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Murder of Chandra Levy

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During the summer of 2001, the scandalous murder of twenty-four year old D.C intern, Chandra Levy, had been plastered all over the media. Levy’s 2001 disappearance formed into a national sensation, after the California native was romantically connected with former congressional representative Gary Condit. The Levy murder, after sixteen years, still remains as Washington’s most famous unsolved crime.

There were very few people involved in the proposed scandal. One of the main individuals involved was congressman Gary Condit, a conservative Democrat. He was inconclusively linked to the disappearance of a federal intern, Chandra Levy. It is rumored the two were romantically involved, but Condit stuck heavily with his decision to not verify if this is true. Chandra Levy, native of Modesto, California was an intelligent being, who had a dream to save the world. She was known as a “thrill seeker” and wanted to become a modern version of Mata Hari, a WWI spy who infiltrated high levels of military commands. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. After interning for a few government members, she learned about the private world of high level politicians who had secret sex lives, Gary Condit for example. She was intrigued by this information, and could easily use her information to her advantage.

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The scandal between the notable congressman and the intern, was getting a lot of heat, tensions were on the rise. Rumors of Condit’s tenacious sexual appetite, and how Levy had been done away with, whether it was directly addressed or not by Condit, it is still a mystery. Their relationship could ruin his career and family. However, there are many different theories and versions of what actually happened between the two, although the facts tell the truth. Levy, was secretively an agent of an Israeli spy team called the “MOSSAD” that sees great importance of their relationships with the U.S, and would be unable to exist, without large amounts of help. The agency is dependent on critical intelligence information that is obtained through cooperation and or secretly. Levy was in the perfect position to gather top secret information, through her position of work and by using her female power of persuasion. Condit, being the senior member of the intelligence committee made him a prime target for such an operation. The seduction of such powerful government officials, provides foreign powers the added advantage of being able to bribe and control the unsuspecting targeted victims to acquire wanted information. After more than 14 months of investigation, Chandra Levy’s skull had mysteriously been found in Washington’s Rock Creek Park. on May 22st 2002 Although most of the incriminating evidence had been long gone due to the effects of time, it was clear that this was not an accident and had been declared a homicide. Ingmar Guandique, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was pinned as the murderer of Levy, all evidence pointed in his direction. Federal prosecutors could no longer prove a case against Guandique. The U.S. attorney’s office of Washington concluded that “it can no longer prove the murder case against Mr. Guandique beyond a reasonable doubt. (Hounding Gary Condit).

The beginning and end of Condit and Levy’s scandal, took place from May of 2000 up until her disappearance on May 1st of 2001.

All of the focus and attention this scandal received, had soon came crashing down along with the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. In March of 2002, Condit lost his bid for re-election, mostly because of his ties to the scandal, making this his first time ever losing an election. While the country was focusing on the scandal, the U.S and British forces had started war with Afghanistan. Lasting over thirteen years. There were enough surrounding events during the time of this case that could become more important to the public.

Although Condit was never considered a suspect, rumors had circulated and had never been proven. There was no significant proof that he was involved in the disappearance and murder of Levy, which raised more than a few major red flags. Condit had been subject to a poly graph test at the request of Levy’s parents Robert and Susan Levy, after sources revealed that Condit admitted to having an affair with the intern. Although he failed to answer key questions it didn’t effect the results. There was speculation that his results were tampered with. Andrew Schapiro, New York criminal defense lawyer mentioned that such “friendly” tests, only requiring three questions, aren’t considered reliable. Condit’s refusal to play by the new behavioral rules for public officials. Public officials must go through human ethics training it is an instrument for building integrity in state institutions and making sure there is a noble worth of governance. (What REALLY Happened To Chandra Levy).

An online magazine writer, Mikey Kaus suggested that if Condit was normal, smart and aware of the rules of engagement (created in response to the Lewinsky-Clinton scandal) then he would have held a press conference the first week Levy was missing, admitted to having an affair with her, and would say that he was terribly sorry and didn’t do anything to harm her. Since this is not what happened, he had been put in the impossible position of trying to establish his own innocence without the media being his ally.

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The government was not directly affected by this scandal, although small pieces within it were. The complicated and mysterious situation had affected the justice and equity and a sort of closure within Levy and Condit’s relationship. The laxity of the law enforcement system had been compromised. Since Condit had lost the chance of re-election, all of his campaign money was wasted, but the government did not suffer as much as it could have.

Surprisingly, many people were effected by the events, and chilling facts of this case. Chandra’s parents and family were the most affected, losing a beloved daughter who had such a successful and happy life ahead of her. Soon after Levy had disappeared, her home town of Modesto, California and the Levy family had arranged a memorial for their daughter. A turn-out of twelve-hundred people had shown up to pay their respects to the young intern. Condit’s career and family life had suffered a large blow, but he was a protected person that could eventually rebuild his life unlike the Levy family, they will never be able to do.

There is no perfect outcome from this tragic scandal, there is little justice for Chandra and her family. The conviction of Chandra’s supposed killer, was clearly made by weak assumptions and deceptive evidence. Ingmar Guandigue had not been convicted for the murder of Levy but had been sentenced for other criminal attacks on women. Condit had preserved his innocence and has been protected from ever being seen as the real villain. The defense attorney who worked on the case, had stated that Condit acted like a “guilty man” and received “special treatment” after authorities had ruled him out of being a suspect. Fifteen years following her murder, Condit had published a book called “Actual Malice” describing the unfortunate events that had occurred during his time knowing and being involved with Levy but also his side of the story. Gary had issued a statement through his lawyer saying that he was disappointed in the dismissal of his involvement in the case. “The failure of authorities to bring formal closure to this tragedy after fifteen years is very disappointing but in no way alters the fact that Mr. Condit was long ago exonerated by authorities”.Although he has had plenty enough media time to prove his innocence, millions of people whole-heartedly believe that Condit is completely guilty.

The national sensation, although unfortunate, had gained millions of questions, and more than enough attention. Government scandals always seem to be covered up somehow, the truth is twisted to preserve one’s innocence. Chandra Ann Levy, was someone who could change our world and create a safer place for our future children, her untimely death has made a numerous amount of people open their eyes to much more than what is put in front of them. Levy’s story, and even her murder has proven that no matter how intelligent, beautiful, and protected people can be manipulated in ways that can end their life.


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