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The Marketing Mix Analysis Marketing Essay

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Bossini is one of the competitors which have the same position with the Giordano. Their objectives are to be the most preferred everyday wear brand and create appealing, competitive and quality everyday wear for customer. And, they have 7 core strategies, customer oriented, innovate to excel, execute for success, work with passion and live the 7 habits. Their strengths are a well-known band in Asia which is offer apparel products of quality to fit customers. They are expanded business to 36 countries and regions; it is less than Giordano and relatively weak in the international market.

market shares, size and profitability???

Directly managed stores in hk 41(2012) 39(2011) increase2

Revenue 收益 2,744million(year ended 30 june 2012) 2,642 million year ended 30 june2011 increase 4%

Current Situation Analysis

Company background

In 1981, Giordano opened the first store in Hong Kong. Giordano is one of the best known retailers which is over 2,700 shops and counters in 40 markets in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. It has five brands – “Giordano”, “Giordano Ladies”, “Concepts One”, “Giordano Junior” and “BSX” which are represent with superior quality, value and service. Their vision and mission are to be the best and the biggest world brand in apparel retailing and to make customer feel good and look great.

Company analysis

We will apply Marketing Mix analysis, SWOT and Consumer behavior to our company.

Marketing Mix analysis

Giordano consist a lot of products which are modern simplicity and style, such as shirts, tees, jackets, jeans, shorts, pants, shoes, socks, underwear, scarves, belts, bag and so on. Also, the product lines not only for men and woman also specialize for kids and teenager. For services, the customers may try the product in fitting room to find suitable for them. When customers become a member, they can redeem the bottom of a trouser leg at any time. If the customer buys their product from the internet, we will provide delivery service and exchange goods within 7 days.

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The price of Giordano is mid priced, tees and jeans around $100 – $300; jackets around $600 – $1100 and accessories around $35 – $300, those people can afford the price to buy and become a member who will have a special discount during birthday. The price positioning is ideal for medium cities at this stage the level of consumption.

In the promotion, Giordano spent lots of money in television advertisement to promote our band and help to fix the brand in the customer’s mind. Also we will find some artists to be spokesperson to design and promote their collections, such as Leo Ku(古巨基). He is the designer of this Ocean Park x Giordano O! COOL! Collection, he wears the clothes in the show to enhance the rate of exposure of the brand and promote the image of the company. In some of the major festivals (Halloween), we will design a collection about Halloween and crossover the other company. For example,《Disney Dark Collection by Giordano》which is Chrissie Chua(周ç€å¨œ) to be spokesperson, we will support the spokesperson to deliver our message to the customers.

There are 9 shops in Hong Kong Is the land; 17 shops in Kowloon; 19 shops in New Territories. The retail shops are established in the major shopping malls or located on the prime districts that can convenient for customers. Also, they can go our website to check the product’s information and buy it through the internet; it helps customers to save time and money.



Giordano establish in 1981 which had a long history in Hong Kong market. Now, we have a well – respected brand name which can provide reliable product and good image to our customer. In our 5 brands, we can attract different target customer with the competitive prices. Also, we have a good network of retail shops in 40 different markets to convenient customers, so we have good market share with the brand loyalty of amount customers.

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The weaknesses of Giordano are limited product range. Our product lines only clothing and accessories, it is not enough for customers and cannot attract people who expect some special or complex products. When our customers would like to buy high-end clothing, we only provide middle-end clothing to them; it is not satisfy our customers and our target customer range become smaller.

In opportunities, Giordano can grow market in China which has a high market potential and stable economic growth in the world. When economic growth, Chinese people increase demand and would like to buy the quality clothing. And, the professional people also need some trendy and quality clothing in casual wear that helps them look sharp. We can enter some new market which is the elder and baby’s product lines. And we can provide the same family T-shirt which can deliver the strong warm feeling to our customers.

On the other hand, the threats had a great effect to Giordano. There are increasing number of competitors which are provide quality product with competitive price to customers, it will let us not easy to get the biggest market share. When RMB continue to appreciate, the production cost of material and labor increase. It makes our operation cost increase, may have some difficulties in operation. And if China keeps changing their policies, it will make us develop Giordano hardly.

No big share holder

if some one become the big shareholder, the management and strategies may change

Consumer behavior

Need recognition

Information search

Evaluation of alternatives





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