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Impact of Technology on Journalism and the Production of News

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Wordcount: 2464 words Published: 4th Nov 2020

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The following essay is going to deal with the concept of technological advancement and its changes. Technology is ever-changing and it has impacts on the process of news telling. The production of news and the role of the journalist will also be highlighted here with suitable examples to carry out the research of the benefits of technological changes for knowing the effectiveness properly.

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The technology basically indicates the system, process, and devices that are related to the invention of scientific knowledge. The technology is used for serving practical purposes and it can be certainly said that technology has brought a revolution in the modern industry. Technology is an ever-changing process and it is also obvious that the changes are effective for the development of the entire industry. 

The media sector is highly benefitted with the help of technology and the production of news is also getting changed every day. According to the scenario of an incident, the news gets created in the news production house. Production of news is really important to let people know about the current affairs of the surrounding. The production of news is depended on a number of things. Journalists are basically the messengers who use to gather information and turn it into news content. A journalist is basically the person who works to report the news in different media. 

Technological Change is basically the increasing changes in the efficiency of the production of a product that reflects in the output of it. The changes in technology mainly help to escalate the process of production to make further development. Invention, innovation and diffusion are the basic stages of technological changes that can be resulted in remarkable changes. Inventions refer to the creation of a product that gets generated initially. The application of this creation is done in the innovation stage which is really very much challenging. The final stage is the diffusion that deals with the adoption of these new creations.

The impacts of technological change are really vast. A range of changes can surely be discernible in the way of changes in the world. Various kinds of products get created through technological changes that help in the innovation process. The increasing efficiency through technology helps to maximise the production and minimise the costs. The economic development also becomes possible with the advancement of technology as it leads to creating more production. All the industries such as aviation, medical, education and media are highly benefitted with the implementation of technology in the respective fields.

Production of news is also getting helped with the implementation of technology. The development of news content is done in the newsroom where technological development is seen as one of the key aspects. The implementation of an automated system has made the television industry even more organised and it is also true that the journalists have also been shaped with the implementation of this system. The networking system is also helping in the news production that covers multi-media, multi-skills, and multi-tasks. This technological change is also offering various kinds of new opportunities for the news practitioners to get accustomed to the new culture of the automatic system. Production of news and the role of a journalist also get developed with the arrival of new technologies. The industry of journalism is really getting advantages from technologies as various kinds of different aids are getting implemented in the processes of making news content.

Voice-driven assistants involve as a disrupter technology with the processes of Amazon strengthening that escalates the process of gathering proper information. The media of journalism has also been blessed with the system of AR capable phones that helps to the possibilities of immersive mobile storytelling and 3D. The aids are also helping to save time by implementing different types of automatic gadgets. The concept of visuals searches has also become a help in the overall processing of the news telling. The wearable ear buds are also helping the production of the news by translating in a much automatic manner. The talking glasses are also helping to look into the process of hearing in a proper manner (Hagedoorn & Agterberg, 2016).

Chabot is one of the greatest creations of technology which is helping the news companies to get instant support from this tool through breaking news and scoops. The automatic dishing up of the catchy headlines are also getting implemented through this process. Virtual Reality is actually related to the terms of news interaction. It helps the news teller to build a connection for giving a better story. A deep level of connectedness is felt with empathy in the formation of the news content. Automated journalism has also become an assistant to the industry of journalism. The news tellers get proper help from this mechanism by analysing data. This analysed data help to create content for interpreting properly. Drones are also a technology that has really become a help in the process of collecting proper and accurate data to create news content with proof. These days, people have become so much active in social media and technology also influenced the people (Nimegeer, et al., 2017). The safety of the other necessary gadgets and also the news hunters are also done through this Drone system. Data journalism is one of the most famous technologies that creates a perfect marriage of text with visuals. It helps to create instant news content from the spot in an interactive and bite-sized chunk which is really a key to engagement.  ‘Scrollytelling’ is a sort of tool for visualisation that uses to be replete with current news and necessary information. Wearable journalism us helping the news tellers to change the views of the consumers to access news in an easier way. Quick updates are getting reached to the beholders that help to create a full story. The technology helps to give opportunities for delivering content (Ali & Hassoun, 2019). 

