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Advertising Designed To Differentiate Remind Inform And Persuade Marketing Essay

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Advertising is one part of the promotional mix, and therefore advertising objectives will be set in line with overall Promotional and Marketing Objectives, which in turn will relate to the organizations’ overall Corporate Objectives. In general, however, there are three main categories of advertising objectives a business might set itself in terms of whether it seeks to Inform, Persuade or Remind the target audience.

Types of advertisement:


Informative advertising, seeks to tell the market about the product, explain how the product works, provide information on pricing, and build awareness of both the product and the company. Such objectives are normally pursued at the launch of a new product, or re-launch / up-date of an existing product.

It’s the product of Pepsi Company and wants to inform people about it. Presenting different taste and verity of the product in daily print & Electronic media to influence people towards product.


Here objectives are to encourage the target audience to switch brands, make the purchase, and create a preference in the market for the product as opposed to its competition. Advertising of this nature is required in highly competitive markets, where a range of products compete directly with each other. In such circumstances businesses often seek to differentiate their product through Comparison Advertising – either directly or indirectly comparing its product to that of its competitors.

Here Nestle Pakistan wants to inform public about the price of Product NIDO Price. That its price 39 rupees per liter and also persuade that it is low price then market price as well as grater Quality. Their target market is for product children’s.


Reminder Advertising is used to maintain interest and awareness of a well established product in the market, often in the latter stages of its product life cycle. It is often used at the Point-of-Purchase to remind consumers of the Brand. Such advertising is used by the likes of Coca-Cola and other leading brands, to maintain their position in the market.

Nestle Yogurt is well know product of Nestle Pakistan, they advertise just remind people about the product.


P-5: Evaluate appropriate uses and applications for advertising in two given situations.

Uses of advertisement:

Advertisements are used to tell the audience what products you are selling, services you provide and the type of business you do such as whether your business provides finance company loan services for purchasers. Advertisements may be used to notify the public of the date and venue of an event. They inform consumers of what is available with a view to get the customers into the store and make sales. Other Uses are

Corporate Communications

Incentive Programs

Multi-State Marketing Campaigns

Multifunction/Department Management

Regional Markets

Prominent Client List

Strategic Advertising

Account Marketing/Sales

Vendor Research & Selection

Strong Customer Relations

Print/Newspaper Trends

Marketing Program Execution

Uses in Reminding:

Brief messages designed chiefly to keep a product in the mind of the consumer once the product is already familiar. Reminder advertising usually follows an extensive advertising campaign, and therefore does not elaborate on the reasons to buy the product. Common examples of reminder advertisements are those found on matchbooks and pencils and in skywriting, as well as the more traditional media vehicles. Advertising designed to remind consumers of the benefits of a product or service, or of their current need for those benefits. For instance, the XYZ Company may seek to remind consumers of their need for XYZ anti-freeze when the weather begins to turn cold.

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Uses in Persuasion:

This is the basic rule when it comes to persuasion in advertising. No matter how enticing the woman in a poster for a liquor brand might be, it’s not going to work if your target audience is composed of straight women. They just won’t go for that. The same logic applies to when you’re catering for the rich and the poor. You have to study your target group in order to come up with the most suitable ad campaign. Watching the news can prove to be a very effective mode of persuasion in advertising. By keeping yourself tuned into what is happening globally and locally, you are able to put your brand or your client into context with your target market. For example, if you’re assigned to come up with an ad for vitamins and the rainy season has arrived, you can use the weather to convince your market that they need vitamins.

Persuasion in advertising can be as direct or indirect as you want it to be. Some brands have even been known to make use of certain celebrities to actually tell people to support a certain brand. Whichever road you choose to take, it is very important to take note of your target market (because they’re the ones you’re supposed to convince) and take advantage of current events to help you do it.

P-6: Evaluate the role, organization and functions of agencies in the advertising process.

Advertisement Process:


Advertisement agency:

An advertising agency or ad agency is a service business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising (and sometimes other forms of promotion) for its clients. An ad agency is independent from the client and provides an outside point of view to the effort of selling the client’s products or services. An agency can also handle overall marketing and branding strategies and sales promotions for its clients.

Role of advertising agencies in advertising process:

A plethora of Businesses, Corporations, Government Organizations and Non Profit set-ups hire advertising agencies  to advertise their products, brands and services to present and prospective customers.

Understand the Product / Company:

An advertising agency begins by getting well acquainted with the client’s goals, products & target audience. This knowledge proves beneficial in planning and creating an effective advertising campaign.

The advertising executives work towards creating an effective advertising campaign (a single or a series of attention grabbing and unique ads) which is within the client’s marketing goals and budget. This includes creating interesting slogans, attractive jingles and attention grabbing body copy for advertisements. The client has the final word and may ask for rework.

Plan & Create an Advertising Campaign:

Once an advertising agency understands its clients’ needs, the process of brainstorming and planning begins. Keeping in mind the client’s goals (which can range from

pushing sales of its products and services

introducing new products in the market

reiterating its brand’s benefits

attracting new customers or keeping in touch with old ones


Some Companies like to outsource their overall marketing responsibilities to advertising agencies. In such a case, the ad agency takes over the process of brand building, strategizing and pushing sales through other promotion techniques like sales promotions etc.

Organization of advertising agencies:-

Broadly there are 6 departments in any advertising agency

Account Servicing

Account Planning




Finance and Accounting

Account service department

The account service, or the account management department, is the link between the ad agency and its clients. Depending upon the size of the account and its advertising budget one or two account executives serve as liaison to the client. The account executive’s job requires high degree of diplomacy and tact as misunderstanding may lead to loss of an account. The account executive is mainly responsible to gain knowledge about the client’s business, profit goals, marketing problems and advertising objectives.

