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Strategies for a Country's Development

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Aspects that make a country develop.


The objective of this research paper is to explain how a developing country can achieving development, explaining of the three most important aspects that contribute to development such as Economy, Technology and Education. The Economy can be improving with methods like manage resources properly, focusing on production to avoid buying from other countries or how to put people in financial positions. We can see that the only way education can improve is by completely changing the current system and implementing a system where creativity is the main feature. And lastly we will talk about the use of technology that has meant throughout history, a very important tool in development. Thanks to technology have been able to meet many needs and solve many problems. If a country remains focused on solving these situations, it will succeed in achieving development. Keywords: developing country, Technology, Education, Economy, solve problems, relation.

Aspects that make a country develops.

Many countries are called developing countries, these countries should found solutions for situations that don’t allow full development. To consider a developed country, the needs of the inhabitants must be met and they must have a good quality of life. The most part of developing countries depends of developed countries and for this reason these countries don´t have a good economy, because basically all their economy goes to big countries. There are many aspects that need to be taken into account in a developing country: there are not many sources of work, that there is a high index of poor people or that their income comes mostly from the services sector. (S, S, 2015). These situations are some of those that must be solved quickly to be able to demonstrate true development. To achieve these solutions these countries should focus on three of the most important aspects that will help achieve development; improving the economy, implementing a new education system or simply try to improve the current one and focusing on technological development.


A developing country should focus on improving its economy and for this it must undergo various changes. One of the aspects that must be changed is knowing how to use their own resources for production, since most of these countries depend on the production of developed countries. On the other hand, it is desirable that in these countries the people who hold the financial positions are properly chosen, because in their hands is the management of money. They must be properly prepared to keep accounts because it isn’t a simple family account on the contrary is managing accounts of an entire country.

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Another aspect that could contribute to the economic development of a country is to improve tourism. Some developing countries have unimaginable landscapes that many people would pay to observe. A clear example is Ecuador. Much of its income is attributed to tourism. In the article “Tourism generated over 1,487 million dollars for Ecuador in 2014” taken of the website Andes, (2015) it is affirmed that “tourism generated 1,487 million dollars in 2014; therefore, it represents a great economic potential for the country, because it is the third source of non-oil income preceded by shrimp and other services”. Improving the economy is the most important aspect in which the government of a country should focus as this could make better investments in the fields of education and technology.


Another way to fully achieve development is to improve the education system. Often we observe in these developing countries the same obsolete system of education that is based on memorization. Unfortunately, the following quote is completely true: “Doesn’t matter where you go. You’d think it would be otherwise, but it isn’t. At the top are mathematics and languages, then the humanities, and at the bottom are the arts” (Robinson, K, nd). In the same way, we are accustomed to living with the same system, without realizing that creativity must developing from childhood and the only method to achieve this is to completely change the system. It is necessary to implement an innovative educational system whose aim is for students to develop their creativity.

According to Alexandra Ossola (2014), in her article “Scientists Are More Creative Than You Might Imagine” all humans have innate creativity, but to observe result, creativity must be cultivated and put into practice. We must start with ourselves for improve our own education. For example in Kambwambwa there is a case of a young innovator whose story was written by Sarah Childress (2007) in her article “A Young Tinkerer Builds a Windmill, Electrifying a Nation” this young man built A windmill to supply electricity to his house and his village. He did not go to school. He did not go to school but he was able to build the windmill because he educated himself. He took the fact initiative and became a hero to his people thanks to that he was innovative and used his creativity and his desire to get ahead to build something new.

We must understand that education is the basis of development, if a country has a good education system over time, subject will have good professionals and they will be responsible for generating new sources of work and therefore the development process will be faster.


Technology is another area that potentially helps the development of a country. Thanks to this tool it has attained meet many needs. Let’s start talking about the industry, technology has played a very important role in the development of the industry and production, through the creation of new machines and devices allowing to minimize production time has been achieved undermine expenses since machines replacing workforce and therefore potentially the economy increases.

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Second, talk about a developed country is talk about of a country that have a good economy, a good education and a good quality of life. Throughout history, we can see how the use of technology has facilitated the lives of humans, for example, the discovery of electricity permitted a great advance in the world, thanks to this invention we have light every day, Can use all the electronic devices and this allows to develop new discoveries day by day. Another way in which technology contributes to development is communication, thanks to the technology has been able to have a communication between all the countries of the world of instantaneous way.

Before, to communicate with a relative on the other side of the world had to wait weeks, even months, now, thanks to the technology with just a click we can even see our family in real time through a screen. We can see that before it was almost impossible to diagnose diseases, such as cancer or simply to know if a bone was broken, now thanks to all electronic devices the diagnosis of diseases is almost immediate. The use of X-rays, blood tests or radiation has saved too many lives, and this also means development because the goal of a developed country is to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.


In conclusion, it is important to be clear on the aspects that a country should focus on in order to accelerate its development. A developed country is characterized because its inhabitants have a good quality of life, for this reason, improving the economy is the first step for development, because having good income will allow investing in education and technology. We must find new methods such as the correct use of resources, and how to find people prepared to carry out the financial charges. Improving education is another path to development, if students learn with a new study vision, many changes will be achieved. Implementing creativity in classrooms is the key to training professionals with new visions and creating new sources of work and opportunities for other people. Finally, the use of technology has meant a remarkable development in many respects. This tool has been able to satisfy many needs and has been able to help all industries by creating new devices and solving various problems. If a country begins to solve problems that do not allow it to improve its economy,education and technology, insurance can achieve full development in all areas.


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