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Event Management Marketing Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Marketing
Wordcount: 3799 words Published: 27th Apr 2017

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Both questions should be submitted as one assignment and bound in one booklet with separators/ sheets for each of the questions. Cut and paste work, plagiarism and undeclared sources will result in an automatic failure.

All assignments or projects will have a compulsory presentation requirement which carries 10%. Communication skills, visual aids and personal grooming are the criteria for obtaining the 10%.

Please use Harvard Referencing System for all the referred materials.

Answer both questions: (2Q * 15% = 30%)

(Presentation = 10%)

Assuming that you want to establish an event management company. Identify the form of organization structure that you would apply for your new company and justify your answers.

Interview a small local business proprietor in your area. Briefly identify the nature of the business and come up with a SWOT Analysis for the business. Attach the interview questionnaires with the report.








Body Of Content

5 – 6

Organistion Chart

7 – 11





Body Of Content

14 – 19







This is my basic knowledge for question 1, about event management, and how to create the events, and about Organization chart and the department detail and what will apply to the new company. And this is Basic knowledge from Question 2, Is what is SWOT analysis and how its works out with the company, I also learn that how to interview a small business and their strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. And not forgotten to our lecturer Ms.Oh that help us so much and guide us thru this assignment. I will bring this knowledge into my future working environment.

Question 1

Assuming that you want to establish an event management company. Identify the form of organization structure that you would apply for your new company and justify your answers.

Event management is an excite and rising industry, as well as a exclusive career opportunity for everyone with a obsession for the planning and organizing of events. Event management will be a valuable information resource for managers and planers of events to present their event management companies and capability, companies that are searching for event management solution and students that are allowing for a career in the event management industry. Event planning is able to occupy a various amount of dealing or societal occasion. Both events also known as, Celebrations, Promotions, Commemorations or Education. Celebrations can consist of parades, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Educational events can be meetings, graduations and conferences. Promotional events can be political rallies, product launches and fashion shows. While commemoration events consist of civic events and memorial.

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The reason why a company or individuals hire professional’s event planner is for their experience in this particular field. Event planning sometimes will be time consuming and stressful for the business or individual. For example, your wedding day may be stressful enough if you need to worry whether the caterers are going to turn up on time. So the professional planner will play their role to make sure the occasion runs smoothly. They will have enough resources to handle any unexpected thing from happened.

2.0 Diamond Event (m) SDN BHD

httpwww.rockthediamondevents (1).jpg

(Figure 1)

Source: http://www.rockthediamondevents.com

Diamond Event (m) SDN BHD company will establish in Kuala Lumpur in March 2011, We plan to have corporal office in Bangkok, and Sydney, we also will provide the Top Class service for any event planning or organizing. Diamond Event (m) SDN company will be a non-stop, Full service custom event management company with a solid reputation and be with expensive skill set, Our technical capability range from studying to the workings of our brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistic and coordinate the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event.

Diamond Event (m) SDN strength is will effectively assemble and manage numerous in-house and out of house resource, Diamond Event, consistently meet client objectively and expectation with the optimal solution. Inspired company also will reliably manages a number of complex large scale project contemporized.

Diamond Event (m) SDN also is committed to achieving success for it clients by applying the full power of communication as an extension of business strategy and execution. Diamond Event (m) SDN philosophy is to have controlled growth of our client events and project and by staffing the most experienced professionals available we provide as many services and goods under one roof as possible in order to insure overall quality, and give each and every one of our client a spectacular and memorable events.

Diamond Event (m) SDN Mission is to leverage the power and potential of the event industries to help today’s business to reach out to a larger customer base more effectively, We aim to be dynamic, creative, innovative, and yet affordable.

2.1 Organization Chart











(Figure 2 ) : Organization chart for company Diamond Event (m) SDN BHD

Communications is a Discussion of network as an organizational structure is a useful introduction to the subject of communication in business in that a network owes its existence to communications. Will be able to judge the importance of the connection at the end of this section. People also communicate from department and its comes from this flow chart, Such as the director will get back to the manager and the manager will go to the supervisor and the end to the staff, they cant jump directly from staff report to director it comes by flow.

