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Research Paper Into Acne

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1353 words Published: 8th May 2017

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Acne is a common skin condition, inflammatory skin or disease characterized by pimples on the face, chest, and back. It occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. That will show the type of acne, how the different creams and meds that people use plus the side effects (That will make a difference to others).

Lindsay and Kayee both used acne cleanser and moisturizers to cure their acne (Which worked on both of them). They both said that after many years or so, their skin cleared up.

The difference was though was Lindsay also used jojoba oil that she mixed with the moisturized, which is on her drier days (Especially in the evenings).Kayee just cleanser and moisturizer. Even though she couldn’t believe it and said “It’s not a fluke.” It toke the amazing difference of it.

Both girls also said they stop using makeup because it kills the skin and gives it a lot of acne and so on. I think that almost every girl stop using makeup ever since they found a way to clean their skin.

Also, as you can tell too that a lot of woman don’t seem to think right away when using acne cream (I’m not saying that they are stupid) because whatever they seem to pick, it doesn’t have Benzoyl Peroxide.

BP is a type of “a chemical incorporated into the polymer of resins to aid in the initiation of polymerization. It’s also an antibacterial, keratolytic drying agent prescribed in the treatment of acne. It doesn’t hurt your skin as much but more tickles but it also depends on the person because it might either irritate the skin or etc.

I been through acne also and I still have. How I know this because I been to the doctors and I had from creams to pills and it don’t work much (Even the pill who made me sick). So I went to proactive and it’s been helping slowly. Let just be thankful that some of us don’t have skin diseases and so on because the skin disease is the more prevalent that affects nearly 17 million people in the United States.

It’s called acne vulgarism or just common acne. Still, that wouldn’t be fun with that and trying to figure out from how you got it to etc. Anyways, did you know that nearly 85% of young people develop acne at sometime between ages 12-25 years? Which usually beings at puberty then worsen during the most occurring of ages 14-18.

However, acne can come at any age from newborns to older adults. It’s more common and severe in males than females. And also true that people continue to have acne outbreaks well into adulthood. Not that I’m surprised about the acne continuing still, even trying to get rid of it, you still get more no matter.

But also, males have more effected of this problem more than females. Yet, I see more females with acne problems more than males. Well, it does seem my guessing was wrong but also, it’s sometimes (not all) right about it.

But also, people are different and get it when they get it. But how do we know how it develops? Well acne originates in the oil or sebaceous glands that lie beneath the surface of the skin. These glands that produce oil and are called sebum are the skin’s natural moisturizer. That helps preserve the flexibility of the hair. This shows the most common of acne places (except for the face) is really the chest, shoulders and back. That has the most sebaceous follicles which are opened into the skin that goes through pores, allowing sebum to reach the hair and skin surface.

The worse type of acne only occurs when the follicles that are infected continue to enlarge (Without any rupturing, nodules, and cysts).

Other acne or microorganisms can be involved also like acne vulgarism that can affect a woman’s face.

Also no inflammatory like white and black heads. White and black heads are quite similar but mostly different because white heads have this plugged follicle that begins to bulge as a small whitish bump, which is underneath the skin mostly.

For black heads, if the comedo opens up, the top surface of the plug darkens as it’s exposed to the air. Acne isn’t a serious health threat. It just causes negatively that causes appearance from teens mostly because of social or etc. It’s also permanent in scarring wise but still, we all go through it. Even though there are creams and meds that can cure some of this stuff or maybe all. They are like millions of creams, moisturizers, etc to make all your acne go away.

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You just need to find the right one and see how it goes. The ones I see a lot or mostly in commercials is proactive and Clearasil that been advertised. There are probably more than those two that are shown around. But still, they are like the only ones (Well except for the one the dermatologist gave me plus the pills) that I used so far that helped my skin. Proactive is definably better because it has helped me plus it gives you the mask plus lotion to relax your skin.

Other people like this girl used Nature’s Cure along with Clearasil because she had an awful time with proactive but still, the other stuff helped her.

Another girl said that proactive worked for her sister and it looked amazing.

Another girl said proactive didn’t work for her so she used Neutrogena cleanser and etc.

So whatever you use really, it would work one way or another.

And you may or may not have clear skin. What causes acne is oil, makeup, stress, hormones, age, gender, hygiene, diet, drugs, etc.

From oil like grease, not watching your hands, your hair, or washing your face it can give your face a lot of oil.

It’s really between your hands and hair that can cause it because if you don’t wash them and you put your hands on your face, you would get acne. Or be your hair that is in your face, without pulling it back or taken care of it can cause acne. But also, it doesn’t always cause this. It’s mostly stress and hormones really.

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Plus puberty because it can take a lot out of you or you’re starting to grow up day by day. Still, it’s most hormones that take the most damage because your changing and as your grow older, (for female) your period stops slowly and it can cause stress along but also, it gets irritating because you got to work a lot or so or just life in general.

Either way, we all go through this (I’m really not sure for male because they are different from us).

In conclusion, No matter how much acne you have or whenever you got to live it forever, we all need to see that whatever happens. And it doesn’t matter what product we use, it doesn’t always work for everyone. No matter if it’s stress or etc, it’s life.

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Benzoyl peroxide


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