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Impact of Significant Life Events

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The transitions imply all of us. The layer of rain of the amendment suppose a question of low level survival for “millennia “. Then the people evolved an exclusive methods for they get accustomed to changes and surprise . The normal changes can conquered by the education. The considerable change can prove our individuality and mesh left they go of completely supported values, hops. Sometime “transition” are showed under the “diagram”. after events of life keys show up to 10-20 period in our spam of life.

The transition can be widely divided in two types. These types are,

Awaited Transition

An awaited transition can be defined as an expectation that the people who waits for the changes. Then they knew the changes that go to past as the child’s, marriage or birthing etc…

Can be Unexpected ( transition )

it will happen with a knowledge. This one, humans don’t’ know the changes that are going to happen. for example

: Dismissal, death etc….

There are some variables that the following of style of adaptation of the influence is:

  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Social Fund
  • Attitude
  • Individual Behavior

the transition more significant than different also, some changes or this Transition are acknowledgeable like at the Awaited if persons are extraordinary a little also the Unexpected Transition persons unconscious turning capably of facing the change. then a transition is more significant.

Different responses made to significant life event and transition by individuals

Answer 1.2

” that the stages of life are the different step along which an individual should happen during all his process of life ” (more Difficult states 2009) it includes this one:

  • the development or infancy
  • the discovery or years adolescents
  • the establishment or juvenile adulthood
  • the continuation or average adulthood
  • to push back or major

Nevertheless, normally aptitude for an individual to cope with the events of life in truth related to the stages of the life of the person. Our individuality presents the approach in another direction. You look at latest most of the time as pessimistic or optimistic, dependent or independent, careful or adventurous, impassive or emotional, passive or aggressive, adept or lead agency; generally, these are the character of cholera congenital,

Nevertheless other attribute example the emotion that one or low other / authority becomes visible to the study and in particular to challenge basis different and respect we enter to grow. According Erickson, culture has a tremendous influence in human behavior, it has developed and placed more accents in the outside world that wars and depression

1. Infancy (of the birth to 18 months)

Result of development of ego: suspicion against confidence

Principal force: wait and I walk

2. The early infancy (it begins Eighteen months to Three years)

Effect of development of ego: shame against autonomy

Principal force: it goes to, the courage and car – control

3. The age of game (from three to five years) Result of development of ego: he blames against initiative Central force: target

1. The school age (from 6 to 12 years)

Result of development of ego: inferiority against industry

Principal forces: competition and method

2. The adolescence (from 12 to 18 years)

Result of development of ego: confusion of role against identity

Fundamental forces: loyalty and allegiance

3. The young adulthood (from 18 to 35 years)

Result of development of ego: isolation, solidarity and intimacy

Principal forces: love and affiliation

4. average adulthood: (from 35 to 65 years)

Result of development of ego: me absorption or stagnation against generativamente

Critical forces: it worry and production

5. Late adulthood: (from 65 years to death)

Result of development of ego: desperation against integrity

Essential forces: Knowledge

The direction of a particularly difficult depends event the stages of our life. And when we have seen with the various stages of life Erickson, we can or to cope with an important event that the death of a member of our family that he will be joined for our standard of living which can be adapted or insufficient to help us to confront this dramatic event in the Pacific.

The young man of 10 is lit more challenge to conquer the death of his father that they are compared by the adult of 57 which has a number of life experiences.

Personality is organized and dynamic thu characteristics owned by an individual who determines only that it or its cognitions, the behaviors and the motivations in various situations.

I. The Ego

More difficult (2009) states that ” This is the structure of the personality that it treats with the demands of veracity or reality; it is called the executive power of the personality because a use of reasoning makes to take decisions “.

The II.st The superego

It is the judge or the moral branch of the personality that it identifies or door to the spirit if something goes wrong or is correct, it is considered as our conscience. Personality changes of an individual to other because, in a sense, each person is not only and the personality that only simply means that people have different reactions, approaches when they meet the challenges in his life.

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Group responds to significant life events

Williams (1999) explain this the change they are the ordinary series for which each one reacts to startle and to adapt, and to have to go during several stage to get accustomed completely to events keys in our work and person life, loss, damage, divorce or loss of work and new matters, the employment or the substitution radically change our life.

The excellent events as well as the scare can destabilize our minds, need that we change drastically ours thoughtfully the world,

This one takes more time that most of persons understands, often with a stage of the interior bottomless disaster approximately six months later, until we could stop they go of the past and settle completely to our new reality.