A) Directors

Directors Is responsible to handle Meetings, to handle Registration of certain resolutions and agreements, sometime need to Recording minutes of all meetings, also need of Making the annual return and lodgment with the Companies Commissioner, Directors also need Keep the proper accounting records, some time director also need table financial records, financial statement and director statement at AGM, movement of accounts, financial statement, directors report anything to members, must make Appointment of first auditors, need to observe with constraint, restraint or proscription of private company, directors have to Appointment of qualified persons as secretaries, Must maintain registered workplace, Registration of transmit of share, they also need manufacture statement of solvency in the case of controlled twisting up by member, Lastly directors also need to ensure that expense of dividend is from income only, and some listing of charge (yycadvisors,2001)

B) Merchandising

Merchandising is a marketing practice in which the brand or image one product or service is used to sell another, Merchandising is the methods, practice and operations used to promote. Purchasing also known as the value of a currency expressed in terms of the quantity of goods or services that one unit of money can buy. Purchasing influence is significant because, all else being equal, increase decrease the quantity of supplies or services you’d be capable to buy

Example: Inspired Event purchase all such raw material, goods and service from other supplier and buy company useful stuff before start operate the company such as, Table, chair, machine, tools and etc. (wordiq,2010)


A plan of action aimed at accomplishing a clear business objective, with details on what work is to be done, by whom, when, and what means or resources will be used. A program is like a formula. It contains a list of ingredients that called as variables and a list of instructions that also called as statements that tell the computer what to do with the variables.

Example: Diamond Event (m) SDN BHD is A listing of the order of events and other pertinent information for a public presentation, (Webopedia,2011)

D) Hospitality

Hospitality is the association among visitor and crowd, or the do something or put into practice of person welcoming. Specifically, this includes the greeting and activity of company, guests, or stranger, resorts, association clubs, convention, attraction, particular events, and other services for traveler and tourists Hospitality Also known Business describes the business of providing services such as catering and entertainment. Example: Diamond Event (m) SDN BHD provides transportation to hotels to pick up the VIPs’ to the events and also provide those services and food. (Wikipedia,2011)

E) Venue

Is a place where an event such as a sports competition or a concert is held, especially one where such events are often held. Example: Diamond Event (m) SDN BHD conduct event places the area, direction, time, such as The wedding is at Mountain Park time is on 8.00pm.

F) Equipment

Equipment is the tools, clothing, or other items needed for a particular activity or purpose for Diamond Event. Example: Diamond Event need equipments such Table, chair, music-music accessories, canopies, Diamond Even also do make some rental for big palace, garden and beach for events that their customer requested.

G) Promotion

Promotion is something such as an advertising campaign that is designed to promote a product, cause, or organization. The word “promotion” can be used in a general sense to describe collectively the activities of advertising, competition, money-off offers, in-store display, the visual impact of packaging and any others device that an advertising team can think of to draw attention to their product. Example: Diamond Event do hire staff to do marketing strategies such us making promotion by printing flyers for the event and make banners to attract customer.

H) Official

Official means by approved, recognized, or issued by a government, public body, or authority and relating to the role of a government, public body, or authority. Example: Diamond Event (m) SDN BHD Officially announces the company as a branded product and leading worldwide. Diamond Event also officially invites our most Honorable Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

I) Customer Service/Care

Customer Service is a department of a business that deals with routine inquiries and complaints from or disputes with customers. And customer care more to somebody who interacts with others in a particular way. Example : Diamond Event have Hired few staff for Front desk that work as a customer service or care that handle all our customer walk in to the company privately discuss all theirs need and wants and make them satisfy with their coming event.

J) Marketing

The business activity of presenting products or services in such a way as to make them desirable.

