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Photography is an art

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Wordcount: 749 words Published: 2nd May 2017

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Photography is an art that took many years and efforts of many individuals to perfect. Many different people in many different fields contributed to this light writing. Chemists, artists, inventors, and engineers all lending a crafting hand to the art. Photography can be defined as the art of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces. It is both an art and a science. As an art it expresses personal vision, and as a science it relies on technology. The word photography came from the Greek word phos, meaning light and graphos, meaning writing, which literally means light writing. Light writing is an emerging form of stop motion animation wherein still images, captured using the technique known as light painting or light drawing, are put in sequence thereby creating the optical illusion of movement for the viewer. In order to get started in creating light writing you will need a DSLR( Digital Single Lens Reflex ) camera, an ordinary DSC( Digital Still Camera ) will not do because light writing requires a camera that can be placed in the B bulb shutter position, a remote shutter release and a tripod. All you need to get started is your camera and an understanding of how to control shutter speed. Light writing demands longer exposures of anywhere from several seconds to many minutes. Another technique is to use the multiple exposure features on a camera and shoot a series of 30 seconds to many minutes. A tripod will help you compose the shot and keep the camera still, and one or more lights will add to the fun. Light writing photography is a form of stop motion animation which requires the user to find a place, set the camera, and to take the picture.

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To create light writing, you or a friend will stand in front of the camera with a light in a dark room or place. The place should be dark otherwise the essence of light writing is useless. It is your choice on whether to bring a friend or not because the purpose on bringing a friend is to hold the camera for you, but if you have a tripod you can do it by yourself.

In order to set the camera into its rightful position you need to find a place where in the camera will not move, the best places are on a still table, chair or anything that is stable, but to get the best results you need to place the camera on a tripod. After which you need to adjust the setting, the exposure should be around 10-30 seconds or longer depending on the design you want to portray. Set the camera to about ISO 100, and close your aperture as much as possible. This prevents over exposure. If there is still too much light, you might have to use a filter for better results.

In order to take the picture you need to find a source of light. Finding a source of light is easy, just about any light will work, but the best tolls have tight focused light that lets you create precise patterns. LED flashlights are among the best for light writing, for they are compact, super bright and come in all sorts of fun colors. Glow sticks are also perfect for light writing images. Before moving and waving the light you need to count off to your partner so that he/she will click on the capture button in the exact time you wave your light, but if you are using a tripod you will need to count off by yourself according to how many seconds you placed on the timer. Once the capture button is clicked begin moving or waving the light to draw shapes and patterns in the air. If you move too quickly enough, the camera will not record a person, only the patterns of light you leave behind. The camera may also record the background if it is spotlighted by other light sources, such as the moon or a streetlight.

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I challenge everyone who is interested in light writing photography to create masterpieces in light, to go beyond the expected to create more designs or ideas, to keep on practicing until the perfect design is reached, and to share their knowledge to the people around them to continue the art of light writing. Now, after reading my essay, would you too be interested in light writing photography, to share and to have fun with the picture you make with your friends and family? I recommend people who take photography or to those who are interested in art to take light writing photography to the next level, to improve their skills and share it to other people so that the next generation will already have an idea on how light writing works and to continue the art of light writing.


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