency. The adult has a disable age to work so her suffering from so many domestic violence problem. 

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There are three big reasons why teenager`s take drug: curiosity, peer pressure and availability. Legally drug is a banned under 18 year but teenagers has also take tobacco, alcohol drug and suffering from so many diseases. A series of biennial surveys begun in 1982 to estimate the prevalence of cigarette smoking among school children in Great Britain.


The UK elections are very problematic location. Thousand of people are deprived of the right of vote. The electoral commission said it would be conducting a through. The election chiefs told the time that the widespread failures to deal with high voter turnout may lead to re- runs.


Another teenager social problem is unwanted pregnancy at the sixteen or seventeen year. Besides the fact the girl can end up pregnant if they don`t use protection, there is also the possibility of sexually transmitted disease. Teenager`s is not mainly ignorance a girl who is over sixteen can legally leave home so if school girl becomes pregnant she can claim benefits and the local authorities.


Most families were very poor. Even their children had to work and they often died because the jobs were very hard and dangerous. Men often did not become a job and so they were forced to steal. It was the only way they saw to get bread for them and their families.

Nearly 13 million people live in England -that`s 1 in 5 population.

70% of Bangladeshi children in the UK are poor.

Women are the also poorest group.

Landon has a higher proportion of people living in poverty than any other region in the UK. The UK has a higher proportion of its population living in relative poverty than most other EU countries.


Depression anxiety and other forms of mental illness have taken over from unemployment as the greatest. Social problem in the UK, a health economist warns today. The government on mental health; advocates a network of 250 centres across the country to offer psychological therapies instead of the drug widely handed out by doctors in the absences of sufficient therapists.


Throughout history, philosophers have argued that the capacity to solve problems successfully, psychologists have since been looking to understand the nuances of problem solving specifically as it applies to the self-directed cognitive behavioural process by which an individual, couple or group attempt to identify discover effective solutions for problems encountered in everyday living and everybody given different idea about solving the social problem in world. Some people can learn to solve problems effectively and positively, but my view has it is very difficult this but can`t impossible then everybody and government can do it. Social problem solving as well as practical methods and training approaches. Because of the widespread. We as a society have made, and analyzes that works and doesn`t work regarding solution to today`s problem.


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