Marketing is a general term used to describe all the various activities involved in transferring goods and services from producers to consumers. In addition to the functions commonly associated with it such as Example: Diamond Event (m) advertising and sales promotion, marketing also encompasses product development, packaging, distribution channels, pricing, and many other functions. (Investopedia,2001)

At Diamond Event (m) SDN BHD Management we are more of event consultants for our clients than event managers or event planners. Our job is to advise our clients on the best practices and the most feasible approach to reach their goals and deliver their messages effectively. And we are able to take on this role thanks to the long and vast experience of our team in different fields of promotion and production, and to the exceptional relationships we have with our suppliers and partners.

Sometime To add more value for our clients, in addition to our main event services, we provide many creative services and production services in-house. This allows us to control quality more closely and reduce time, cost, and effort for changes in design or concept.

Question 2

Interview a small local business proprietor in your area. Briefly identify the nature of the business and come up with a SWOT Analysis for the business. Attach the interview questionnaires with the report.


Figure 3

(Source : http://www.ifranchisemalaysia.com/dairy-fresh-franchise-business-opportunity.html)

DailyFresh Sdn Bhd

DailyFresh was establish in 1997, DailyFresh main concern selling Hot Item is Waffle & Bubble Tea. DailyFresh was establish in 1997 The kiosk were located in Penang at 1st Avenue and Queensbay Mall, The 1st Avenue manager is Mr.Ooi and Queensbay manager is Puan Suraiya, their working hour depends with the mall operating hour normally operating from 10am – 10pm Everyday, They having 3 staff to rotate working time, their manager will guide until they can handle the shop by own,

The staff will have to attend 1week course training and development for them to expert on this selling item. DailyFresh is small business my town area, actually this shop call as kiosk its small shop at shopping complex. (dailyfreshfoods.,2008)

What is Waffle

Waffle Pic.gif

Figure 3

(Source : http://guidingyouth.blogspot.com/2010_08_01_archive.html)

Waffle is a butter based flat cake that known as a waffle. It is a Belgian culinary specialty, each region of the country has its own recipe for this, and the basic ingredients are the same such as Flour, Milk, Eggs and a pinch of salt. The recipe is landed over from one generation to another next, as covetously it’s a great cake recipe. ( guidingyouth,2010)

What is Bubble Tea


Figure 4

(Source : http://loulovesfood.blogspot.com/2011/02/food-news-bubble-tea.html)

Bubble Tea is originated from Taiwan is early 1980’s at small tea stands firstly, the very special with bubble tea is because the tea and flavoring had to be shaken vigorously to achieve a smooth consistency, they are many flavor for bubble tea such as all kind of fruits, chocolate and coffee and also champagne that is mixtures of fruits. And not forgotten a froth of bubble was formed on top of the beverage, which soon known as bubble tea, (Bubbletea,2001)

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Tapioca pearls, which were not a part of the early Bubble Tea recipe, were introduced to Taiwan in 1983 by Liu Han-Chieh, Very quickly a trend began, to add the pearls to any number of beverages, most frequently flavored teas. The glossy, round and clumped appearance of the pearls reinforced the Bubble Tea name. When cooked correctly and still fresh, the “bubbles” have a distinct bounce and a soft and chewy texture.


Figure 5

(Source : http://www.lollicup.com)


Strengths mean by Positive tangible and intangible attributes, internal to an organization and they are within the organization’s control. In SWOT, strengths and weaknesses are internal factors, For example, Strength might exist your professional promotion knowledge, a fresh, inventive item for consumption or repair Location of your business, Quality processes and procedures, Any other aspect of your business that adds value to your product or service.

