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Contemporary issues in health and social care

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This report covers many areas in health care and the responsibility of meadia.This focuses on the aspect that media plays a major role in Health and social care. Also individual responsibility too should be adhered too. Thus when divulging and printing or putting any thing on the mass media, each person ahs to be knowledgably taking in the responsibility of such issues because greater damage can be caused to society. So intellectuality is the most important factor in this plus each and every one should be responsible.

Explain how information relating to social and health care gives to raise to issues of concern to the public

How information related in health and social care

There are more ways to presenting information in the word. But relating to the peasant information is like health care, social, Adult, War related wise can be categorized .because all the information public focus is on some sectors. In the society, social and health care information is important. Because it’s direct effects are on the publicly in society. Ex: Some information coming to “To be care of some diseases. “This is directly effect in the public society. Need to be consider the peasant it in very secure and accurate way and also need to has consider as below attribute if the new or information.

Trust of data (Ex: data in the based on the news need to be true. before publishing have to check that sauce )/ Quality

Truly information sauces as its coming

Security of the information

Effectiveness can be categorized its Danger information, General advice..etc

Related society like adult, child, related workers..wise

Current situation in country (Ex: consider the country weather some disease is growing need to be inform in publicly its carefulness)

Consider the approval and the validation from related professionals

Emergency to be publish

Different technique for presenting information in media

In the media of presenting information is using several ways. Television, internet, radio, newspapers, Public advertisement, posters, banner and cutouts..Etc. based on these methods to be used some have a Audio and visualization some methods have only visualization or audio technique.tecghniq should be depend on the using media type. At the information presenting wise can be used as fallowing technique.

(Figure 1.0 Media and technique can used to peasant information)



Technique can be used


Advertisement Using Visual and Sounds ,News

Colors ,Graphics, Videos


Only Audio news or advertisement, News

With sounds, Time of peasant


Newspaper Article, Newspaper Advertisement

Headings can used, fonts style and Graphics, photos

Banners and cutouts and posters

Visual images with information

Graphics, words

Using Team member

Organized the caimans, Publicly do advised

Video, Sounds, using posters


Google Adds, Emails, use community sites

Video, Words, images, sounds

Different ways of presenting information

Can be present information in different ways as above showing media and methods as presenting and technique can be used in the perform it. Finally analysis thy way of peasant as information on related social and health care sector,

Friendly TV advertisement

News wise

Warning (Ex: some diseases spread in such area don’t do it)

Video ( using small TV program)

Put an large Banners and cutout in the Public places

Presentation wise in the seminars

Through the Email chasm pain

Using cinemas and Drama and entertainment way

Using newspapers article

Public health care reports

How to influence attitude and Behavior of people

In the people behaviors and attitude are different put we are going to present in the health and social care related information we can manage their attitude and behavior in one direction. But need to be maintaining on the Media type, presentation format, and style of presentation, content on the presentation, Understandability Visual aspects and sounds. Because people attitude and behaviors can be change using visualization and sounds. It’s directly effective in the human sense. Finally update their knowledge in the related topics using presentation we can improve the attitude and behavior.

Analyze how issues of concern in health and social care are presented in the media

When analyzing how issues concerning health and social care are presented in the media the good and the bad are presented in media today .People have got engrossed to media today due to the improvement of mass media and technology.

Reliability and validity of Media information on health and social care

Health care and social care are systems built around the society, combining mechanism for health financing and service provision.

Media can play a strong advocacy role by transferring the focus of health issues from indivuals to policy makers and executives whose decisions influence health policy programmers and budgets.

Thus with media spreading rapidly over the world, the global village concept has taken over the world and people are more interconnected than before.

The mass media, particularly the new media have collectively a wide reach. Generally, they also have a high level of creditability, and the information they carry is generally accepted by their audience. In the health area too, the media have a strong influence on people’s knowledge, attitudes and practicers.However while news about health issues should be of interest to everyone, we must remember that journalism has its own needs and parameters. The reader should keep in mind the fact that journalist look for interesting stories, stories that make headlines, that convey the different and the usual. But this might not coincide with the ingredients of sound public policy, or be in accordance with the actual substance of health issues.

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The health sectors and social care units have information to impart to the society, information which is important and relevant to the health of the population. But government spokespersons that interact with the media are at a disadvantage. If the spokesperson gives good news, most of the time it is disbelieved by the people. Thus the communication with the media has to be accurate and clear. So the spokesperson should be a trained person, rather than a novice who cannot handle the media.

The fact is that both sides need each other. The health ministry needs the journalist to spread the news, which is often very vital to the public.

The most important factor here is that both parties; ‘the health ministry and the journalist,’ have to be professional, and the most important two factors are that their relationship are trust and transparent.

The media have been used to market health behavior, which targets the indivuals and also it informs about health risks to the masses. But most know about it, that the major determines of health are both in the social and physical environment. And the power of the media can be used very effectively to make environmental healthier.

For example the successful public litigation against the tobacco industry. Today, as a result of years of lobbying and informing the public about it, about the tobacco hazard, its consumption world wide is declining. The reason n is that the mass media together with authorities have carried on the campaign very effectively with accurate information.

Thus new media technology as stated above constantly evolves around providing better health care. But studies have revealed that excessive use of new media technology, best exemplified by computers, contains a possible risk of gaining various negative impacts on health.

Type of information influence Attitude and behavior of people health and social care

For this particular section I wish to take examples from the sex education area, as it has a great impact on the attitude and behavior of young people. The targeted audience is the younger generation of our world.

Young people can be exposed to a wide range of attitudes, behaviors and beliefs in relation to sex and sexuality. These sometimes appear contradictory and confusing.

