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Internet Responsible For Social Changes In Teenagers Media Essay

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In 1950s, the first electronic computer was invented. This made work of day to day life very easy for the working population. But later in 1980s, the first world-wide Internet Protocol Suite was regulated and the world-wide network of all the computers interconnected through IP/TCP was called INTERNET. Then it started bringing reforms in working style, schools and education and recreational activities. Later, social networking sites were first introduced. Lately, internet has caused a very long term drastic changes in people’s day to day life. It has made communication so much easier that its use is rapidly increasing and is affecting the population of all the age groups. The age group which is most affected are the teenagers. Internet has provided them with different recreational activities with the most popular activity called “social networking”.http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_sdPLtUD_pmo/TKpfTJpBlVI/AAAAAAAAABk/Z_IIg6dkkOQ/s320/internet.gif

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Frequently children in 4th-6th grade levels engage in social networking activities. In the process they post personal, potentially exploitable, information about themselves online. Specifically, and within the last school year: 16% posted personal interests online, 15% posted information about their physical activities and 20% gave out their real name. In addition, 5% posted information about their school, 6% posted their home address, 6% posted their phone number and 9% posted pictures of themselves.

This has led to child abuse which include kidnapping and raping that disrupts a kid’s childhood.


Why I Chose This Topic?

I chose this topic because in myself think that I have lately been using a lot of resources from internet for my educational work as well as recreation and fun. I have been using facebook very much lately and that has directly reflected on my grades in the exams that I gave lately. This addiction is so intense that I have to spend 2 hours of my time on facebook every day. So I have decided to research about how internet has affected my life?

Global Perspective

Internet gives us access to virtually unlimited amount of knowledge and information. The days are gone when teenagers had to flip through the books. Internet has made this very easier and books have been replaced by laptops and desktop-computers. These have made international cross communications very easier and have introduced different life concepts and cultures amongst the teenager who use internet.

As the statistics suggests, 98% of the population aged from 18-24 uses social media too frequent in their day to day life. Worldwide, there are more than 1 billion user active users for the big three Microsoft’s Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. The international schools in MEDCs (more economically developed countries) like USA and UK encourage the use of internet widely in their type of teaching style. E-mails are used by students to make the communication easier, organised and faster for students and teachers both.

Gmailƒ  425 million active users in June 2012

Hotmailƒ  350 million active users in October 2011

Yahoo Mailƒ 310 million active users in October 2011

More than 1.2 billion people across the globe uses worldwide social networking sites very frequently with most of them as children aged fewer than 20s.

The survey of Rochester Institute of Technology states that 48% of students 2nd to 4th graders interact with people on social networking sites, while 50% indicate that their parents watch them when they use a computer and they have strict regulations over how to use internet and time limits for use of internet. But Harris Interactive-McAfee said that 63% of teenagers said that they know how to hide what they browse online from their parents. This suggests that the teenagers are slipping out of their limits and exploring data in the internet that they are not supposed to.

Social networks are becoming more frequently used for dating purposes for teens. As suggested by Harris Interactive-McAfee survey, 52% of teens have given out personal information online to someone they don’t know offline including personal photos and/or physical descriptions of themselves (24%). Statistics of the girls’ (34%) suggest that more girls have shared their personnel details than boys (15%).

National Perspective- INDIA

Introduction to diverse life concepts and cultures

Development and introduction of internet through India has introduced many life concepts, different ideologies, cultures and different concepts on the very basic notion of how to live life. “From cultures of the western world to cultures of remote civilizations, it is said that the internet has made perception of life in general, extremely individualistic.” Even if most of the Indian teenagers have not been abroad, but you can still see a part of them turning into western type culture.

Exposure to vices and bad habits

Internet is a pool of unlimited amount information. This cannot be always thought in a good way because this information portal has no device of filtering information for teenagers in India. Let’s consider a typical global issue of pornography websites.

Some of the websites have disclaimers which wares the user and warns them about what they are visiting because of the confirmation of age above 18 is asked. But is that working successfully to stop the teenagers from entering the adult websites? This was just an example. Indian teenagers have free access to information regarding drugs, sexuality and other ill habits that are condoned by the government of India.

