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The Teapot Dome Scandal

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Tarryl Garner

The topic is Teapot Dome scandal. People in the office decided to make a company for oil to make more money for themselves. Harding called for a return to normalcy, which meant support for the pursuit of private profit. The people in the office was caught and had to turn the oil company to the navy. The Teapot Dome scandal of 1923 was the worst of many political scandals of Harding’s tenure and of the 1920’s in general. It happened in 1921-1923. It was the first time that a president that had a scandal.

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The first person who is involved in Teapot Dome is Albert B. Fall. Albert Fall received approximately four hundred thousand dollars exchange for his favoritism. Fall was the United States Senator from New Mexico and the secretary under President Warren G Harding infamous for his involvement. Albert Fall became the first cabinet official was sent to prison. The second person is Edwin C. Denby. Edwin singed all the leases Edwin was cleared of all the charges he had. Became interested in mines, lumber, land, railroads, farming, and stock raising member Territorial House of Representatives 1891-1892. Convicted of bribery for leasing federal lands to oil companies in exchange for personal loans. Fall spent nine months in a New Mexico state prison. Fall retied in major Marine Corps in the United States Reserve in 1919. Appointed chief probation officer in the recorder’s court of the city of Detroit and in the circuit court of Wayne County in 1920. Resumed the practice of law and various business enterprises died in Detroit Michigan February 8, 1929 interment in Elmwood Cemetery. He also was well known as a dancer. He was writer and wrote books. The third person was Harry F Sinclair. Sinclair wanted to be in a businesses into the oil fields, which was in the early phase of their development in the central part of the country. He was an American industrialist and was the founder of the Oil Company. He was implicated in the 1920s Teapot Dome Scandal. He served six months in prison for jury tampering. Sinclair decided he didn’t want to be in jail so he decided to deny all guilt so he can get back into the oil company to make more money that he lost, which continued to prosper. During the Great Depression, he purchased troubled oil companies continuing to build a nationwide network of oil fields, pipelines, and refineries. The fourth person is Edward L. Sinclair. In 1922 Sinclair was the president of the Mammoth oil company, Sinclair was received the rights to the Teapot Dome. He rose from years as a drifter to become the richest man in America. He wants to spend his last years in prolonged court battles on charges of bribery and corruption in the famous Teapot Dome Scandal. While Edward Sinclair waits for his second trial, for bribery, Doheny faced a major family tragedy. Edward Doheny was a friend of fall was prominent in the American petroleum and Transport Company was leaked in the fields in California Elk hills. Edward Doheny was guilty of bribery charge, but Edward was forced to repay $47 million in settlements, taxes, and penalties by the court. The last person was Warren G. Harding. Warren G. Harding was elected the 29th U.S. president on his birthday, and served from 1921 to 1923. At age 14, Harding attended Ohio Central College where he edited the campus newspaper and became an accomplished public speaker. He personally overturned or allowed Congress to reverse many policies of the Wilson Administration and approved tax cuts on higher incomes and protective tariffs.

Facts about the teapot dome scandal. It was named after rock formation. Fall received bribes of over $400,000 it did not remain as a secret for along time. “Greatest and the most sensational scandal in the history of American politics”. The Teapot Dome was a geological formation that traps oil underground by the layers of the rocks layer up to form a dome. In 1924, the senate inquiry concluded that the Teapot Dome and Elk hills oil leases had been fraudulent and corrupt. Both Albert Fall and Edwin Denby they had to resign from office because of the Teapot Dome scandal however, President Harding was not involved to have a role in the illegal dealing. Edwin Denby was not fraud but with his helping, the other he was forced to resign from the office. When President Harding he surrounded himself with a group of his old friends that become known as the Ohio gang. Then on August 2nd 1923, President Harding died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Calvin Coolidge became president.

The Teapot Dome scandal period was from 1921-1923. The First World War ends for the United States in August of 1921 when the U.S. and Germany signed the Treaty of Berlin. New York Yankee pitcher Babe Ruth hit his 138th home run during June of 1921. Ruth broke the career home-run record that had been held by Roger Connor for 23 years. Seven of the sixteen major railway unions at the time joined to protest wage cuts for railway maintenance workers. At the start of the strike about 400,000 workers walked off the job and while the strike had some economic effects across the country.

