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The Influences On Youth Today English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 1926 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Based on this chart is talk about my survey report on the people of the modern era to the age of the cinema. We can know that from this chart of survey report, that show the most of the female at 13 to 18 years old are more likely to watching movies at cinema. And the female above 19 to 25 years old are less to watch movies at cinema, that is because most people between this age are having a job and they are busy in their working so that why are few of the female in this age to watch movies at cinema. The male in between 13 to 18 years old is less than half of the males like to watch movies at cinema because they more likely to go to cyber café sit down and play the computer games with friends. The age of the males between 19 to 25 years old normally is like to watch movies at cinemas but they only go at when they are free or off day of the job. Compare the age and the number of the female and male in my survey, the most in age 13 to 18 years old is more likely to watch movies at cinema and they most are agree that cinemas play an important part in the lives of the youths of the world now, especially the female they are strongly agree that. And they had learn more good things when they watch movies at the cinema, because have some movies are show the social problem in nowadays, and they can learn a lot of communication when they watching movies. And most the age in 19 to 25 years old, the people between in this age is normally willing to watch movies in cinema, because have some people say that cinema is so expensive for them, and cinema had spend their time. They more likely to spend their time at working and stay at home for rest when they are free or day off of their job.

1.1.1 Report of Survey conducted to research the influences on youth today III

Based on this chart, I had done a research on movies goers about how cinema influences youth today. Over 60% people are agree the cinemas are playing an important part in the lives of youth of the world, and 17% people are going to be neutral and disagree. I had asking a questions about the youths spending more time watching movies, have over 50% people agree this question we ask, and 27% of people neutral, only 17% of people are disagree the youths are spending their time in cinemas. 60% people agree watching movies in the cinema is expensive but only 10% of the people aren’t agree watching movies in cinemas is expensive. Have above 40% of people are thought watching movies in the cinema is better than buying pirated discs, because buy an original pirated disc is expensive than watching at cinemas. Only few percent of people more likely buy the pirated discs watching at home. Have 33% of the people are agree cinemas should encourage more educational movies, because nowadays the youths are like to watching movies at cinemas, so that cinemas can take this opportunity to transmit some education of social to the youth. And 30% of people have learn more good things when they watching movies, because some the movies is encourage a good situation and culture. And 40% of the people agree the cinemas help a lot in reducing study stress among youth that is because watching movies at cinema is an entertainment to the youth for spending their time. Have 50% of the people are agree movies played at the cinema create fantasies for youth.

1.2 Conclusion

In my conclusion, movie is a mass media and a lot of people interested in watching movies to spend their time, it is the pass time activity for most of the youth. At cinema they can learn a lot of good things as well as bad things by watching movies. As they are all know it is a time pass event, so they were not get more impact with it but sadly got some people are getting the addicted with the movies and heroes and following their activity in their real life. However, cinema is playing an important part in the live of youth of the world now and cinema can be an entertainment activity for the youth.


2.0 Question 2

Law KahMun

23, Jalan Medan,

Taman Gemilang,

32110, Ipoh.


Dato’ Sri MohdNajib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak

55, Jalan Sultan,

Taman Seri,

33350, Ipoh,

Perak. 22 October 2012

Dear Sir,

The teaching of Science and Mathematicsin English.

English makes up the main teaching language in schools for mathematics and science subjects. However, English is usual language around of the world, so that important to everyone. In Malaysia, our English education is being weak and lacking, students have to improve their English communicate and the knowledge. English must be in form better teaching; we should be having more classes or more subjects in English to improve their language knowledge. Another hand, English language is using everyday life in classroom and use at anywhere or maybe uses English to make a conversation with other people from others countries. Thus, English language should be implemented to all the students and teacher before they could learn and teach science and mathematics effectively. Implement English language in subject science and mathematics it is convenient to giving students a good basically english language knowledge and students can easily to adapt this two subject because almost company are using English to operation the work and the name of science and mathematics is all in English.

