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What, How, Who and Answers to Global Warming

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Global Warming

Determining What, How, Who and Answers to Global Warming

Global Warming is steady increase of average temperatures due to the slowly growing strengths of human made greenhouse gases. Global warming can also mean that observing the temperatures without indicating of the cause too. The most accepted reason is the burning of fossil fuels which does expel carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. As of 2010, the concentration of carbon dioxide is about 50% higher than it was before the start of the industrial revolution in the late 1800’s.” (Australian Coal Association Low Emissions Technology, 2014) The increase in temp is contributed to the CO2 absorbing radiation which is the radiation the Earth loses to space when heated by the sun. This reaction produces greenhouse gas which helps produce a blanket over the planet that retains warmth.

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Since the early 70’s, 91% of the radiation energy has been stored in the oceans. The oceans’ main role in energy absorption is also used to increase the average temperature of the Earth’s Air and Seas temperatures. Since the turn of the century our Earth’s air and sea temps have steadily increased about 1.4F with about 2/3’s of the increase happening in the last 30 years. Each of the last 3 eras has been increasingly warmer at the Earth’s surface then the last hundred years combined.

We have been recording temperature records since the late 1800’s so this data is well documented and gives us a baseline to go from. These data collections are the result of natural changes with the Earth and human beings making Greenhouse Gases. “A panel convened by the U.S National Research Council, the nation’s premier science policy body, in June 2006 voiced a “high level of confidence” that Earth is the hottest it has been in at least 400 years, and possibly even the last 2,000 years.” (Stanford Solar Center, 2013) But since humans are still to burning fossil fuels, the Earth is steadily warming unnaturally. The Northern most part of the hemisphere has experienced the most major rise in temperature, near 2.5’ Fahrenheit. “Average temperatures in Alaska, western Canada, and eastern Russia have risen at twice the global average, according to the multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report compiled between 2000 and 2004.” (National Geographic, 2014) We all know this CO2 release is coming from our automobiles, factories and burning coal etc. Our way of life is killing mother Earth, we continue to cut down trees pollute our oceans and for what?

This paper is going to breakdown in three major sections giving my conclusions on what, how, why and fixing this Global Warming problem we as a planet face. There are many different factors which can make the warm the planet, but the major contributor is human created carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels.

A huge contributor to global warming is the greenhouse gases that people release into the atmosphere. Majority of the gases released include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and CFCs (chloral floral carbons). The use of natural resources has increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. “However, over the last several hundred years, humans have been artificially increasing the concentration of these gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane in the Earth’s atmosphere.” (Earth Observatory, 2014)

Let’s not forget about another form of global warming like deforestation. Forest grounds are moist, but without protection from tree cover they can dry out. Trees also help spread the water cycle by releasing water vapor back into the atmosphere. If we do not have trees helping with the ecosystem we will soon loose countless specie’s.

Cutting down trees deprives the forest of its canopy, which helps cut down the sun’s rays during the day and retains heat at night. This displacement leads to higher temperatures ranges that can be harmful to plants and animals. Trees also play a critical role in absorbing the greenhouse gases that fuel global warming. Fewer forests means larger amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere and increased speed and severity of global warming.

Thousands of years have since past and the Earth has had a diverse temperature effect without any human influence. This temperature change has been the result of other factors such as: the tilt of the Earth and changes in the levels of gases in the atmosphere. The Earth actually wobbles throughout its solar rotation around the sun. “This wobble in the Earth’s rotation has been causing changes in the temperature of the atmosphere for many millions of years.” (A Cooler Climate (2014) The suns variations in size from the past to present has an ecosystem effect. Scientist believe we are experiencing more and more solar flares that have a negative impact on our atmosphere too.

There is a theory amongst scientist that Global Warming is a “regular life cycle event” but I do not believe this to be true. Even though the Earth had ice ages and warmer temps in the past. Industry throughout the world gives off CO2 and it thickens the atmosphere UV rays are not being able to reflect back into space warming the Earth. A blend of compound atmospheric and ocean sequences which are inevitably driven by changes in solar output. The Earth goes through constant climate change cycles and has done so throughout its history. The exact mechanism is not well understood but appears to be related to the sun plus solar activity. “The ocean and volcanoes are much bigger sources of CO2 and other such greenhouse gases than humans. If the CO2 count is increasing, the influence of man may be minimal.” (Bionomic Fuel, July 16, 2014) The planet is currently in a cool down cycle and will continue to be so for at least a several years because the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. It would only make sense that the last thirty years with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation in its warm phase caused the planet to warm.

I read that people were asking questions like, who would be the most affected by this. And the answer is simple, everyone on the planet will pay a price for Global Warming. Theoretically every living breathing thing can be affected by climate change. Warmer seas means changing currents, which means distorted rainfall amounts on the continents. Plant life will move because of changing rainfall patterns. Insects, trees and animals will move to follow the vegetation and water. If global warming continues, there will be irreversible effects. Effects like erratic weather patterns, sea levels rising, dry waterless areas and ice caps melting. The US alone has millions of people living within a mile of the oceans. The majority of our major cities are located of the coasts or Great Lakes. All of these will be under water and completely useless. The world’s mountain contain some 80% of fresh water in forms of ice and snow. Global Warming would potentially melt this with devastating consequences like massive flooding.

