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Are you Thirsty? Analysis of Pepsi Advert

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Wordcount: 1066 words Published: 18th Sep 2017

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Briauna McGrew

You wake up in the middle of the night and you’re standing in front of your refrigerator with your eyes squinted because of the bright light trying to decide what you want to drink. Then you finally see it, even with your squinted eyes, the exact thing you had been craving since you went to sleep and then dreamed about until the moment you woke up, a Pepsi. So, you grab that glorious Pepsi excited to take a drink and feel the bubbly delicious drink run down your dry throat. Once you take a drink you start to think back to what first got you started drinking this yummy, bubbly, delicious pop. Then you remember the ad that you saw in a magazine that made you laugh out loud so you just had to try the pop. In this ad they used one of Americas famous holidays to get people’s attention and they also made it funny which is something that everyone loves, if someone sees something funny and they are a fun person, more than likely they are going to look into whatever it is that made them laugh, I know I do.

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When I first looked at this ad the very first thing that I notice is the Pepsi can wearing a Coca-Cola cape. So it is obviously a Pepsi ad trying to get people to drink Pepsi. They are trying to send out a message that Coke is scary and Pepsi is just a normal pop. The only saying on this ad is “We wish you a scary Halloween!”. This is a big part of them saying that Coke is scary because when you dress up for Halloween you try to be scary, so the Pepsi can is trying to be scary by dressing up as a Coke can. I also got the feeling that when they say “We wish you a scary Halloween” they are saying that it would be scary if Pepsi turned into Coke When you think of scary things you want to stay away from them, such as shark infested water, if you had to choose between swimming in water that had no living things in it and swimming in water that was infested with sharks I am almost certain you would choose the one with no living things. I think that’s what Pepsi is getting at with this ad. Pepsi is a very “hip” company because they try to appeal to the younger people so they talk their parents into buying it so they can drink it.

The colors are key in this ad because if they didn’t get the colors just right this could very easily become helpful to Coke and not Pepsi, but because they are professionals at advertisements they used the exact colors needed. In the back ground of the picture are rocks on a hill or a mountain but when you look at it you can see kind of a blue undertone in these rocks, almost like they put a very faint blue tint to the entire picture. If you look at the Coke cape the colors are very dull and aggressive and the shadows on the cape have hints of blue in them which is the main color of a Pepsi can. They made sure that the red on the Pepsi can was a different and more bright red than the red on the Coke cape. They kind of have light coming from the top of the picture and the bottom of the picture so the can just looks so bold. The Pepsi can itself is more bright even though it is under a Coke cape it still pops out. The white on the Pepsi can is a brighter white and the white on the cape is a little more dull. The Pepsi can has some reflecting light on it to make it pop out even more. The top of the Pepsi can has a very bright sun reflection so it makes the can catches the readers eye and makes them look. The whole picture is more of a dark picture but they made sure to make the Pepsi logo very very bright so that it would stand out so that people would know for sure what the ad was for. They made sure to place the sunlight in the perfect place to make the Pepsi can stick out the most. They made the can in general very bold so that your eye is just drawn straight to the can.

The colors are very important but the position the can in is important as well. When you look at it it looks like the can is standing tall and is a dominate thing. They make it look like there is a gentle breeze because the Coke cape is open and just looks like it is blowing in the wind, kind of like at the end of a super hero movie when the hero stands on a high mountain top and overlooks the city that he takes care of and they make sure there is a gentle breeze blowing through making their cape blow around and they just look so dominate, that’s the feel that I get from this, because they are making this cape blow in the wind it is kind of making the Coca-Cola in this picture a lot less dominate because the word is all wrinkled up and you can’t see it as well, you can’t see the whole Pepsi word but they have the most important letters of the name in there, the whole name is Pepsi and they have the “eps” in there so pretty much all of the letters that make up the word Pepi are included, so people just know what they are looking at. The can is standing right between 2 boulders that kind of make a V or an arrow that kind of points right to the can that also helps with drawing your eyes straight to the can. Also the moss that is throughout the entire picture is isn’t a strong point but I can feel the moss kind of guiding your eyes right to the can.

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To sum everything up, it doesn’t seem like this Pepsi ad used a lot of things to try to sell their product but they did. They didn’t use a lot of wording but they didn’t need to, they kind of came off as a “the can speaks for itself” kind of thing. They made the colors all hit in the perfect spot and they made all the high lights and low lights perfect. They made the can seem dominate without even saying anything. They made everything in the picture just point straight at the can but they didn’t make the pointing too harsh they just kind of slowly guided your eye straight to the can. In my opinion they did an amazing job in this ad just because they didn’t use many words but they still got what they wanted to get into everyone that sees this ad head.  So what do you think? Are you going to begin drinking Pepsi?



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