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Human Resource (HRM) Planning in Health Organization

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Strategic Human Resource Management

  1. Business Growth

The factor of Human Resource Planning in Health Organization is this factor describes the basic service that is provided by health resources department to the operating system of the organization to the health sector human resource management will have a difference in business become without the conviction of human resource management it will not make a difference. By the influence of business human resource planning in healthcare organization people can be motivated to drive the human resource management the business growth performance level, it can build the employee commitment by using the human resource practices. Human resource practices have 3 major in general, these three are (1) They have to build some new capabilities of the organization critically (2) The satisfaction of the employee have to be enhance (3) The shareholder and costumer mainly have to improve the satisfaction.


Human Resource Management in healthcare in decline is they must engaged a core group strategies, strategies that will enhance the human resource, to do this is the human resource management must raise their profile issue base on the conceptual and must improve and also the decision makers must be statistically available as evidence. Human Resource Management in healthcare through the global human resources crisis the community will be the one to respond t the growing health crises in developing countries, which will trigger the responds to focused on the mobilizing of the financial status of the resources and the increased access to all essential medicine, however the most important in the healthcare system is the people that will make them work which is the most important aspect and later on it will be tackled. The human resource for health personnel will be the one responsible to deliver in health publicity not only clinically but also the environmental services are decline and destroy much for developing. However the mobility demand and the issues of supply are central to human resource problem, namely local transnational and regional.

Human Resource Management Health workforce, change, competition/challenge

The healthcare delivery system is a very highly labour intensive, in so far for the health worker performance or the most function of mediate health system are very central for the health system of human resources to be more continuously more effective, the healthcare system of human resource must have a mixed Healthcare worker and a right number of healthcare worker and also they have to be ensure they possess the skilful worker and also they have to be ensure that they possess the skilful worker in order to perform the function very well of what he has assigned to do for, and have the means of motivation.

There are three dimension where the Human Resource management are involved, because of the many countries now are facing the crisis. These dimensions are:

  • Performance – this is the care with quality that a health workers can provide which will relate to the health workers productivity
  • Distribution – this is where the presence of a health worker is most needed which relate to the retirement and recruitment.
  • Availability – this is only relates to the qualified health worker which are supplied.

Labour Market competition and employee development.

First let’s define what a labour market is, what is a market and what is labour. Well a market let say is a kind of structure where the sellers and buyers are allowed to exchange goods, information or services of any type. While on the other hand labour market is a kind of structure where they allow the labour services to be bought and sold. For the labour market for the combination between labour and market are also in different terms, specifically labour market are those employ staff who seek to employ are called buyers and for those who are seeking for employment are the ones called the sellers.

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The well-functioning of a labour market in compensation or wages – it can be understand by a overall return for an employment particularly not only in the financial component but this is also will act as the mechanism to what the buyers intension and the seizures will be reconciled. Tends to be the demands and also the supply of labour are towards to the equilibrium. They are said to be clear, that is labour market only when the supply of the labour will matched to demand to the workers. However being clear to the labour market are not always in the way. If they are going to fail to do so. They will going to exhibit either or neither employments or labour surplus.

The system will very dynamic when it becomes to health labour system it compromise two distinct but its closely related to the economic forces for such workers and for the demand of the supply health workers. In the tradition the human resource management analysis for supply crisis have been only framed to receive scant attention with the demand side factors.

  1. Human Resource Management planning in a healthcare organisation Identifying internal personnel requirements , internal and external factors in matching personnel to organisational requirements; government policies and labour market competition.

In my research the human resource business management in healthcare founded to be divided in three cluster these are (1) internally operating measures (2) internally have the strategic plan measures (3) externally operating measures these three cluster are said to be to help the function of the human resource management and drives the business contribution in better view. For the cluster one – which is the internally operating measures is that this cluster is emphasis more on the traditional way of human resource management measure for because human resource function here and the human resource professionals are held for their accountable, they more focus on the quality, efficiency and the speed of the delivering process of human resource practices and the human resource management will function as a whole, while the cluster two – the internally strategic measures human resource in the way of how they build the organization capabilities and enhancement of employee satisfaction and lastly the third cluster – is the external strategic measures this are cluster will be assessing the external strategic measures this cluster will be assessing the effectiveness of the human resource management practices on how the shareholder and customers are satisfied, the purpose of this is to drive the shareholder and the customers satisfaction.

The health labour better policies and market analysis comparatively in a study implications of government in the Dominican republic are analytically analyse the wage bills policies for the workforce of the healthcare, There are four countries who are implementing the general government wage bills policies restriction, these countries are Dominican republic, Zambia and Rwanda and they also study the purpose of those policies and the effects on the strategy of human resource management for expanding or maintaining the workforce. The demand health for the workers for the country are determine by the government, private sector and multinational sector corporations and donors are willing to pay them just to hire them.

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