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Impact Of Globalization On Sustainable Development Politics Essay

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Wordcount: 3793 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Globalization as a much analyzed process seems to have become increasingly more attention to political and economic specialists every currently giving them different meanings.

According to some analysts [1] , globalization is merely an illusion that merely sniffing the existence of nation states and the importance of minimizing them. For others, especially the means by which strategy and policy to follow is to obtain and annihilation of new markets, globalization reflect any reduction of existing barriers in the way of their expansion.

Presenting and analyzing the expression of a transnational phenomenon is perpetuated see how globalization occurs. Corporations have come to power even a state, some significant performance far exceeding their GDP.

Resources of developing states are swallowed by these corporations, nations are impoverished every day whether its own resources, human, material, energy or otherwise. Arise in strategic geographical areas, where there is significant potential advantageous in terms of available resources and activities, not least to use as a cheap labor and it can be as close as the performance they hold in the country of origin.

For example, environmental protection regulations are more stringent in the country of origin than in countries where they have implanted the new subsidiaries, and their policies in this area are designed to change the situation.

Globalization is perceived as the less developed not represent no advantage but rather a loss for them. There are differences in the societies of such countries, where the polarity is looming gap that exists between people very rich and very poor people, middle class is nonexistent. An objective examination of the globalization process, confirms that the economic benefits tend more towards developed countries and the major economic powers, transnational corporations which find their origin. As world financial mechanism operates through its institutions IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization favors dominated by major economic powers in the overwhelming proportion of the developed countries involved in granting loans, the implementation of foreign direct investment, institutions, transnational companies and state lending obtain higher profits. Globalization is an irreversible reality and any country that thoroughly prepares its future is urged to interfere with it.

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JE Stiglitz says as “globalization as it unfolds today is beneficial for many of the poor world. It is beneficial to the environment. It is beneficial to the stability of world economy. The transition from communism to a market economy was so bad that, excluding China, Vietnam and several Eastern European countries, poverty has grown and incomes have declined drastically.” [2] 

Perspective on global society

Globalization appears to be the structuring of the global society, several characteristics of: a) as a form of modernity is likely post-national global company, b) processes aimed at developments over after failure of international processes, the Internationals of all colors to institutional arrangements for intergovernmental cooperation; c) has the consistency of a constructivist process, institutional architecture, based on the rules of the game no conflict (nonviolent), and calculated risk post yielding criteria, human and ecological systems and post-industrial creative post corporatist d) is capitalist process (in the classical sense and historical), innovative in terms of resources (knowledge added value mainly), with non-market wealth gain (solve the problem “20 versus 80 percent, including by means ethicist) is Diversity matching process unit.

These characteristics are the result of realizing an effective principle of competition, the essential aspect of all is contestable, there is not definitive, hierarchies are dynamic, entrances and exits are truly liberated. Based on the principle of open competition and always repeated, globalization comes with a new order in which it is trying to not be possible in the history of old neuroses. From this standpoint, globalization is a second modernity the world [3] , triggered by the industrial revolutions and national cleavages that have brought the relationship inter (national) and intra (office), or international enmity and conflict as class struggle including social conflicts of post-industrial era.” [4] 

As Professor Dinu Marin said “globalization is perceived as inadequate in two ways: a) as a new concept that boost continuity of control of variables of general and b) as a solution to congestion expected understanding of the limitations of access to power in the international system. In the first version of globalization is accredited as a formula that preserves the world configuration, while the second version is designed to perpetuate top-down functions of the international system. If there were statistically consistent cover an area of preference, the two ways of loading the concept of globalization should be simple speculation. Academia alignments are also connected to these visions [5] .

Before the national economy was determined by the interplay of processes that were taking place especially in the member nations, the global economy today is specific to the period in which national economies are decomposed and then rearticulate within a system of transactions and processes that operate directly internationally. It emphasizes qualitative leap compared with the previous stages: nation states, governments also lose their ability to influence developments in national economies, instead of succumbing to regional entities, which are points of support in multinational network.

Globalization of economic activity proposed benefits arising from differences between the countries of the world, differences that forms the source of profits.

To exploit these advantages, the geographic mobility of firms has increased, representing an aspect of production relocation contemporary realities.

Economic globalization will be formally completed when the goods, services, capital and labor will flow freely, and governments and local authorities in any country will treat firms equally, irrespective of nationality or origin. The process will end when the differences between the countries of the world will not be generating sufficient benefits to allow for some profit.

In the process of globalization, they play a secondary role and the other dimensions such as culture, environment, society and politics that are seen in their likeness can be seen that they can not be clearly demarcated from each other.

Global environmental problems can not be studied in isolation nor the size of “economy” size or “political.” The global network among the actors and at the thematic areas is one of the features of globalization.

