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The concept on going green

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Wordcount: 3352 words Published: 18th Apr 2017

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The phrase ‘Going Green’ have demand a place in the current scenario to be among the hot topic of discussion, either, be it when it matter to green technologies or the enterprises that are build with such a motto that gives a clear definition of the concern for the environment. Additionally, going green have become fashionable in a sense that green projects, especially in the contemporary era and where the situations such as the global warming is having its toll get high number of takers, be it when it matter to corporate projects, building a corporate office or propagating green projects, which are eco-friendly in nature and scope.

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Taking the ‘Going Green’ phrase and its concepts in the discussion of this report, we come to the conclusion that there are no short resources and discussion topic when it matter to analyze the bigger picture related to green projects in the corporate world, and not to forget the globalised environment of the contemporary world and its economies at large. Taking a short and quick views of the ‘going green’ phrase, we further come to the conclusion in parts and fragments that the eco-friendly projects and the trends related to the same appear to have taken over the imagination of any conscious individual and corporate honchos.

Put it in generic terms for the concepts, it is not only fashionable to go green, either when the case can be looked within the food habits, the change in technology and lifestyles etc; but it also shows a responsible side to save mother earth from the negative effects of global warming, where a concern in that regard are carried out in the manner of propagating green project with full course. .

Hence, in that capacity, there is always an urgent need that calls for a sustainable move to take centre stage, even when it applies to corporate and management practices within the organization realms, and in the course of time assists in contributing something for the benefits of mother nature that have blessed us with numerous benefits. However, what is surprising is the fact that the wrong move in which mankind have taken in the many years prior to the industrial revolution and then onwards have meant that much of the materialistic greed’s have compromised with the very idea of economic growth and advancement, where the accidental destruction have already been felt.

In the current scenario we can witness that the ‘going green’ concepts and projects related to the same is one good move from the part of inhabitants to clean off the many wrongs that have already been felt and bestowed on mother nature, and especially the negative impact that it have had. Thus, the case can be looked to the urgency of the global warming scenario.

Issue Encompassing The ‘Subject Matter’ Discussion

Attending our discussion to the above phrase, there is no short sight of the issue that encompasses the global economy today, especially in a scenario where global warming have had its toll and negative impact in all corner of the globe. However, when it matter to clean-up process and to fix the many issue that have been witnessed, measure in that regard is also short and out of sight.

It was only in recent years when the urgency of the matter was felt that that green projects have been facilitated with full discourse, be it at the policy level or in propagating anything that is related to ‘going green’ concepts.

The susceptibility of the ‘subject matter’ and the greater concern of the subject also are one of the many important facets and urgent requirement for citizen to get things in shape and in the right direction. Hence, the issue that is to be discussed in this part of the report only concerns itself with the subject matter in part and forms. Looking at these aspects and the real picture in the current scenario, it can further by expanded that understanding the purpose of the subject matter should familiarize itself with what to follow next. Thus, the following paragraph also takes a shift in that capacity.


Commenting further from the short and brief fragmented discussion as detailed above, the purpose of this project is to analyze the greater substitute that should aid the clean-up process in the global economy, especially when it matter to environmental concern.

Thus, treatment to the ‘subject matter’ at the onset is proposed to analyzed and comprehend the bigger picture related to any specific green projects, and the investment opportunities for business houses that comes with any such developments with full force. Such is the case that the analysis in parts will be integrated to come close to a meaningful discussion that should send across the message in full force for the world to have know.

To top it all, it also should be clarified that the attempt of this work also should answer the probable question that crop-up. That is to say, Can environmentally friendly projects and the concept of “going green” be looked upon as the next hot investment area? Precisely, from a general interpretation of the said question, the answer is yes.

Hence, many related question to the subject matter is meant to give a detailed analysis and attempts in that capacity also tries to relate and answer the reporter question on the said topic being raised. That is to say, why, how, what, when and where do the going green and its concepts make sense in the contemporary era? Thus, taking into account the abovementioned summary, the following paragraph should answer the question which attests itself to the core of the ‘subject matter’ discussion.

The Idea Of Going Green

Going green and the concept related to the same have become a phenomenon of sorts in the current scenario of the globalised world in the contemporary era. To top it, when it matter to projects also, environmentally friendly projects and innovation are also peaking to take leverage of the opportunities that comes with it in the business context.

