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The Story of the Kingdom of God

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Wordcount: 1289 words Published: 18th May 2020

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The Kingdom of God

Promised land, heavenly Kingdom and a next world, or an internal destination in the invisible extent of our own heart? The heart of Jesus’ teachings centers around the theme of the Kingdom of God. The reason of this paper is to establish in what ways the Kingdom of God held a substantial part within God’s divine love story for his people and how it applies to our lives today. This essay will display an understanding of the Kingdom of God, the importance of its history, culture, theology, its purpose and meaning within the Gospel, and the knowledge gained from the Kingdom of God as it recounts to beliefs and our lifestyle today.

Understanding the Kingdom

The Kingdom is mentioned regularly throughout parts of the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the New Testament it is referenced from Acts to Corinthians. The idea of the Kingdom of God takes on different meanings of significance in different parts of Scripture. The Kingdom of God is an otherworldly guideline over the souls and existences of the individuals who energetically succumb to God’s power. The individuals that challenge God’s power and decline to succumb to Him are not allowed entry into the Kingdom of God; conversely, the individuals that recognize the belief of Christ and readily give up to the Lord’s standard in their souls are a welcomed into the Kingdom of God. In this respect, the Kingdom of God is otherworldly—Jesus said His Kingdom was not of this world.

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When we understand that through God, all that he creates is flawless and blessed. The making of people is additionally flawless and sacred. Through the Fall, people created an internal debasement of need and focus, which veered off from our fixation to God. All through Luke and Acts, we see the development of modification on advancement’s on bringing the focus back to God. God’s requirement of entry into the Kingdom is unclear as stated in the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels “How exactly one enters the kingdom is not trans-parent, however. The most natural sense of the verb “to enter” depends on a portrait of the kingdom as a container or place, as though one might move from one location to another, but it is equally possible to imagine entering a sphere—that is, entering a field of influence, activity and/or operation—in this case, then, experiencing, identifying with, participating in, coming under the influence of, and joining the community formed in relation to God’s kingdom” (Perrin, Brown, & Green, 2013). Jesus taught us, and the disciples clearly grasped, that interminable life, spared and entering the Kingdom of God are, generally, synonymous!

While some express that the Kingdom of God is authentically not a physical area, there is much dialog of whether there will be a physical location to foresee when we present ourselves to God. Gaining access into the Kingdom of God exhibits to him that he merits all penances. By entering the Kingdom of God, we empower him to accept accountability for our lives and search for him as he centers us into the right way, he has chosen for us.

History, Culture, & Theology

The controversy around the Kingdom of God is about what it is or isn’t. Some will say it is a real physical world, and others say it is something spiritual. Depending on who you ask the genuine Kingdom of God, can be a tangible piece of real estate or it is something spiritual that otherworldly that happens in our souls. Some would express it to be a physical location above man, constructed by God to be a home for peoples’ souls after death. Others might state that it is no other than a spot inside us that must become through the correct choices and demonstrations of generosity.

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The extension of God’s Kingdom transpires all through the manuscript of Luke and Acts. The accomplishment of God’s guarantee is initiated through Jesus and his connection with individuals. God’s idea for Jesus’ passing is expected to display to His people the compassion and exculpation that Jesus has for everyone that exists since Jesus’ demise was proposed to release the folks from unending sin, and by doing this, it moreover exhibits God’s everlasting repentance by compromising his solitary kid.

External the Kingdom of God, numerous were forbidden due to dissimilar details that made them incompetent for entrance into the Kingdom. In so doing, God takes every one of the all of the people who come to him all things well-thought-out and prepare them to be suitable for entrance into the kingdom and included with the Lord. He made an agreement to people that he supports them; he isn’t breaching that promise. The undertaking of the kingdom of God, suggests independence for all. With this reason, he can connect all people so that there will no longer be any insidious in the world.

The purpose and meaning of the Kingdom of God within the Gospel.

The purpose of the Kingdom of God within the Gospel is that the Israelites comprehended what they desired on account of all they had witnessed. God requires to sense that we deserve to belong in his kingdom. Even though they comprehended that they were ready to do what was essential to follow God, many failures along the way. Be that as it may, he presented them assurance and a promise into the kingdom. In this manner, several changed their priorities, and several changed their behaviors to which most could not understand to be with God. With respects to the authority within the kingdom of God, it governs over completely all that we have. At the moment when God speaks, he does not merely speak reality, and he needs the entirety of his followers to do the same. He did not merely need his devotees to follow him in absence of relinquishing something. The one thing about in what way our God is extraordinary is that he not once has promised a presence without pain and sacrifices for the things you treasure and require.


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