There are issues related to other areas such as atmospheric warming, ozone hole, or cutting of tropical forests to illustrate the most impressive phenomenon of globalization, it is certainly about the global problem requiring a global approach.

In the field of environment are regional and local issues, even if they sometimes have a character beyond the boundaries such as river pollution.

The social dimension is underlined by the fact that the world has become a “global village”, innovative networks of long distance communication (chat, e-mail, forums) by adding traditional communities such as family or neighborhood.

The political dimension is encountered major problems. Globalization and competition locally restricted area of national policy action; many problems can not be adequately addressed until the international and global level. Therefore European integration is seen as a successful response to globalization challenges.

Regional and national policy level and has had to suffer from bounded and dematerialized economy practiced increasingly more international and global level. Capitalism, integrating factor of the welfare state is threatened by fundamental imbalance.

I can point out that globalization is a phenomenon or a complex, sometimes contradictory, which was viewed and analyzed in different ways by different specialists.

Beyond these assumptions, globalization remains a fact, that we must face, our fault or choice. The greatest danger that it may involve some of the dehumanizing globalization is that the wave simply swallows them.

Globalized world live in a general crisis of the meaning of life and a cultural and educational disaster, worrying symptom of future wilderness society.

The traditional culture of the company disappears or is transformed into the show or freight. Humanistic culture is eliminated more invasive than techno-science and turned into a pseudo-science. Universal and globalized man, the man focused only money, it risk become atomized man who lives only for the production and consumption, empty of culture, politics, purpose, conscience, religion, etc. and any transcendence. This is the last stage in the evolution of humanity or the “last man.”

Commercial and economic factors that influenced the deepening globalization of the world economy are:

• Liberalization trade in services in particular in telecommunications, insurance and banking, the prevailing trend of the 70s made in the USA, being continued in the 80s in Britain and later the European Union and Japan. The trend continues today, including Central and Eastern European countries, including Romania.

• Liberalization of capital markets following the phasing out of barriers imposed currency controls and capital, is a positive step for the formation of global financial markets. This mobility of capital reduces the return risk capital especially for transnational companies and recorded a reduction in costs in normal conditions.

• Liberalization of foreign direct investment. Since the ’70s, the common interest of humanity to defend the environment has materialized through the emergence of concepts, global vocation: the common good of humanity, sustainable development and ecological security, which represented new factors which stimulate the process of globalization of economy world.

• Common property of humanity are areas such as oceans, marine funds, which for various reasons can not be divided and not covered by state sovereignty. Out of the oceans, none of these common goods have not been polished as it is reported that people possess the technical capabilities and operational deterioration.

• Sustainable development is explained as development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable development is designed for reconciliation between economy and environment, as a new development path to support human progress not only in a few places and for some years, but over the planet and for the foreseeable future.

• Environmental security is one of the key dimensions of global security (see Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Determinants of globalization economy

Source: Authors’ proposal

Being under the limit and dictate the uncertainties, the economy develops its own mechanism to increase the role of markets in which national, regional and global equilibrium conditions ensure advancement.

Can support growth and fulfillment of individual welfare, but also reflects the globalization of serious mutation phenomena: poverty amidst plenty, environmental degradation, loss of confidence in institutions, inflation and unemployment. [6] 

Growth focuses on the quantitative aspect of economic development, the production of goods and services: which squanders scarce resources becoming a growth that impoverishes, polarizing irrational in terms of production possibilities frontier. Wrestling with the uncertainties of life creates a bridge to the complexity of the concept of globalization which transmits a message to mankind, “a new movement of life and divided their externalities, positive and negative, transnational territorial perimeters” [7] .

Globalization of life and human spirit derives from the need to explain the uncertainty that is “the sum of all potential hazards around us, seen or not” [8] . Certainty in turn, would be a sign of fulfillment, a sign of distinction, a sign of growth to move toward equilibrium mirage advance, thereby constituting a planetary scale factor of progress.

Wealth supreme and absolute misery brings us into a world of certainties positive or negative, brings the human wealth of us to want an unreal world, a world dominated by an unfulfilled wish of Hyperion, a world in which we have certainty about life, when dirt thrown into chaos, the human species, of which some come out winners, and some bends in the uncertainties of life.

Increasing significance of international trade, value added network and the scope and intensity of development, make globalization a subordinate of the World Cup, but also an innovative success by changing mindsets and adapt to the demands imposed by the “global village”.

Sustainable global development

Making progress using scientific knowledge and experience of living life in full health service jointly comprised of people, environment, families and institutions shows a forward-looking company that is based on mobility, disciplinary action and a creative individual who goes beyond the human.

A healthy development seen from the perspective of time and space harmonious coexistence and succession of generations leads to an improvement value of paradigm on the one hand, rational and emotional valence and another value of the solution, the rethinking of human development. [9] 

As a process, sustainable development has the opportunity to refresh and rush to the global economic balance this with the future without forgetting the past. Now, sustainable development is viewed from three different angles, complex, which united, form an equilateral triangle that viewed from the perspective of the entire global economic, environmental and socio-political. (See Fig. 2.)

