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Introduction To Business Strategy Of Cricket Marketing Essay

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Organizational strategy gives an idea about the organization that what the organization want to achieve and the they the processing to achieve their wants.

It basically includes the purpose of the organization. Its considering that goals and objectives, and the plans and methods to achieve. A strategy also involves the determination of the entire basic long term goals as well as objectives of the organization.  At the same time, it adopts the courses of action that is necessary and the allocation of all the resources needed to achieve the goals.

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A business strategy is a report that shows the plans of the entire business. It is a plan that is often used so that they can attract financing from big investors as well as creditors. This is a plan designed to give information regarding a new venture so that they can convince financial backers to invest in the said business. It describes the market opportunities that the business intends to develop, the process on how they are going to do it and the resources that are required to make it possible.

Business strategies demonstrate the following roles:

1. It is applied to encourage people to invest in an organization.

2. It is also a tool used to assure creditors about the credit worthiness of the organization.

3. Another role is to persuade banks to lend or perhaps invest money.

4. Last, but not least, business strategy helps you stay focused on the important for your business in order to achieve your goals. It saves your time, energy and money.

And since this is necessary, a strategy needs to:

Show the lender or the investor that they have a big chance of being repaid and that they will be getting good returns on their investment.

Build the necessary confidence for the firm and the capabilities of the owner.

Show the investors that there is a very good market for the service or product that you offer.

Show you a clear picture where you’re heading and how to get there.

A good business strategy is the base ingredient for a successful business. However, there are many different kinds of business strategies. The best business strategy should be able to guide your company into a direction wherein the expected internal pressure due to business continuity meets the great demand of the fast changing world for the revolutionary business plans.

There are basically three types of strategies in which business holders must concern themselves:

1. The plain strategy or the strategy in general. This refers to how a specific objective will be achieved. The strategy in general mainly concerns the relationship between the results we want to have and the resources that are currently at our disposal.

2. Next is the corporate strategy which defines the market and the business wherein a certain company will operate. Corporate strategy is usually decided through the context of being able to define the company’s mission and vision. This is the same as being able to recognize what the company does, why it exists in the first place and what it intends to become in the future.

3. The last type is the competitive strategy which describes a given business the basic that is needed for it to be able to compete. This type of strategy is centered on the company’s capabilities, its strengths and weaknesses. This is used in relation to the market characteristics as well as the corresponding abilities, strong points and weaknesses of the competitors.


Johnson and Schools define strategy as follows:

“Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organization through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfill stakeholder expectations”.


The game Cricket is I have selected for this assignment. Cricket is a sport, which is

played between two teams of eleven players each by bat and ball. There are 15 players in one team but only eleven can play. A cricket match is played on a grass field (ground), in the centre, there is a pitch of which is a flat strip of ground 22 yards long. At each end of the pitch, there is wicket of a set of wooden stumps. A player from the fielding team (called the bowler) drive forward a hard, fist-sized cork-ball in from one wicket towards the other. The ball usually bounce once before reaching a player from the opposing team (called the batsman), who defends the wicket from the ball with a wooden Bat. The batsman, making runs between the wickets, with the help of non-striker till he is not given out. Non-striker is standing in near the bowler’s wicket and plays an inactive role, to make runs. The other members of the fielding team stands in various positions around the field as fielders. The match is won by the team that scores more runs at the end of the match.

Cricket was established before approximately hundred years ago in England. Cricket is the most popular sport in the South Asia, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka,. It is also a major sport in other countries such as England and Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bermuda, and West Indies.

Batting and bowling are the main factor of the cricket. The aim of the batting team is to score runs as much as possible. When both batsmen successfully move to their respective opposite ends of the wicket one run scored. The aim of the bowling team is to get each batsman out or dismissal and prevent the score of batting team. Dismissals are achieved in a different ways. The most directive way is that the bowler bowl the ball in such a way that it escape the batsman’s guard and hits the stumps, unload the bails. While the batsmen are trying to get run and the fielders may to knock stumps by the ball before the batsman has reached the crease which is nearer to the stumps. Other way is that while the fielding side catches the ball before it touch the ground. Once the batsmen are not attempting to score any more runs, the ball is “dead” and is bowled again (each attempt at bowling the ball is a ball or a delivery). When a batsman dismissal on zero (0) run, called duck out, while batsman dismissal without facing a single delivery, called diamond duck out.

The game is divided into over’s there are six delivery of balls in each over. At the end of an over, the batting and bowling ends will be change and the bowler will replaced by another bowler of the fielding side. The two umpires also will change positions at this time, and sometimes the fielding positions also may be changed by the captain.

When one batsman is given out by the umpire, he will replace by the another batsman to lineup his team. When the tenth batsman is given out, the innings of the batting team will end i.e. all out, since there are always must be two batsman on the pitch. ( in limited over’s Cricket, the innings end either when the batting team is all out or the fix number of over’s are bowled by the fielding. This type of cricket called as One-day-International. At the end of an innings the two teams exchange roles, the fielding team becoming the batting team and batting team becoming fielding team.

The team which has score more runs at the end of the completed match, that team win the match. There are different types of the completing the match for illustrate there may be restrictions on the number of over’s. The number of balls in each inning etc. A draw is not an uncommon result in Test cricket, if the team that is last to bat has not scored enough runs to win but has not been dismissed before the end of the play. Cricket is just a game between two teams, which are fighting for win.

In cricket there are three types of format i.e. One Day International (ODI), Test Cricket, 20-20 cricket.

In ODI there are limits 50 over’s per an innings. Both team is bat and bowl alternately. Each team can play only one inning per match. Earlier there are 60 over’s in an innings but now its decease up to 50 over’s.