Concept of friendshipsC:UsersArjun DethaliaDownloads128863011033949093.png

1990: In these times, a friend was the one who you’d meet regularly and have fun to gather. At last you would have many everlasting memories. And the communication took place through letters and telephones. When they part-away, there was agony of being separated because of no long distance communication as India was not developed in those times.

2012: A friend is a person whose profile has been added to your profile and you know him by chatting or in neighbourhood. Communication with him/her takes place through chats and call. There is just a little feel of sadness when your friend drifts away because you could always stay in touch through social networks.

Changing norms and traditions

Internet has challenged the very thought of traditionalism of a cultural and religious India. In a land where culture, religion and values come before anything else in the world, internet is ruffling quite a few feathers -whether it is challenging traditions of how to build a house, how to use frozen food, how to live a nomadic life by taking backpacking trips or something as absurd as a woman looking up ways of becoming a pilot and a man looking up colleges to study catering.

(Indonesia)Abductions and kidnapping have caused a large problem in countries like Indonesia. There have been several cases of kidnapping and child abuse there and police can really not do anything about it as the identity of the internet user is anonymous. Police is nearly impossible to find the culprit.

Individual/ Local Perspective

Rajkot is a city located in India, Gujarat. It is the 4th largest city in Gujarat and is one of the fastest growing cities in India. As it has gone through a rapid urbanisation, there has been a widespread use of internet since past 10 years. Internet has helped the teens of Rajkot transition in many different ways.

Today’s Teenagers of Rajkot uses technology more than they ever did. More than 80% of Junior-High students in TGS (The Galaxy School- one of the best schools in Rajkot) have internet access which they use to send and receive email, instant messages, live chat, and more.

Well, the schools of Rajkot has tried to introduce education through internet amongst children from which TGS is has been extremely successful.

Teens of Rajkot have nearly stopped hanging out with their friends because of internet because they could now; easily chat with their friends through live-chat/conference-calls. Online chatting also has its own hazards. Especially, when talking to strangers online they do not really know who they are. They can be just anybody pretending to be someone else. Many teens of Rajkot have been reported of child abuse and kidnapping happening this way!! And it has come hard on police as there is no way of verifying who have really done this.

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As far as I have researched, I have to agree that internet harms the teenagers more than they improve them. I am a teenager, 15 years old, and Internet has changed my life to a great extent. It provides me data that I can download and watch free without even paying for it in real life. I have a privilege to use internet whenever I want as far as I use it for something productive.

As far as I have researched internet is bad for teenager’s life and should be used in limited amounts a day or it could lead to addiction, a permanent physical disorder like weight gaining or could create a barrier between kids and their social life. Thus, I will try to cut down on my internet usage and will try to do my most of the work by many other authentic sources like books and articles.

Possible Scenarios:-


Cyber-Bullying is a form of bullying that takes place over the internet that maliciously threatens a

And humiliates the victim very badly. It was declared a serious crime by National Crime Prevention Council, in 2010. 

It has extremely dangerous consequences like emotional distress to victims; from which depression has caused many deaths by suicides committed by youth.

It is difficult to prevent as the criminal/s are anonymous and are hard to find. But if society takes necessary actions, the frequency of it occurring can be reduced.

Friends and family of victims are also impacted when cyber bullying occurs. They may also feel powerless to stop it or guilty for not having spoken out against the bullying.   

Social Development

It has been proved that kids who spend more time on social networking cannot converse with people as well as who spend less. This is a real blow to kid’s development

Children cannot therefore not socialize and blend with the people around them.

Possible Courses of Action

Kids under 15 are less stubborn and easy to control. Parents could just watch over them while they are browsing through internet for studies or anything else that is productive. They could be allotted with time to go online on social networks and chat with their friends or play games.

Children that are over 15 are stubborn and are not as easy to control. So there are ways of watching over what they do on internet. Everything except the productive data on internet could be blocked using a software like “Cyber-Roam”

Porn and drug trading is against the rules of using internet for teenagers. It is also legal to some extent in the developed countries. But it is still too harmful to get introduced in teens’ life.

To stop the illegal activities happening on internet, sites that are for above adults should ask for a particular ID that proves that the person is above 18/adult.

Drug trading online is illegal in each and every country of the world. There is no way that it could be banned in the country in a short period of time; but awareness can gradually reduce the amount of drug trades over years until it is nearly negligible.


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