The account executive is responsible for getting approved the media schedules, budgets and rough ads or story boards from the client. The next task is to make sure that the agency personnel produce the advertising to the client’s satisfaction. The biggest role of the account executive is keeping the agency ahead of the client through follow-up and communications.

Media department

The responsibility of the agency’s media department is to develop a media plan to reach the target audience effectively in a cost effective manner. The staff analyses, selects and contracts for media time or space that will be used to deliver the ad message. This is one of the most important decisions since a significantly large part of the client’s money is spent on the media time and/or space. The media department has acquired increasing importance in an agency’s business as large advertisers seem to be more inclined to consolidate media buying with one or few agencies thereby saving money and improving media efficiency.

Creative department

To a large extent, the success of an ad agency depends upon the creative department responsible for the creation and execution of the advertisements. The creative specialists are known as copywriters. They are the ones who conceive ideas for the ads and write the headlines, subheads and the body copy. They are also involved in deciding the basic theme of the advertising campaign, and often they do prepare the rough layout of the print ad or the commercial story board.

Creation of an ad is the responsibility of the copywriters and the art department decides how the ad should look.

Production department

After the completion and approval of the copy and the illustrations the ad is sent to the production department. Generally agencies do not actually produce the finished ads; instead they hire printers, photographers, engravers, typographers and others to complete the finished ad. For the production of the approved TV commercial, the production department may supervise the casting of actors to appear in the ad, the setting for scenes and selecting an independent production studio. The production department sometimes hires an outside director to transform the creative concept to a commercial.

Finance and accounting department

An advertising agency is in the business of providing services and must be managed that way. Thus, it has to perform various functions such as accounting, finance, human resources etc. it must also attempt to generate new business. Also this department is important since bulk of the agency’s income approx. 65% goes as salary and benefits to the employees.

Functions of advertising agency:

Professionals at advertising agencies and other advertising organizations offer a number of functions including:

Account Management:

Within an advertising agency the account manager or account executive is tasked with handling all major decisions related to a specific client. These responsibilities include locating and negotiating to acquire clients. Once the client has agreed to work with the agency, the account manager works closely with the client to develop an advertising strategy. For very large clients, such as large consumer products companies, an advertising agency may assign an account manager to work full-time with only one client and, possibly, with only one of the client’s product lines. For smaller accounts an account manager may simultaneously manage several different, though non-competing, accounts.

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Creating Team:

The principle role of account managers is to manage the overall advertising campaign for a client, which often includes delegating selective tasks to specialists. For large accounts one task account managers routinely delegate involves generating ideas, designing concepts and creating the final advertisement, which generally becomes the responsibility of the agency’s creative team. An agency’s creative team consists of specialists in graphic design, film and audio production, copywriting, computer programming, and much more.


Full-service advertising agencies employ market researchers who assess a client’s market situation, including understanding customers and competitors, and also are used to test creative ideas. For instance, in the early stages of an advertising campaign researchers may run focus group sessions with selected members of the client’s target market in order to get their reaction to several advertising concepts. Researchers are also used following the completion of an advertising campaign to measure whether the campaign reached its objectives.

Media Planning:

Once an advertisement is created, it must be placed through an appropriate advertising media. Each advertising media, of which there are thousands, has its own unique methods for accepting advertisements, such as different advertising cost structures (i.e., what it costs marketers to place an ad), different requirements for accepting ad designs (e.g., size of ad), different ways placements can be purchased (e.g., direct contact with media or through third-party seller), and different time schedules (i.e., when ad will be run). Understanding the nuances of different media is the role of a media planner, who looks for the best media match for a client and also negotiates the best deals.

An Advertising agency is responsible for coming up for an Idea for an advertisement for the customers these customers maybe anyone Coke Cola, Pepsi Adidis, Nike anyone who has something to sell pays money to an advertising agency to get there product into the mind of customer.

The advertising agencies are responsible for marketing and producing their client’s brand. For example, if the client is Dell Computers, the agency’s role is to see what are the best ideas in promoting the product. It can be done with television commercials, print ads or internet ads. There are many services an agency offers to its client.


M-2: Make an effective judgment which of these advertisement do you consider as best in its category and why?

In my judgment the add of NIDO is best of all because it have solid persuasive entity of price where people know general price of milk per liter and they give low price as 39 rupees per liter, shown the target market as mentioned in the picture a child with his mother. Here mother giving love in shape milk as NIDO. They specified the quality in the sentence “ghezayit sy barphoor dhood”. The specified that its beneficial as quality for children health. They also mentioned from how much quantity a quality milk can be made. On the top the company named is mentioned. Which show the overall company advertisement too. Where as bright colors are used which show happiness of the family & children.

D-1: Evaluate your findings on the basis of the criteria for the category discussed in Merit section.

As I mentioned in the merit part my findings in the add. That price is mentioned in the add. That per liter its cost 30 rupees. They have shown their target market as children. They shown in the add NIDO as the symbol of care & LOVE of mother with children. They described how to make liquid milk from powder milk in the better quality its quality & quantity measurements. That the formula making better milk. They shown NIDO have better hygiene quality and health making material as vitamins etc.

I think they had covered in the add:

Target Market

Brand quality

Brand Price

Brand Quantity

Brand Benefits

Method of use

Contents of product






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