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Ethics In Daily Life Philosophy Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Philosophy
Wordcount: 2375 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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By identifying common or most important values that supersedes given culture or exist all contests, we can create a code of ethics that balances individuals or cultural concern and works globally in both professional contexts and daily life. In the world we are today, at school, at home, at work, in different areas of life before thiings could be done in the way it should there must some rule and regulation be in place. We have to create a rule that has to do with right and wrong which I believe should be a lay down rule for either in our private or public life; this will guide us through in being successful in whatever we are doing. There are laws that guide many of us being private and public life or in different religion like: Christian believe in bible that comes with Bible most especially the law of Moses while Muslim also believe in there holy book which I believe is a guide for their ways of life, Hindus has there’s as well to follows. There are many definition of ethics but to me I believe is a conduct or role and regulation that guide our daily living.

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Ethics can be defined as the role of ethic in civil life, in the important areas of science and technology. This principle of ethics can be lean at school, at home, in church, mosque, In our professional and family setting. This is normally come during our childhood, pre- school days and we go through that training throughout our life time. Although, the training we received may be differ from one another but it always on the same direction of ethics whether right or wrong principle of life. Some people may wrongly define ethics as normal or common things that happen in our societies. But the questions still remains why do we go through a lot environmental challenges on Ethics during our time in our society.

The simple thing about the question ethics is that, some people believe the same ground of common human being why some people disagree is just an ordinary thing but rather, it has to go through some proof of analysis, visualize, and deduce it before they could jump into conclusion on the result of values that guide our daily or life knowledge.

There are different legal right that govern our altitude and behavior in our societies or home but we regards ethics seems to be too complex for many to bear because of the way it was introduced to our societies. Of cause, there is a law that people follows in the society and there is a different between law and ethics. The law focuses on action that required to enforce rule which I believe is unethical or unacceptable while ethics is a moral behavior that unmerited civil law. When describing an ethics, we can easily say a moderate way of waywardness or peace demo ration of our political point view.

Another way of define ethnic is the way of discipline which focuses on our daily conduct or standard that teaches some aspect of educational levels such as theology, sociology, Para legal, philosophy etc. Theology pin point a method or procedure by which you can walk in your religion and the law proof the full conduct of the rule that govern your daily living in our environment or society.

There are a lot of professional or nonprofessional levels of behavior that met up with their target and achievement .This is a curriculum that helps the supervision of the group or work to be entrusted by the general public. For examine, you cannot produced a drug without the approval of federal drug administration. This kind of rule apply to everyone in the ethics department or you cannot become a pharmacist without you familiar yourself Physic, chemistry, biology, mathematics. This is an ethical standard for the goal or target of becoming a pharmacist and this deduce against any error or false fabrication.

There are some reason we need you accept ethnic in our societies. Firstly, this is a way of encourage our goal or establishment of error free data or research. Secondly, we all know research involve collecting data and working hand to hand with other co worker, there must be a room for coordination and accountability, openness to others, these are the value that helps or support ethical standard. Third, this help to ensure that all data collated are accurate and is understandable. Forth thing that ethic does is that, it gives room for the public to embrace our goal by contributing towards it or putting ideas towards it provided there is trust, integrity output towards it.

As we have good ethics that can help human being, animal, public or private in our society so also we have the one that could affect our environment negatively. For example a police man that fabricate wrong report or evidence against someone in a crime scene who fail to time time to investigate the scenario very well not after a long run in prison by an innocent man, there was another report that shows the man is not guilty of the crime.

There are some code of ethics that must be follow based on these values both personal and professional could be benefit from it


When we are talking about honesty we can easily referee this as a symbol of saying the truth and saying it correctly without you hiding anything. We can describe honesty as having a fair behavior or characters, abstain from lying like someone that steal something is not an honesty person and cannot be trusted.

However, people assume that this definition is too purpose and focus on culture that is based in western world. For example, people believe that you must not always says the truth in some situation that you cannot help. Like in a situation where a police man stop you for speeding, to avoid not paying the fine you can lie of not speeding.

In our societies today going through we believe element towards honesty or promoting the honesty. Whereas in the area of sciences to be good scientists your data must come with correct form which include honesty.


This is a way of keeping your first word of promise by keeping your word without any change with sincerity. It means always keep to whatever you said at any time and try stick to it to the very end. However, this value is very important in our society that lay a basic foundation to all us. This can not be easily change if in the hard time you want to keep to your word.

However, this value is too complex for people to follow, the concept is too religion, and it is very hard to follow, it is not too easy to bend the rule, how can someone remembered thousand word that be spoken before now. For instance, the politician would promise good government and infrastructure, good life, good road, free medical and Medicare, tax cut etc. but they end up doing the wrong or not doing anything.