These procedures influence every person, most of cultures, after principal events of life. These ten happen to twenty times in the life of the people of the majority. Of being understood and I support these events they can be decisive points and opportunity.

Or they can go forward to the severe error of judgment, sadness, breakdown, broken matters, career and sometimes suicide. When we have an individual disaster, or we see others in one, in general we contemplate the immediate situation.

If there is exterior sensitive factor these can begin a transition. And the additional enthusiasm, the incredulity, the denial, the suspense, the losing confidence, the confusion and the depression are the primary responses to the transition.


The social support is

A network of members of the family and friends who gives positive reactions. • Persons that give emotional support. • Honest clashes when you establish a style of life of the resumption. The framework consists of gifts of its success, the reminders you dedicate when and understanding when you are discouraged and injury. • The citizens of his life not that does not accept no excuse of you, but contributes to keep its foot and dedication to progress.

. The importance of social support is • applauded up to continue to sacrifice and the power to create the change. • Motivate to persist jobs in the change. • Support and estimated nostalgia when you are the experience a plateau that they imply the small visible change. • Believe that the difficulties on you and the hard work that you create. • This will be chase costs means in which you can change its style of life • more difficult and longer Work in his work or efforts to be improved. Them · they turn in more affected and interested into his progress and development. Them · they become more careful in his efforts to change.

More sensitive fact on the time and effort had to do the essential change of his life.

Answer 14

Mckibbin and – (2008) the state tension, such as the response of entrant to a human being has by force shall exercise, in extreme or the other type of require placed on them. Many things in the work can lead to the tension, and the individual will find some things more stressful that different. The Walsh (2005) stipulates that the concept of the tension popularly has to do with the feeling » under the pressure ‘, unable to cope with the requirements of the situation.

Financial commitments and problems

Poor-quality living condition

Personal relationship

Health problems

Excessive work roles/long hours

Lack of sleep

Lack of rest and relaxation

Sources of Stress

Prejudice, discrimination and hostility from others

The Asbridge and To – (2008) it describes that small quantity of the tension can be well for us, but tension of some times increases and get in the way with our health. When someone under tension bodies produces a hormone called the adrenaline.

The sudden liberation of the adrenaline in the bloodstream causes several effects in the short term, even a beat of rapid, more rapid heart respiration, dry mouth, wide open eyes, sweaty hands, the need to go to the services and a pale face.

These signs of the tension do not last a lot of time when they need the energy. If a stressful situation does not improve, then the person can fall ill.

The tension impact in each one especially worries the following of workpeople the potential impact is in workpeople of care

  • Denial
  • Rage
  • Social Retreat
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Depletion
  • Lack of concentration
  • Problems of Health

To reduce the tension it is necessary to conquer the things that caused the tension, which is not always easy. Below they are some ways of relieving the tension:

· Change the situation to remove the thing this causing the tension.

  • formation of direction of Time might help to avoid the tension caused by the lack of the time.
  • Emotional expression – speaks of or notes down feelings, putting the positive aspect in a list and denials.
  • Assertive formation can go to the source of the problem.
  • skills of Relaxation as therapy of watering, massage, hipnoterapia.
  • Exercise.
  • Medicines prescribidas for GP
  • Therapy to help to organize thoughts to look at a situation differently.
  • game of Role – they calculate strategies of adapting themselves practising them first.

Others social networks may provide support to individuals experiencing

Answer 2.2

According Kubler (1969) there are five fundamental stages in cases of death are denial, anger, the negotiation, depression and finally acceptance. Diagram below describe the time

Source: http://www.armchairadvice.co.uk/bereavement/emotional/responses.asp

  • Denial

Kubler (1969) states that “Denial is a aware or unaware rejection to agree to evidence, truth, and many more, relate to the scenario concerned, It’s a resistance mechanism and completely usual, Some people can become locked in this period when dealing with a shocking change that can be ignored, Death of course is not particularly easy to avoid or avoid indefinitely”.

  • Anger

He further describes that “Anger can manifest in different ways People dealing with emotional upset can be angry with themselves, and/or with others, particularly those close to them, knowing this helps keep detached and non-judgemental when experiencing the anger of someone who is very upset”.