Weakness, factor that are within an organization’s control that detract from its ability to attain the desired goal, weakness it could be, be short of of promotion skill, undifferentiated goods or services example: Location of your business, Poor quality goods or services and Damaged reputation Opportunities, Means by External attractive factors that represent the reason for an organization to exist and develop. Opportunities and threats are external factors, For Example; an chance might be increasing market place such as the internet, merger, joint project or tactical alliance, affecting keen on new market segment that offer enhanced proceeds, a new market and a new market vacated by an ineffective competitor. Threats, Means External factors, beyond an organization’s control, which could place the organization mission or operation at risk and the organization may benefit by having contingency plans to address them if they should occur and some time can classify them by their seriousness and probability of occurrence, For threats, it might be a fresh competitor in your house market, cost wars with competitor, also a competitor has a new, inventive produce service, sometime competitor also has a new, innovative product or service, competitor also have superior access to channels distribution some time a threat also can be taxation is introduced on our product and services. Based on these SWOT analysis I had Questionnaire a small local business proprietor Mr.Ooi who the owner of the DailyFresh.



Based on strengths I had five questionnaires. First is Does his company have the strong brands towards his product and he answered Yes with confidently because he really trust his product can give him future and his Marketing strategic is very good he hire 2 person to do advertising such as distribute flyers and banners. The major focus of the company is to achieve target and goals and give the best for the customers and he really focus on the Waffle mainly. And he answered Yes he have a full skilled employees because he train them personally 1 to 2 weeks each of the staff. For the last question he also answered yes they moral of his employee is the best since they have High communication knowledge.


Based on Weakness I had five questionnaires. First is about customer complaints about, And he answered they sometime complaints about late serve food and expensive. But he said he manage to get them from explaining to them such as “Sorry sir it’s my new worker” and “Sorry sir its imported corn that’s why is a bit expensive”. Next is he answered No his company always focus to achieve target and what’s customer wants. He said maybe for next question because he not sure if their employee can attract the talent and think to get more talent but he can manage it. His stock price inspire his confident because the price is not bad its on average price and customer able to purchase it. And his company sometime can stand the price pressure from competitor since they selling a bit cheaper then his company but he answered again he confident because his recipe waffle is the best among all.


Based on Opportunity I had five questionnaires. Firstly he answered Yes he got some Interesting trends in his company that was they having Online selling as well such as facebook and twitter community to promote their product and any promotion if available, And his company position to take that trends in company since its bring profits. Next he answered yes we not yet covered some product that others competitor have such as Snacks and more Heavy foods. For service he answered theirs is the best. His favorable circumstance is having his shop every place. His DeliFresh is entering new market by opening new shop at bank and hospital area and his company also now advance with technology by having free Wifi for his customer and their customer can surfing internet free while wait for the food.


Lastly by Based on Threats I had six questionnaires as well firstly is he answered Yes he need more product and service to be change such as Improve the recipe, improve staff skills and makes more comfort place for customer to have a seat. Next the changing in technology doesn’t threatening the position because he always updates everything every weekly and he not scared of that. Next question he cant answered very well and he said Maybe. for his competitor becoming stronger he said No they cant beat him because once they change anything such as recipe or menu he will prepare early with more ideas to attract customer more by doing promotion more. He said no, don’t have emerging trends can amplify the weakness of DailyFresh.and lastly Obstacle that they face he answered Language from foreigner that could understand English and bahasa that make difficult for them to communicate.


Does the company have strong brands?

Is the marketing/advertising effective?

What is the major focus are of the company?

Does the company have a pool of skilled employees?

Is the morale of the employees high?


What do your customers complain About

Is the company not focused?

Is the company able to attract talent?

Does the stock price history inspire confidence?

Will the company be able to stand price pressure from competitors


What are the interesting trends? Is your company positioned to take on those trends?

Is there a product/service area that others have not yet covered?

What favorable circumstances are you facing?

Is your company entering new markets?

Is your company advanced in technology?


Are the required specifications for your products or services changing?

Is changing technology threatening your position?

What policies are local and federal lawmakers backing? Do they affect your industry?

Are your competitors becoming stronger?

Are there emerging trends that amplify one of your weaknesses?


At last I have finish This assignment that consists of two questions, Firstly our question is want to establish an event management company, and I need to work out as a manager for the company. I also learn How the flow of organization chart and how to the department jobs. And from second question I really learn how to build a small business, example I wanted to open this waffle shop and this assignment give me a lot of ideas, information how to conduct a business and the advantage and disadvantage for it.


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