For example, some health messages emphasis the risk and danger associated with sexual activities and media coverage promotes the idea that being sexually active makes a person more attractive and matire.Beause sex and sexuality are very sensitive subjects, young people and sex educators can have strong views on what attitudes people should hold, and what moral frame work should govern peoples behavior- these too can sometimes be at odds.

Thus young people get information about sex and sexuality from a wide range of sources including each other, through the media including advertising, television and magazines, as well as leaflets, books and web sites which are intended to be a source of information. It is important to provide information which correct mistaken beliefs. With out correct information young people can put themselves at greater risks.

When taking the above scenario into consideration, this involves people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors which are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of others. At this point the media plays a major role. It is a must to keep in mind that people are prone to social influence even when no other person is present, in such case watching television or reading effects.

So when writing articles or doing television documentaries related to health and social care, the authorities that put these forward should be well knowledgeable. As they deal with the masses.

Analysis what builds the attitude and Behavior of people, for health care and social care

There are few factors that contributes to this factor of attitude and behavior which reflects on the way that people look at these issues.

The physiological needs:

Safety and security need;

The people in elderly homes, childrens’ home or under health risk need and highly require safety and security. So adverse media publications can hinder their security plus fear may arise in them.

the love a belonging need

At this point the elders at social care units long for a sense of belonging as loneliness over comes them. This issue arises to many problems within the service person and the elder. They have the strong need to be belonged to a community.

Esteem need.

Thus people in elders homes or in children’s’ homes can have an inferiority complex and some such articles or media publications can increase this as responsible citizens its in the hands of society to make these people they are needed in our society.

So when we take the above facts into consideration we can see that cultures of certain countries along with social norms play a major effect. A culture provides individuals with a set of embedded common understandings that they employ in fashioning their actions, and makes society possible by providing a common frame work of thinking. Thus along with this goes the norms of social rules that specify appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a given situation. So thus these contribute a lot and play a major effect in health and social care.

Research and analyze range of different perspectives on one specific issues relating to social and health care

Major issues in health and social care Scope

The major issues that encompass health and social care issues are the cultural, social and psychological issues. This can be considered highly intricate. Thus diversity is seen as a very broad concept, embracing for example culture, beliefs, disability, gender and race and ethnicity as well as undeserved and marginalized population. Diversity also extends to the wide Varity of settings in which care takes place and the multidisciplinary nature of professional practice.

Summary of different perspective

Western health care faces a number of challenges, including an aging population and rise in chronically diseases, in which in turn causes a burden on the sector and the rising health care expenditures.

Attitude relating to the specific issues in local area

Attitudes mean the positive or negative approach towards a view of a person, place, thing or event. Thus people posses an objective towards the introduced thing and a question arises within them whether to acquire or not.

Thus in the case of local areas or villages, there are many clans and beliefs and ideas that each of these groups posses. Thus they too have their own views and ideas on their health conditions. In many rural areas the conditions of health and sanitation lies at a very poor standard, and there are people who don’t want to change their views.

Most people living in rural areas don’t want to change their ways of medication and though the world is moving forward with new techniques and information, there is a set of people who wants to be in the olden times. Who has a strong belief, on orals and witch crafty. So with this the effect, the spreading of sicknesses and diseases are more. How much NGOS and many organizations integrate towards the rural village, the in habitants don’t want to change their ways of thinking. It is not with all but a few who want to live within their idea frame.

This is all due to the illiterates people. Thus to over come this scenario the people have to be liberated on the ways of taking medicine and facing situations.

Also the social care units are seen as something bad. They don’t believe in the benefits of these units. Also they believe that it is a social come down to keep an aged person in a social care unit, thus little noticing the care there is sometimes much better what they provide at home.

Evaluate current thinking on the chosen issues and its likely influence on the development of health and social care

How the local attitude reflect on the national level

As discussed above many local issues are the reasons of many international issues. When people are unable to solve or eradicate or minimize the spreading of an epidemic it reflects globally. Thus causing a major damage to health, physical, economic and international aspects. Thus then the revenues of NGOS,a countries economy and WHO have to spend a vast amount on eradicating these sickness when it could have been able to be plucked from grass root level.

So in order to eradicate and make the nations free and bring good health practice each and every soul should and must contribute towards this factor.

The best example that I can quote from the reason past is dengue which is a high risk health issue. But the people still have not recognized the individual responsibility towards the spreading of it. They bestow the blame on health organizations and thus each year the death toll increases. The saddest part in this is many young lives victims of this.

We have to concentrate on the fact that the national and world productivity decreases very badly when disease start to spread. So the social responsibility too should pay a vast role in this factor.

Evaluate the validity of public attitudes and behaviors related in to specific issues

Healthcare is the area of educating people about health .This encompasses a vast area when related to health such as environmental health, physical health, social health, emotional health, intellectual and spiritual health. This is the principal by whom individuals and groups of people learn to behave in a manner conducive to the promotion, maintenance or restoration of health. As there are many health definitions, there are multiple definitions of health education.

Thus the joint committee of health education and promotion terminology of 2001 defined health education as nay combination of planned education based on sound theories that provides individuals ,groups and communities the opportunity to acquire information and skills needed to make quality health care and social care.


In conclusion this is an over view and an insight to global health issues and how media can reflect or take it in to the masses. Thus the responsibility of the masses too is important in this issue. Each and every one should be responsible plus the attitudes count a lot. The local health issues and attitudes contribute to the international arena. Thus globally major issues do occur due to attitudes of local people. So authorities should know to educate the people, in health care and thus in media publication. What I strongly believe is that the young should be educated on media, and not to always consider the validity and reliability of media publications.


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