This is a situation where you are open to any internal or external point of view or criticism. Anyone with open minded can easily have a flexible mind to idea, listening to music and can easily express his or her feeling to the general public, private or individual and can make friend easily without any retrain.

Someone that is not open would end up loose much advantage in societies. Someone that is not opened is not predictable and could be betrayer; there would be a little or non-friends. This kind of person may engage in strife and bitterness and grudges, there decision is always unknown.


This is a way of avoiding an error or mistake in any day in day out activities. This set of people take any time of their life important, there are diligent in whatever is committed into their hands. The have mind of starting any project as early as possible in other to me timely in it. They are very careful in whatever there writing in other to make sure it meet up with the require days and time. This people are focus and determine in dealing with the public institution, private and individual organization.

There some people who care less above themselves, they do not care about what they say, what they do, how they do it is not their concern. They do not care about time, future, season, general public, and private individual. Time has no meaning to them in doing things but rather wait until last minute project or analyst.


This is a product of keeping confidential statement in whatever one says to either general public or private institution. This can be denote by the word reserved, you want to keep any document that is confidential out of the reach of children or general public for safety purpose.

At the same time, is not everybody can be confidential in whatever there are doing, releasing information to general public is path of them. This is common among children in any society, you want to be sure no confidential information were release to children be in school setting, or family setting.

Respect for co – workers

This is where all your colleagues at work are well respect regardless of age, position, tall or short. You want to respect them for what they are, greet them with respect, addressed them with respect, calling them by either their first or last name with respect and be nice to them, value their opinion and ideas, treat them the way you want to be treated, appreciate the value in them. Be sure you do not pressurize or be mad them. Listen to their opinion or what they got to say. Do not talk when they’ve not done speaking.

According to “Aristotle, Aquinas, and Kant, along with most major western philosophers, asserted that we have no direct respect or duties toward animals because they cannot reason”(ian Barbour ( pg. 69 line 40)

However, respect for other creature can be based on the extension of utilitarianism to include all sentient beings (pg. 81 line 72)There are some people who careless in respecting other people; at work’ at home, in school, at office, private or general public. They assassinating other people idea and opinion, what they like to do is to mock, making fun of other people and to disrespect, and dislike their contribution at any pointing time.

Non – Discrimination

This is where everyone is treated with dignity in regardless of your color, nationality of origin, at work, at church, at school, in private or public places, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, pregnancy and others that are not related to an offence. You want treat everyone equal without discrimination.

Some people do not care who you are, where you come from or your color, all what they know how to do is to maltreat you, call you al manners of names and making sure your day are miss up, discriminate against you, abuse and called you name.


This is to be significant in general or private setting, that mean you are confidence whatever you are committed into your hand without any prior or post supervision. This mean you have have a way of standing out among other people by the way of your improvement, expertise and knowledgeable, knowing the right thing to do at the right time without looking for someone to help discharge the duties.

There are some people whom always depend on others in doing whatever they want to do, they have less knowledge or not having any idea on what to do, they wait for supervistion from either coworker or someone to tell them what to do.


This is the situation where the in an abide and follow the rule of law enforce by the authority. However, there is a consequence for any act of disobedient which could lead to imprisonment, jail term or even fine.

According to Barbour “Most ideas of justice start from an assumption of fundamental equality of person”(pg. 36 line 28).

At the same time some people careless about whatever called a consequence or subsequent effect of their breaking the law be in the general world or private life why because their ways of life emulate or go against the rule of law.


This is another type of values that comes with a serious emotion depend on what is really happen at their period of being furious.

There is always a side effect to being angry which could lead to high blood pressure or you may suffered for serious heart problem that could end your life or being on the sick bed for the rest of your life.


This is an act of acquiring of excessive wealth which you believe it more than enough for you and your next generation. Another define says trying to acquired your colleague material despite you are sufficient with what you have. This more among different societies most especially the politician, they have never for ones satisfy with what they have but always want more and more until they are death.

There also some people that are satisfy with whatever they have, not looking at somebody’s else wealth or envied what they are or doing.

Ethical values Judgment

As we all believe of the code of ethics how important essential they are like normal rule and regulation in our society, a time seems cause confusion, and it demand for immediate interpretation and application. A times it may be difficult for a student that has no ideas of what some regulation in the school area are meant for if there to no continue communication of such statement which demand for quick action and conclusion in other for it to relavant both in the public world and private setting.

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In my place of work there is always a policy that says you must clock in before starting the schedule of the day which we all read and sign for it. There is this scenario of worker that been in this company for five years with good position that always jump the rule and policies of the company which believe that nobody could fire him. However, he has been coming late and adjusted the clock in time for many years, and this is a breaking the code of ethics but the company got to know about this and his appointment was terminated. This shows he go against the code of ethics and find himself in most miserable situation.


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