Test Cricket is the five days game. There are 90 over’s of limit in one day or one day ( 8 hours’ play ). In earlier there are six days game but now its decrease up to the five days. Both team can bat and bowl two time i.e. both team can play two innings.

While in 20-20 cricket there are only 2 over’s in an innings. This type of cricket recently started in 2007 to play.

Pestle analysis

It is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. Environment analysis should be continuous and fees all aspects of planning. The organization al marketing environment is made up of :

The internal environment e.g. staffs, office technology, wages and finance etc.

The micro-environment e.g. external customers, agents and distributors, suppliers, competitors etc.

The macro-environment e.g. political forces, economic forces, social cultural frces and technological forces.

P – Political Factors

E – Economic Factors

S – Social Cultural Factors

T – Technological Factors

Pestle analysis of Cricket

1 Political Factors

The political arena has huge influence upon the regulation of cricket and spending power of charm and other games. Now a days political affairs are increasing in the sports. The lead member of selection committee, selecting his state players for the team, though there are other guy is expected for that place in team. Some time selection committee selecting the players by receiving money i.e. corruption.

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2 Economic Factors

Economic factor is strongly affecting this game. People/players need to consider their economic power/budget. Economic factor is most affecting factor of the sports. If you want to increase our skills and ability and potentiality highly, you have to pay the high rates of fees. In India, many youngsters are good cricketer, but due t their financial problem they are not able to pay high fees. Even if you want to play in major tournament like Rangy Trophy and Tulip Trophy, there is also u have to pay lot.

3 Social Cultural Factors

The social and cultural factors influences on games vary from country to country. Its important that such factors are considered. This factor is not more affecting in India. In the earlier, when cricket was discovered, many number of families are not ready to accept this game because its not our game. But today whole the situation is change. Cricket is most popular game in all over the world.

4 Technological Factors

Technological is vital for competitive advantage, and is a major driver of globalization. In earlier, there are no more safe guards for the batsmen, so its very tough for them and to play. But now a days, different sports companies are providing their best safe guards for the batsmen such as, helmeted, hand gloves, thumped, allured etc. So, its providing safety to the players and preventing their injuries.

Five forces

1 internal game plan

Every team have to clear their internal game plans. Batsmen are trying to scoring as much as they can, and bowlers are trying to take wicket and preventing the scoreboard. Here captain is play an important role, he has to change the game plan when its needed. So he should prepare and be ready with alternates plans. Fielders are also helpful to preventing competitors score.

2 External game plan

Team should know the strangeness of their competitors. They should not under estimate their competitors. Every team should make proper game plan against their competitors. They should analysis on their competitors, and find out their strong nesses and weaknesses.

3 Environment

Environment is most affecting factors in this game. They should know about the environment, where is they are going to play game. Different country are mostly playing in their country and also they are getting their coaching and trainings. Thus different teams are habitual to play in different environment e.g. in Asian Cricket teams such as Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan are likely habitual in high tempera where as the western or Wales country like England, Australia, New Zealand etc are likely habitual to play in cold weather. So when ever they are on tour to another country they should manage and settle their self in different weather.

4 Technology

Technology is also important for players. Players can give their best performance by better technologies. Now-a-days new bats, are better than old, safety gourds are providing better safety rather than old on.

Training is needy when new technology comes and players are unaware about it. So they need proper training of it that how to use it.

5 Training

Training is one of the important factor. Every players or team members need training. Without training they cannot give their best performance. Selection committee prefer those players who are well trained by the technicians and coach. There is one guy who is regularly following them and notice their improvement, he is call as a coach.

Success Factor

The team has to make game plan for the match. Moreover they should make alternate game plans for the match. Alternates plan very useful when its needed. Batsmen are comes on the field to maximize the score as much as they can, bowlers are comes on the field to get wickets and prevent the score of competitors. Fielders are helping bowlers by their fielding’s and preventing the competitors’ score.

Team analysis

For team analysis I have selected two teams. One is India and another is Australia. Both team are good, but only one team can win the match.

In India, there are very experience players such as, Sachin Tendulkar, Veranda Sewage, Zaire Khan, Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh. Sachin hits 48 ODI and 51 TEST Century with 44 batting average approximately. He made more than 29000 runs in Cricket ( include ODI and TEST). Sewage well known for his classic outstanding starts. Sewage likely hitting the balls to pulling the scoreboard fastly. Harbhajan Singh and Zahir Khan are leading bowlers of India. Both were taken more than 200 wickets in ODI and Test respectively. Moreover, there is one guy who is leading the whole team i.e. MS Dhoni. He is good batsman. He always keep their mind cool in every stressfully situation. He take their own decision to win the match. Yuvaraj Singh and and Suresh Riana also can be hard hitter. They both are strong while they are on field.

Other side, in Australia there is a one leading captain named Ricky Pointing. He won two times World Cup tournament for his team. There are very good batsman such as Shane Watson, Mike Hussey, David Hussey, Michael Clark, Cameron White. etc. They are very good batsman and all are able to change the game. Shane Watson is always keep his strike rate high that means team run rate is also high. Michael Hussey, Michael Clark and Cameron White can be hard hitter when its needy for team. Moreover there are Doug Bollinger, Brett Lee, Michael Johnson are good bowlers. While there talenders also can bat well. They all can good fields, while they are on ground.


Plus points are not necessary to win the match. May be some times a team has to lose the match though they have more plus points rather than their competitors. Some times their one mistake can be cause of your lost.

Though only one team can win the match, which one will give their best performance in in stressfully situation.


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