At the policy level in the global institutions such as the UNESCO, WHO, etc, the ‘subject matter’ is a hot topic of discussion and debated subject, given the nature and urgency of the issue at hand facing the global economy.

As the case can be looked from the onset, and as discussed in the media, the recently Copenhagen summit no doubt got the attention of global leaders from around the globe, given the agenda related to environmental crisis. What concern with the said global summit can be attest to the concern it attached itself with, especially in a domain where a heightened debate on global warming and environmental crisis, which concern with the core of the going green concepts.

Article related to Global warming written by “Andrew Winston, an environment strategist also details a close analysis of the recent development that shoot up from the Copenhagen meet. Secondly, put in it in the words of the said strategist, environmental crises, be it in cases such as global warming, rising water level in the oceans etc, shows a clear picture of the situation our world are faced with in the current scenario, and the citizen living in its nature have found themselves in” (Winston, 2009)

The sorry state of nature that we have found ourselves entangled in is clear and precise, and the effect and impact of environmental crisis is for all to have a second thought on “how to bring about innovation and technology in the business context that is sustainable in nature. The sorry state and carbon emission rate from developing and developed countries in the global economy is one main factor that add to the worried list of environment crisis” (Winston, 2009). Thus, in that respect, the green factor or the ‘going green’ phrase and its concepts have become a norm and phenomena of sorts, which familiarize even with a layman in the streets.

Hence, commenting on the recent development and impact those global economic growths have had at best come close to the idea of ‘going green’, and why it matter in that regard. For integrating a short analysis in that capacity, understanding the role of the organization in the contemporary era, especially when it matter to sustainable business management is very critical, which is as follows.

Organization Sustainable Business Strategy

From an economic point of view, sustainable business plans comes with a package of many opportunities and benefits for corporations in the global who endeavor for the same. When it matter to organization and their management in that capacity, some scholars have put it that “sustainable business organization would be an important part of sustainable societies, now and in the future” (Anja Schaefer, 2003, p. 209), given to the urgency by which environmental issue and concern for the same have been, and the leading and heated debate in that capacity in the contemporary world today.

Addressing the bigger question related to the concept of ‘going green’ as a favorable business opportunities, the first thing that should be noted is the environmental challenge for global firms. Take the case of Author Klaus North (1997), and his book titled “Environmental business management: an introduction”, which gives a clear picture and details about the subject matter and its interrelated discussion.

From the introductory message of the said book, a clear and notable question crop up from the author part, which goes as “Why are enterprises increasingly trying to become green and clean? (North, 1997, p. 1). This a good and sensible question indeed that the author have put up, considering that in recent years the “trend to go green have usurped the corporate world, and especially after a major industrial accidents that have had an impact of the environment and likewise, the green factor and its concepts means new business opportunities, and new markets for corporation” (North, 1997, p. 1)

Thus, there is no denying the fact that going green is one business opportunities and the concepts also garner huge takers, either for investor or a business organization that have formulated a policy with anything related to the green factors, so as to say.

Take it in the world of the business investment opportunities, going green is a big factor and big business opportunities in the contemporary context. Some scholar have commented that “the green revolution is already influencing how people live their lives, and to top it all, in recent years tremendous attention is given to all things green, starting from books, magazines, political class the media in its variety of formats, etc, to be precise” (Tobin Smith, 2008, p. 1). Hence, the tendency to green opportunities in business investment matter is huge and the facts stands clear and precise, given that the “world wants a clean future that should be facilitated by the solid stands corporation are propagating towards green concepts and its management.” (Tobin Smith, 2008, p. 5).

As a matter of fact, there is a growing debate and discussion in that respect and the business scope and investment opportunities that comes from green project. The general impression that withholds the same topic is also much in respect that green projects, in the current environmental crisis scenario is laced with loads of future scope. It is well placed that the trends of the green concepts have only grown stronger and bolder with each passing days.

From the organizational and business management context “going green also comes as a means, which is addressed in the format of the strategic management process for firms in the competitive environment, and in order to earn above average returns, firm integrate their management strategy where actions and decision should facilitate strategic competitiveness” (Michael A. Hitt, 2008, p. 6) aimed at sustainable measures. Likewise, organizational business management and their corporate social responsibilities are a positive developments and a good measure for a cause.