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2. English is inspecting an important language for immediate acquisition of knowledge in the subject of science and mathematics. In addition, is only Malaysia willing to use Malay language to teaching science and mathematics this two subject , because in this two subject is most to use English education for the teaching.Here have news about the teaching of science and mathematics in English, Malaysia has taught science and mathematics in English since 2003, when former Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad implicate English language in the two subjects of science and mathematics, he was to improved their English and employability.The students in rural district who are mainly in Malay, they are most suffered to learn this two subject of science and mathematics because theirEnglish proficiency was low.The Associated Press quoted Education Minister MuhyiddinYassin as saying. He said the government would to recruit more teachers and increase English classes in an effort to improve English levels in schools. A professor head of the school of arts and social sciences at Monash University in Malaysia call James Chin, he had said the resolution also became a political issue. And he said they decided to buckle under the pressure from the Malay nationalists who argue that by teaching students in English you are neglecting the position of the national language, so that think what it shows is that the Malay nationalists feel that U.M.N.O. is very weak so that they can force U.M.N.O. to do a lot of thing.

3. In this case, I’m proposal using English to teaching these subjects of science and mathematics. Nowadays, English has set up itself as the most important language for trade as well as to learn it. So that is why how importance in learning Englishevery day. Hence now already taught English in science and mathematics, students are to be used the English in science and mathematics, so it’s shouldn’t to change the language because most of the reference books are written in English.For example, a company is also use the term of mathematics in English, because that is easy expand to the outside world, this is importance in the business district where the business to develop a business or produces their data of the business, so it is important if the person wants to stay competitive in job fields. Thus, it is a very good way to learn science and mathematics in English as all the students can manage with their future studies.On top of that, government should be continue teaching science and mathematics in English and won’t make it difficult for the students or it can comply with any jobs for further about these two subjects and students can adapt more easily to any university especially the overseas university.

4. As our standard of English language dropped significantly, government should to treat this as opportunities for the students to brush up their knowledge of the language instead of protesting about it. Moreoverthey may not be geniuses, but at least they can improve their language to be well by studying both subjects in English.Consequently, canmake their English better and obtain an advantage of using the same term in higher learning and references or the students have a chance to learn more about the international language of English. However, many parents and employers are also required to use English teaching both of these subjects, if the government taught Malay language in the subjects it is difficult to survive in the private sector for future.Further, many parents and employers strongly agree government to use english in both of these subject it is because Malayessentially only in the kampongs. Thence, fluent command of English is extremely essential to keep the nation competitive. If teachingin English will make Malaysia stay competitive in the international arena and seeing students have a great opportunity for future expansion, try to venture at others country mot only in Malaysia.

5. English language can be enhancing the skills of science and mathematics and to enable science teachers to teach effectively using English as the medium of instruction.News aboutthe past 15 years, 90 per cent of our students cannot get into UAE universities without foundation years to improve their English, which is eating into 30 per cent of the budget of higher education institutions, so that talk about the students weak in English language is hard to study in a good university and difficult to adapt because they were weak in English but the university is most taught English language in written and references books forasmuch the students cannot keep up their scores.

Hope Imost honorable Prime Minister willing to caution considersour proposal.

Thank you

Your Faithfully,



2.1 Conclusion

In my opinion, I’m proposing the government provide taught English language in teaching science and mathematics. That is because in Malaysia most students are having a weak standard in English. Teachers and school should be improve their English knowledge and balance the standard with language level. In now a day, Malaysia pupils are going to venture into others country or leave their hometown to go to others university for study and do a successful business, but if their basic is lower they are hard to adapt the university that is there is using higher English level and hard to understand the documents when they should write a report. As a result of, government should give students a good basic in English from primary school, so that students can extension their life of future.On top of that, the English language is generally considered as an international language in the lingua franca of the global community.However, this study can to improve the further by including all schools in Malaysia and promote the national level of education and culture.


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