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Why Gun Control Is a Priority

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Wordcount: 1131 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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“He had a red spot on his stomach, and he was lying on his back, not moving,” Mr. Vorhies, 37, a senior software engineer at YouTube, said in an interview that he had been sitting at his desk when the fire alarm went off. He heard someone shouting and saw a man lying motionless in one of the office’s outdoor dining areas. “I saw the blood soak through the shirt.” (Astor, “YouTube Shooting: Woman Wounds 3 Before Killing Herself, Police Say”)

On April 3, 2018, a woman wound 3 individuals before killing herself by gun at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. Here is another ruthless shooting we mourn again. Such tragedy has happened numerously, and it will remain so until America tightens the gun safety policies. (Astor, “YouTube Shooting: Woman Wounds 3 Before Killing Herself, Police Say”)

To be honest, America has more guns than another countries. It is manifest from the diagram “Gun per 100 people” that 88.8 out of 100 American have gun, roughly one for every citizen. In contrast, only 0.6 out of 100 Japanese own guns. From the statistics, the highest gun death rate can be seen from America in the 11 countries. (Kristof, “How to Reduce Shooting”) Frankly, the gun rate is relevant with the gunshot. Based on the figure “Gun murders per 100,000 people” 3 out of 100,000 American are murdered by guns, however, only 0 of 100,000 Japanese die due to gunshots. (Kristof, “How to Reduce Shooting”)

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This shows gun control plays an increasingly essential role in American social security. “Many American can but a gun in less an hour. In New Zealand, the process can take weeks or months.”(Carlsen, “How to Buy a Gun in 16 Countries”) It is obviously that American can buy a gun easily, because American federal law does not require when buying directly from a private seller, therefore, roughly a third of American gun owners buy guns without a background check. On the other hand, Japan has 12 restrictions for buying, which leaves me the deepest impression that “Take a one-day training class and pass a firing test.” (Carlsen, “How to Buy Guns in 16 Countries”)

I can’t believe that there are a bunch of gun advocates who think there is no need to ban guns because “Any one gun is less likely to kill a person than any one vehicle. But we’re not traumatized by cars, and we don’t try to ban them.” (Kristof, “How to Win an argument about guns”) It is true that cars are more likely to kill a person than guns. However, people make a lot of effort to decline the possibility of fatality by cars under public health approach, which we should draw on and apply to gun management. Lots of precautions we take, for example, “we do that through seatbelts and airbags, through speed limits and highway barriers, through crackdowns on drunken driving and texting while driving” (Kristof, “How to Win arguments about guns”)

The more guns mean more danger, in addition, more deaths. Individuals frequently believe that the main cause of gun death is mass shooting. That’s definitely wrong, according to Kristof, there are 57.4% Americans died due to suicides, which is the most essential reason of gun deaths. The second main reason is homicides accounting for 30.7% of American gun death, almost 30 times more than that in mass shooting.(Kristof, “Each Symbol Represents 500 Gun Deaths In 2016”) Critics will say that if a man want to kill himself, there is nothing we can do. In essence, if you make suicide become more difficult, suicide rates will drop. According to Kristof, the barriers on bridges prevent a lot of jumpers and limit the dramatic increase in suicide rate. Likewise, when Britain lessen lethal oven gas the suicide by oven reduced. We need to address gun like it.

 Kristof identifies again that fewer guns equal fewer deaths. States which lower than the average percentage of household with guns, have less people died because of gun, and vice versa, those states’ with more than 32% of guns are most likely above the national average of 10.5 per 100,000 people in gun death rates.(Kristof, “Estimated Percent of Household With Guns, by State”)

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There are a plenty of solutions to cope with liberal gun policy, for instance, background checks, protection orders, and straw purchases. The stronger gun regulations a state carries out, the lower gun death rate it has. Results from studies suggest that state restrictions on firearm ownership are associated with decreases in firearm—related suicides and homicides. Kristof reports that in 1995, a state called Connecticut tightened licensing laws and both of the gun homicide and suicide rates reduced while in 2007 the other state Missouri eased gun laws and tragedy happened more and more. “Politically feasible set of public health steps could over time reduce firearm deaths in America by one-third-or more than 10,000 lives saved each year.”(Kristof, “How to Reduce Shooting”)

Given this datum, it is increasingly vital for us to ban guns as soon as possible. We must have permits and strong storage requirements. There is no wrong with trying to protect life. I specifically believe we should limit access by people who are most likely to abuse gun in order to reduce gun violence. Research suggests that access to firearms in the home increases the risk for violent death. The majority of suicides occurred in the victims’ homes at 76.4%, and homicides are also usually happened in the home, with 45.5% of male victims and 74.0% of female victims killed at home. (Kristof, “How to Reduce Shooting”) Furthermore, firearms that are stored loaded or unloaded are more likely to be used than those that are unloaded or locked. Specific characteristics about storage seem to affect the suicide rate.

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