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From having an analysis in close quarter on the many related topic that discuss the concepts of going green, one probable factor come to force, especially concern with carbon emission which cannot be done away with, given the less alternate means to the existing energy source, apart from nuclear power, which is a clean resource means to addressed the ever increasing energy need and demands in the current globalised world. Hence, in that respect, how well and why it matter when it amount to green concepts can be assimilated from the following discussion.

How Well Green Project Offers Investment Opportunities?

When adhering our analysis in respect of the above heading, the case can be interesting and probable to support the assumption, given that green projects and the tagline that integrate the concept have always been held with a general belief of offering huge paybacks and business opportunities and scope for investors.

Thus, as to the question of why the concept of going green comes as an alternative to business investment also can be looked to the phenomena in that respect. Secondly, “going green for organization in the contemporary era is also getting cost competitive, given that as price and demands for available energy source are peaking, so does it will for any alternative of energy source, which are likely to remain high” (Tobin Smith, 2008, p. 5). Hence in that respect the economic factors in the energy scenario also offers huge and tremendous potential for corporations in the international market.

Moreover, “the investment capital in green projects is one probable force that takes centre stage from the demands for energy, especially in the green energy sector” (Tobin Smith, 2008, p. 5). Thus, such development in close quarter answers the related question as to why going green and its concepts can be looked upon and banked as a business opportunities’, henceforth and in time to come, especially in accommodating to the flow of the economic cycle in the contemporary globalised market.

After all, when it matter to the core discussion of this report and the question that is also being raised in that respect, we come to the conclusion that the assumption build within the subject matter of green concept as a investment opportunities’ ranks true and is factual in a sense.

Take for instance the cut throat competition in the global estates developments, in which ever case renovated projects is always an issue, which means that “raising both depth and equity capital for such investment is a challenge of sorts. However, when it matter to socially responsible property development in the society, investing in the same promises rewards those developer in the league who familiarize themselves with green projects” (Yudelson, 2008, p. 114)

Further down the line let us take for instance cases of the contemporary business scenario, and especially in the domain where the knowledge process and information technology have become the much needed factors to boosts business gains. Thus, the strategic management of organization also has meant to harness “green concepts to a large extent, and to be specific here, the case also can be related to the new strategic trend termed as a green computing, which goes hand in hand with organizational strategic management” (Harris, 2008, p. 145) aimed at long term.

Furthermore, justifying the assumption of the subject matter we come to the conclusion that “green computing in any given industry is an effective project initiative, especially in a scenario where people are very much dependent in this technological innovation for personal and business purpose. To top it all, the concept of going green or likewise to say green computing revolves around the factors on how to utilize resources and in the meantime save resources with the application of innovation, and the use of computing technology” (Harris, 2008, p. 22)


Sustainable development plans as we understood is a close calls for any organization to have in place and in matter of corporate governance as well, given that such undertaking offers great investment opportunities in the contemporary global market. The discussion parts of this report that attend only to the investment opportunities that come from green project have been beneficial and astonishing.

In its fragmented discussion, the structure took into analysis only the core of the subject matter, and in context of economic and business point of views. We feel that debate on the subjected topic is never ending, however; given to the specific discussion that calls for, the same have been integrated to make the flow and its research take an in-depth measure.

Before culminating our report, the following recommendation also should be noted, in order to have close calls for needs to be done in the time to come.


It is further recommended that the discussion of the subject matter demands more space in the literary debate to arrive at a conclusive opinion and solid standing to support the claims and assumption build herein. Moreover, the nature of this research only limits itself in the business scope, that is to say the investment opportunities that come along with facilitating green projects for investors or organization.

Seeing things as it is, there is a great scope to integrate a reach topic on any green concepts, staring from food habits, green technology and likewise, overall which can be encompassed within the business opportunities that comes along.

The concern being raised at the global level related to environmental crisis is for the mankind to have a clear understanding of the urgency of the matter. Rather than spoil and waste some more time, a definite action plan is required to be integrated for sustainable development, be it for corporation upgrading their policies, developers building green projects, etc, is an immediate needs. Seeing things in recent developments with green computers, and green fuels source as discussed above comes as a good sign. However, there is much in the process yet to be reached in full course.

Given so, further recommendation open up an opportunity for research as well, and in matter of organizational policy, now is the right time to take actions for managers and firm corporate governance that gives a definite agenda in sticking towards green project for the benefits of mankind, and organizational sustainable development plan.


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