  • Negotiation

Kubler (1969), provides that “the tradition of stage negotiator for the people face death can lead to the try to negotiate with any God in whom the individual believes, people turn a volume of the serious minor trauma that it can negotiate or look to place a negotiation, the negotiation rarely that it provides a sustainable exit, mainly if it is a matter of life or death”.

  • Depression

It is mentioned as preparatory affliction. In a sense it is the process of clothing or the formation led to ‘ the consequence” although this stage means different things according to which this implies, is a kind of acceptance of the touch accessory. It is usual to feel the sorrow and sadness, fear, suspense, etc. : This shows that the person began to accept at least the reality”.

  • Acceptance

Kubler (1969) define ” this stage truly they change according to the state of the person, although largely this is a sign that there is some touching separation and objectivity, the agonizing People can enter this stage a lot of time before the people that they stop, the one who must happen essentially for her own individual stage of deals with the sorrow “.

The loss is the Unexpected transition normally like a human being for which each one spends this one she organizes the time it will change to the person to the person that one day confronting the loss they need the social support of that time they can come to the normal life.

Answer 2.3

External sources of support

General Practitioner

The people faced the transition some time that he is depressed in this case, they can go to its GP and go to them on the problem you face and GP prescribe anti depressants. The doctor is its first person to consult.

The adviser is Adviser the person when you go and to go to someone who has been formed to be a good auditor and help to the conversation of the population on his problem. The adviser can be capable to help him to understand his feelings and thoughts better.

Me – they help groups

where a group of people that they have all transferred to a transition or depression is together to speak and to support another. This can help to feel less when you find another people which has the same classes of feelings as you and also it can show him the means that they have adapted itself. The discovery that you can help and support can help another people to feel better.

Psychiatric Disorders specialist

that it is the person who deals with serious depressed that he continues during many time. Then it will listen to his problem and will the treatment.

Psychiatric Nurse he / she is the people who is his house regularly and conversation with you on the progress and registers all.

Answers 3.1

It is the aim of the company to ensure that no present or future employee or applicant for employment receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex,marital status ,disability ,races colour, nationality (including citizenship ) or ethnic be shown to be justifiable.

the elimination of any discrimination in employment

the promotion of equality of opportunity

an also guidance on the steps that need to be taken to ensure that employment practice remain within the law

The policy will be implemented ti accordance with appropriate statuary requirement of

The equal pay Act 1970

The equal (Amendment) Regulations 1983

The sex discrimination Act 1974

The race relations Act 1976


Recommendation for improving the support available in the organisation for individuals and their social networks significant life event

Answer 03, 3

Communication is about the way people reach out to one another. It is an essential part of all relationships, and the ability to communication well with service users, colleagues and other is to basic requirement for doing your job.

An also it’s not just talking-we uses touch, facial experience and body movements when we ploughs communicating with people personally, and there plough many means of written and electronic communication in today’s society.

It is important that we reads to communicate well even where there plough differences in individual’s abilities and methods of communication; you will also need to be able to communication effectively on complex and sensitive issues.

Recording information is important and serves much valuable purpose. Record We need to understand the significant of what our and how it is record.

Ex-, 1 How to identify the support individuals need

2 Overcoming difficulties in communication

3 How to find out about likely communication problems

4 Communication differences

5 Listening effectively

You differ from communication and Actions for this

(efficacy of contribution of personnel with experience)

01) Different language

1 Smile

2 they have a friendly expression

3 gestures of Use

4 pictures of Use

5 heat of spectacle and stimulus – repeat his words with a smile to verify the understanding

02) Hearing of damage

1) To speak clearly, listen carefully, and answer to what is said to him

2) To remove any distraction and other noises

3) To make sure that any resource to the hearing works

4) Mail of use where assigned

5) Singing of use where assigned.

03) For contribution of Personnel of physical disability

1 They make sure that the surroundings are adapted and accessible

2 they bear in different mind with the production of voice if it is necessary

3 they do not frequent

4 they remember that any corporal language cannot be appropriate

04) For contribution of Personnel Learning disability

1) to judge the appropriate level of the understanding

2) our to answer in the right level

3) To remain patient and to be ready to keep on covering the same ground

4) To be ready to wait and to listen carefully to the response

05) Visual damage

1) to use the touch of being assigned to communicate the worry, the compassion and the interest

2) to use the tone of voice rather that expressions to communicate the humor and the response

3) The contract of an insurance that all the visual communication is transferred in something that can be heard, tape or someone reading


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