“Urgent action is necessary to combat these effects. We cannot afford to wait as the well-being of you and your children is at stake. It is up to you to take responsibility for your actions.” (A Cooler Climate, 2014) Around the globe, people are taking responsibility and helping reduce CO2 emissions through more efficient environmentally energy resources. Unfortunately the people, who will be affected by Global Warming the most, are the poorer countries. These countries lack proper funding and education to help build finance facilities that can reduce our carbon foot print. Your citizens need to have a good understanding of what can happen when greenhouse gases are not taken seriously. Properly educating everyone will ultimately benefit the planet.

How about free trade being affected? Every nation on Earth has some form of trade going on and you must take in account rising sea levels major trade ports being underwater. Who is going to rebuild all of the sea lanes, rebuild the docks? How about taking in account how are household items like food, water, TV and so on get here. Since the launch of industrialization in the modern world global trade has added to pollution of our environment. Looking at data gathered global trade contributes near as much pollution per capita calendar year as public transportation does. “Effectively combating our planetary climate crisis will require changes to the underlying manufacturing, energy, farming – and trade – systems that are now fueling carbon emissions.” (Greenpeace USA, 2014)

Due to the outsourcing of companies and products nearly every household product in America travels on average over 4500 miles to reach its home, these items are transported by planes, ships or trains all of which burn massive amounts of fossil fuels. The link between Global trade and Global Warming has many ties like burning fuel which creates greenhouse gas and the amount of trade that goes on any given day is unbelievable.

What can we do as regular people do to help reverse this growing problem? There are many easy steps you can do right now to cut global warming pollution. Make sustaining energy a part of your normal routine. Each time you choose a LED light sticker bulb over an traditional bulb, you’ll lower your energy consumption and keep nearly 600 pounds of CO2 out of the air. By purchasing brands with the energy star sticker, this indicates it uses at least 16% less energy than what the federal mandate is over a less traditional models.

Lower cost, reliable cars to help reduce Global Warming gases are available now. From small cars to large trucks, there is no reason not purchase these to help take a step in the right direction fuel cell vehicles can help answer the problem for our future. Hybrids can help eliminate pollution by 1/3 or more and are currently available by every major car manufacturer in the U.S.

Voluntary cutback programs have not been effective at stopping the growing of emissions. Many CEO’s of major corporations have agreed it is time for the governments to step in and create tougher, stouter laws to help combat Global Warming. Here is the and Canada public support is at it all time highest to propose and cap emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases produced from larger power plants (coal burning) and transportation fuels. We should start implementing cleaner cars and electrical generators into widespread use; this will start reducing gas contamination from vehicles and power plants immediately. By doing this we should start pushing and relying more on alternative solutions like wind, solar, geothermal and wave power.

Firmer efficient obligations by appliance manufacturers for electrical appliances will help lower pollution. We need more programs or laws in place like what the Clinton administration implemented in the 90’s. Household central air units/heat pumps must reduce electrical usage by 30% for all new installs. This act will help reduce carbon release by 51 million metric tons a year.

Alternative solutions for power consumption are here and we must start embracing it or Global Warming will not stop. Alternative energy defines all things that do not use or consume fossil fuels. These alternatives are found everywhere and anyone can use the majority of them plus they are eco-friendly. With very small to no pollution why not use them? South Africa is helping lead the way of solar power. They just installed the world’s largest solar farm producing some 18 gag-watts a year. South Africa, like other countries, is trying to reduce CO2 emissions as well as increase its alternative energy solutions.

Wind energy is a very unlimited resource here in the Midwest. A single windmill can supply crop irrigation, pumping water and powering electric lights. Just in Indiana alone we have hundreds of windmill farms all over the state that helps reduce our grid consumption and saves on the release of fossil fuel gases released into the atmosphere.

Geo thermal energy is taking off and it is accessible anywhere on Earth. Geothermal energy means energy drawn or harnessed from beneath the earth. A lot of countries try to use this energy to generate electricity for thousands of homes. Geothermal energy produces no pollution, lowers our dependence on fossil fuels. “Geothermal fields produce only about one-sixth of the carbon dioxide that a relatively clean natural-gas-fueled power plant produces.” (National Geographic 2014)

There are many different ways to use alternative solutions to help reduce our dependence on greenhouse gas producing fuels. Listed above are a few but here are some more to help get you interested; Hydroelectric Energy, Biomass Energy, Ocean Energy and Hydrogen Energy.

In conclusion, we the people of mother Earth must alienate ourselves from fossil fuels, if we are going to stop or reduce the effects of Global Warming. Right now we have a chance to redeem our planet but once we cross a certain line there is no going back. Let’s unite and save the planet.


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