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Workplace Reflective Journal: Factors for Development

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Personal Development
Wordcount: 1789 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Activity One: Reflections on My Performance Appraisal

Activity one of the reflective journal determines the rating of Excellent, Good, Adequate, Poor and Very poor on my soft skills. My organisational supervisor has rated me Excellent for my ‘Attitude and enthusiasm’. I highly agree with this because I am always confident and willing to work with a favourable mindset for her. I have always shown my enthusiasm for the proper performance of duties and always stood forward for new challenges She always considers me as a brilliant team cook and shows me as an example to encourage others.

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I have a strong attitude in taking action and being able to work independently. I know the responsibility of completing the task, and if I see that no one is there to lead the team then I take in charge. Therefore, my organisational supervisor grades me excellent for my ‘Sense of initiative and ability to work independently’. I strongly agree with it because developed these skills and able to as a leader or independently.

I have been rated good for ‘Quality of work’.  I think I am a great employee and I provide 100 per cent for the quality of job through complete effort at job. My supervisor is happy with my work, and I always receive good comments for quality of work. But I will do my best for further improvement in work to achieve excellent quality of work.

I received a good mark for ‘Ability to priorities and meet competing demands’. I strongly agree with this feedback. I learnt a lot of things from my work like I how to manage time to meet deadlines. Therefore, now I am very good at incorporating the job that helps me prioritise and fulfil the requirements on time. I always make pre-plan to finish work on time.

My supervisor has given me a good rating for my ‘communication skills’, and I agree with the rating she has given. I attain a good level of communication abilities due to working in a different place for many years, and I am studying English from my childhood. However, I do not feel like my communication level is up to mark so, I need to improve my communication skills to become an excellent communicator.

I strongly believe in team-work as I always ready to help someone who needs it and I never feel bad to ask for help if I need it. Sometimes, I feel less engaged in discussion during job because I think it will decrease my effectiveness and productivity of work. My supervisor graded me good for ‘Team Skills and interaction with other staff’. I totally agree with her opinion, and I will do my best to improve these skills.

I have been rated good for ‘Personal presentation’. I am well presented and work professionally with my co-workers. Secondly, everyone got same uniform from my company to wear at the workplace. I maintain all health and safety standard at workplace. So, I think I should have been rated as excellent for my ‘Personal presentation’

My manager commented that I am a good worker, hardworking, high commitment towards work and adaptable. Whereas, she gave feedback regarding further improvement in my communication skills. I strongly agree with her valuable feedback. English is not my first language that may be reason behind my poor communication skills. I will improve my communication skills.

Activity Two: Understanding My Personality in the Context of Work

To understanding my personality, I used P.E.D.O. Test. According to P.E.D.O. Test my natural style is of an owl and supporting style is of a dove (Please refer to appendix). I am completely agreed with the result of P.E.D.O. Test. I am a detailed person with vast knowledge. Instead of making any assumptions I prefer to solve a problem with logical and systematic approach. Secondly, I always try to make things perfect. I always use formal way of commination in meetings, at work to present my ideas and views to others. The best thing about me that makes my personality like an owl is my problem-solving ability (P.E.D.O. Personality Analysis).

On the other hand, according to the second-highest score in P.E.D.O. Test, supporting style of my nature is of a dove. Because I am a caring person who never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. I am extrovert person and like to make friends and build relationships. Similarly, I believe in teamwork and try to avoid any conflict. That is why, if I have any issue with someone at work, so instead of complaining about that thing, I try to sort out by humbleness and request. I always try my best to make people happy with my work. So, it will make my nature like a dove (P.E.D.O. Personality Analysis).

Activity Three: Reflecting Upon an (Ethical Dilemma/Opportunity for Social Responsibility/ Opportunity for Sustainability)

During my work, I got an opportunity for sustainability. While working for KFC as a cook, I have to clean a lot of dishes like baskets, trays and tables. So, to remove rubbish from those dishes, I have to scrub them multiple times as well as use lots of water. For this activity, I used to fill three sinks of hot water and kept dishes in them for one hour and later clean it with clean water again. While cleaning all dishes, I have to fill sinks five to six times because we can not use water again and again as it becomes dirty after putting dishes in every run. I did not feel good as this was a waste of water. So, I decided to talk to my manager about this issue.  I suggested her to buy a spec tank as an alternative, which will be more effective and water-saving. Because in spec tank, we need to put water once a month and service person change it after one month. In spec tank temperature of water is high, so it melts all oily chicken that sticks with dishes in very less time and later with one water spray removes it. This step taken by me and manger was beneficial not in reducing work for team member but also, in saving precious water. My manager and other team members appreciated me for this suggestion and helping store for taking a step towards sustainability. It was first time when I took an opportunity for sustainability.

Activity Four: Reflecting Upon Cultural Differences in the Workplace

It has been one year since I am working in New Zealand and I also got some work experience back from India. Through this period, I met many employers and colleagues and got knowledge about their culture. Here, I would like to share an experience that I feel different from India. Here, in New Zealand people call their seniors with names does not matter they are manager, coordinator or supervisor but in India no one can call their seniors with name. Everyone should have to use sir/mam with name as a symbol of respect. Whereas, in New Zealand if any person using sir/mam with name it is considered odd.

I want to describe this cultural difference with help of Hofstede insights. Power distance is a dimension of Hofstede insights which describes as the extent to which the less strong members of a country’s institutions and organisations expect and accept the unequal distribution of power (Hofstede Insights). In this dimension, New Zealand scores very low (22) (Hofstede Insights). Hierarchy is developed for comfort within organisations, superiors are always available, and executives depend on employees for their knowledge. Both executives and staff are consulted, and information is shared. Whereas, India scores high on this dimension, which is 77 (Hofstede Insights). It means employees are dependent on the boss or power holder for direction. Even though it may not appear to be, real power is limited to executives, and they count on the obedience of their team members. 

India needs to try to reduce this cultural difference to make workplace more certain for employees and reduce power distance among them.

Activity Five: Future Career Direction and Preparation for Future

I have learnt a lot of things from my work experience and got an idea about how I can progress in my career. I always keep calm in stressed situation and work hard to get positive results. I always try to stay focused at my work rather than engaging in social chatting, which makes me productive, efficient and good worker. I can take the initiative when team needs supervision and can work unsupervised also. My passion for learning new things make a good listener and quick learner. During my education, I learn how operations work in organisations, project coordination and project estimate type of things. For my future, I see myself as an organisational manager or supervisor after five years from now. From my work experience and qualifications, I got many skills that make me ideal candidate for this position. I am well organised person who believes in a can-do attitude. I have qualities of lead and motivate team. But, as per my notion it is quite difficult to get this position without any experience of that position so, I will look forward to any trainee position or internship by which I will get a pathway to achieve my desired career.



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