The surrounding circumstances. Fall secret granted to Harry Sinclair of the oil company to see if he had the exclusive rights to the Teapot Dome Wyoming reserves. He granted similar rights to Edward L. Doheny of pan American Petroleum Company for the Elk Hills reserves in California. They all came very rich. Teapot Dome is a geological feature in Wyoming, Teapot Dome named for nearby rock, and you can see the oil company. In addition, private wells surrounded the naval reserve fields, siphoning off their underground deposits. When the news became public in April 1922, conservationists and small oil producers in Wyoming, who objected to the secrecy and lack of competitive bidding, raised a storm of protest. Teapot Dome was only the most dramatic example of corruption by Harding’s appointees. President Coolidge set up the Federal Oil Conservation Board to encourage closer coordination in oil production between the federal government and the oil industry. A company from Sinclair and the rest of the people that was in the scandal indicating that the bonds receiving good things from the leases.

There were rumors where in which couple people in Harding’s Administration had bought a rich deserted oil reserve in Wyoming to private interest to eventually payback the bribes toward the company. The senate public made a choice to investigate the Albert fall received not only $100,000 from Doheny Fall also received $300,000 from Sinclair the president of Mammoth oil company Fall exchange it to cash for the use of the Teapot Dome oil reserve. It started with rumors that the members of the administration had purchases some the remote rich land which was an oil reserve in Wyoming to private interests in return for bribes. Some men in New Mexico had become increasingly suspicious when they noticed fall buying more land and improving his property there, and oilmen in Wyoming and Colorado began to write their Congressmen in protest and for information. At an executive session of the Public Lands Committee on January 26, 1924, Walsh introduced an idea where he introduced on a Monday during the Senate Resolution calling on President Coolidge to annul the leases of Teapot Dome and Elk Hills and to appoint a special counsel to investigate and prosecute the individuals of all who were involved in the mater.

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The effect on the government. Judge T Blake ruled against the government to give the scandal to someone else but the leases were finally cancelled when the United States Supreme Court overturned the Kennedy decision. Became synonymous with government corruption and the scandals arising out of the administration of President Warren G. Harding. Since then, it has sometimes been used to symbolize the power and influence of oil companies in America politics. Occidental Petroleum Company took over operations there in 1998 in the largest single divestiture of federal property in the history of the US government. Which currently produces a small amount of crude oil and natural gas and earns approximately $5 million per year for the federal government. Eventually everything was okay the United States Supreme Court decided to get rid of the lease inoperative and the oil company at the Teapot Dome and Elk hills was returned to the government.

The suffering of the people were involved in the teapot scandal. Albert B. Fall was convinced of bribery he served nine months of a one-year sentence but after 9 months he been in jail he was released because of bad health. Harry Sinclair was put in prison he served six and half months in prison. Harry Sinclair left prison denying all guilt and returned to his oil business, which continued to prosper. Edward Doheny was acquitted again of the bribery charge, but was ordered by the courts to repay $47 million in settlements, taxes, and penalties. Edward Doheny son was killed by Plunkett. Plunkett later comminuted suicide because Plunkett feared that he was going to be sent to prison for helping delivering cash to Albert Fall.

The outcome of the Teapot Dome scandal. District Judge T. Blake Kennedy ruled in favor of against the government, but the leases were finally cancelled when Supreme Court overturned the Kennedy decision. Concluded that the Teapot Dome and elk hills oil leases had been fraudulent and corrupt. The federal government brought the trial to federal court in the state of Wyoming to deny the bribery-induced leases to Teapot Dome that fall had given to Sinclair. Congress made President Harding to cancel the leases. The Supreme Court made the leases cheating ruled illegal the charges what President Harding had go against Albert Fall.

People in the office decided to make a company for oil for a backup plan to make a lot of money. When you are in charged you should become a leader and show people how to be a better person.


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