Fig. 2. Sustainable global development

Source: Authors’ proposal

Sustainable development is aimed at the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability is based on the idea that human activities are dependent on environment and resources.

Health, social security and economic stability of society are essential to define quality of life. Sustainable development would not be possible without the contribution of each individual.

Here is the social responsibility of each of us, national and global responsibility seen as a final goal towards which humanity is heading.

Globalization based on a new reality feeling Sustainability, a new mode of action and thought, a process exacerbated by global economic integration.

Different vision of globalization landscape meets the location and functions of the market, but also a place in the economy. Moreover, the image associated with globalization era expected global convergence, a “transition of mankind towards a way to organize economic and social – history unknown until now.” [10] 

Globalization is in fact an extension towards sustainable development, to economic integration, a “time-space compression, which means short processing complex, which is in full swing, the parameters of the human condition.” [11] 

Time and space is so different, and mankind reaches the threshold phenomenon of absolute development, where sustainability is a paradigm.

Humanity is heading towards a kind type of powerful transnational or internationalized.

If globalization economy towards which we move in the transnational patterns means that national and international lines are replaced by interacting with a “something vague, nebulous and vaguely defined” [12] 

Now globalization is weak, internationalization rising from shadow of the state mechanisms are altered and raised to new conditions. The phenomenon of globalization is based on a form of existence that comes from the universe, which the infinity of the inscrutable without borders, where people and economy are the default.

The forces of globalization are influencing each other. (See Fig. 3.)

Fig. 3. Globalization forces

Source: Authors’ proposal

Worldwide observe the phenomenon of oligopoly, a phenomenon that is globalization to be seen as a marginalized development.

Globalization runs its intentions increasingly evident, it became the expression of a system that integrates the highest level and always remains open to integration [13] . Exclusion of the system is an exceptional opportunity, and entry is liberalized, as the whole is designed to absorb the extreme variations, including failures, even if it is a part. Globalization looks like a new world order, one that is multidimensional and corollary. As a strategy, globalization is the direct expression, verifiable and demonstrable of rationality and reason.

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Globalization has forecast whether it operates with significant proportions of conjecture in addition to true classic of science, even a forecast of the walk is at stake. Globalization is, in short, a perfect place to meet the truth of freedom and justice, prosperity amid general production undertaken individually. This is not the best of worlds, is only one possible world ready for a long time human reason. It is the mediation between the normative and positive human experience of self that makes sense beyond adversity. Globalization is not built Manichean, is intended to minimize failure and to distribute widely what effect resulting from the management. (See Fig. 4.)

Fig. 4. What is globalization

Source: Authors’ proposal

Today, knowledge of conceptualizing globalization has long gone, but the cast deserves a retrospective look at creating a landscape that comprises the entire “G” (See Fig. 5.).

Fig. 5. Whole „G”

Source: Authors’ proposal

Economic thinking that supports the phenomenon of “whole G” emphasizes the benefits of globalization. (See Fig. 6. and 7.)

Fig. 6. Globalization advantages

Source: Authors’ proposal

Fig. 7. Globalization results

Source: Authors’ proposal

Theorem which creates the nucleus of the general good of the planet as is that intensification and diversification of trade, especially internationally, is converted into factor absolute welfare.

Wave of globalization is a means of communication between states, between economies and between different types of behavioral knowledge, represents a transition to a new model of economic growth and development, sustainable development.

Globalization creates and develops a competition, domestically and internationally, thereby enhancing competition competitive market size and resulting in global firms.

Regarded as the immediate sensory perception, “globalization is identified with the rapid evolution of the world towards a common economic space, so that developments in one area of the world can have profound consequences on individuals and communities in other parts of the world is done widening, deepening and accelerating global interconnection in all aspects of social life, from economics to pollution, from finance to the spiritual sphere.” [14] 

Deprivations of the future imagined by excess of knowledge are often invented to satisfy the passions of apocalyptic.


Harmony balance rationality with the hope of ensuring economic organism takes you from the “win-lose” in the “win-win” in public and private business.

The period in which we appear as a transition process was the responsibility to use scientific knowledge, experience and faith in the certainty of hope from a health perspective all live together.

The transition period that we live in assumes that we transform the progress which threatens us into a human, social and environmental progress – as the foundation of our common survival.

Sustainable development and healthy should be designed as a comprehensive process in space and time, both the North and the South East and West, so the “win-win” will benefit the entire world.

Globalization of public and private world of human affairs, expression of the revolution means, can lead to human benefit if global scale is based on universal values and institutions arising from responsibility, human solidarity and social communities.


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