On the other hand, some drawbacks of technology are also there behind the production of news. The journalism industry has got really affected by the backlashes of algorithms and platforms. Facebook is one of the most viable social media that use to be used by almost all the people of society. But, it is also the platform where a plethora of hoax is getting circulated by the users. It is really detrimental for news media that the most popular public forum is being violated by some individuals for spreading divisive social and political messages (wibbitz, 2018).

The journalists use to play a vehement role in the process of news production. The accumulation of the raw materials for making a full-fledged content us basically done by the journalists. The journalists are playing the role of the messenger in the process of making content. Technology has become an immense help on the way the works of a journalist by taking risks (Mellado, et al., 2017). Digital Audio Recorders helps the journalist to record whatever they want in a tiny recorder. Different kinds of interview notes, news stories and editing can also be done on the road with this gadget. It is saving the time of the journalists to move from one place to another r and also cut the cost. Journalist has become more efficient with the implementation of a Podcast that helps to download and consume all the necessary materials. Adobe Photoshop is a graphics tool software that helps in a situation where credibility becomes an issue. But, nowadays, the misuse of Photoshop has become famous where an extreme level of manipulation gets done. On the other hand, a whole new digital forensics has also got created. Technology is also immensely helping the journalists to know about a place within a small time. Journalist, nowadays, uses to follow different kinds of gadgets for gathering proper information. GPS system is helping the journalists to reach a place within time. Different kinds of mobile applications are also helping journalists to improve the news telling process in an easier way. Even, journalists are also having the provision to get hard copies at any time through some portable and smart gadgets that are really very much convenient. Cellular Telephone Networks is also helping the journalists to carry all the necessary data in a much-organised manner. The conversation of the telephone is also helping the journalists to transmit data from one to another. Emails and social media are also helping journalists to provide all the necessary information through those virtual media. It is also seen that all journalists are getting the provision of connecting to each other which helps to relate the process of checking information. A wider range of voices is broadcasted through social media to mass media. Crowdsourcing is a production model of problem-solving that helps the reporters to extend their eyes to cover all the areas in a more embracing way. Different kinds of issues are also getting sorted with the help of technology. Global Village Journalism helps to be more connective with all sorts of digital tools. Various kinds of awareness also get created through the process of gathering knowledge and immense information. Online Newspaper Archives is another platform for journalists to expose their own news. The online portals of news are also convenient for the users as they are getting the provision to access the news from any place. It is discernible from the study that journalists are really getting proper help from technological gadgets. But, there are also some journalists who are feeling doubtful about their positions in the workplace. According to them, the technological changes are actually hampering the possibilities of manpower in a place (topjournalismschools, 2020).

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The impact of technological advancements is also seen in the development of journalists. Initially, the journalists are considered as news hunters but now they are playing several roles. News telling, information gathering, videography, audio recording, instant av chat all are making the journalists actually versatile. “It is a crucial year [in which] social media platforms have to prove they care about the truth and about paying for serious journalism or be properly forced to do both by regulation.” This statement has been opined by Ben De Pear who has clearly shown the upcoming predictions of media and technology (Newman, 2018). 

“I’m surprised about the potential of audio and voice for journalism. Users will consume news by speaking and listening, less often by reading — and we have to prepare early on for […] shifts in user expectations.” This is stated by Stefan Ottlitz who has said that there are high possibilities of having misinformation and disinformation that will form a battle in the media and news field. According to him, consumers are actually wasting time looking into social media. It will be better for them to give time in more meaningful content that can be followed by different kinds of digital detox (Reeves, 2015). 

The extent addiction to the digital world is also related to the factor of the demerits of technology that is also reflecting in the process of news production and journalism. It is really necessary for all the journalists to get proper training about the technologically advanced gadgets to know their conveniences. Proper application of gadgets will surely help the journalists to look into the matter of gathering information in a proper manner. Technology has changed the ways of delivering news and giving information. Digital technology, wireless connectivity etc. are the ways of getting the proper information within less time.

The impacts of technological changes are really important for the development of the media industry. The development of different media becomes possible with the help of advanced technologies. Actually, technology is the catalyst that uses to escalate the process of spreading information by creating news content.


All the necessary areas of technological advancement have been covered thoroughly in the above-mentioned study that has helped to know the technological changes properly. The technology of media has also been discussed properly. The role of journalists is also discussed. The relation between technological advancement and the role of the journalists have also been carried out through all the examples.


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