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Transferable Personal Skills Development

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A better definition of transferable skills would include a wide range of different skills that are not only useful for a wide range of jobs, but will also equip students for a productive career as a research scientist. Critically evaluating data; being able to write clearly and effectively in a range of styles; communicating via formal presentations or the media; networking and managing your time effectively are skills that are useful in many different jobs. Building a core competency in these areas will also certainly make you a better scientist.

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It is also important to recognise that your role as a researcher will change dramatically as you progress from student, to research assistant and beyond. In this respect learning about the process of getting published; how to write grants that will get funded and how to manage finances and lead teams of scientist are all indispensable in smoothing the transition to become a Principal Investigator or PI. Although these might not seem to be the most ‘transferable’ of skills, the everyday activities of a PI are so radically different from a student who works at the lab bench that it is effectively a completely different job.


Application of Number

Information Technology

Working with Others

Improving Own Learning and Performance

Problem Solving



Public speaking

Literature view:

‘The Government is content for the Authority to mount a small scale pilot of different means of independently assessing these Key Skills. However, I remain sceptical about the feasibility of such independent assessment, and would see such work as having a lower order of priority than either the work on the first three Key Skills or on developing the wider Skills through Progress File.’

‘The transferable skills that employers identify tend to be those that support organisational performance. They may be identified as follows:

Interpersonal skills

Communication skills

Self-management skills

Intellectual skills

It is easy to identify occupationally relevant skills acquired through training and education but much more difficult to pinpoint transferable skills.’

‘We are social animals and need the input from and interaction with others to function effectively as individuals.’

‘One of the most significant ways in which communication can influence individual behaviour is through its ability to change individual perceptions and perceptual bias.’

Transferable skills are important skills which individuals should possess, not only for the purpose of academic programmes of study, but also for that of operating effectively within one’s job role in the workplace. Transferable skills can be seen to be that which are somewhat fundamental skills which benefit individuals with the task at hand. A good example of this is the ability to work well in a team- this is something which is important both when studying and having a job.

Case study:

PDP is a process of reflecting and recording my experiences to help me to make the most of my time at Guildhall. It provides a range of specific, targeted techniques that I can use to:

gain new perspectives on my studies, career and life in general

monitor and record my talents and achievements

identify goals and plan my term-time study workload and/or my future career

help me present my skills and accomplishments to prospective employers.

The outcomes of PDP should be:

greater understanding of how much progress I’ve made in all areas of my course

better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses by both me and my Tutor

clearer understanding of what I need to do next

agreement on setting goals and targets

an action plan that summarizes all this.

My academic studies, whilst being the primary part of my experience at Guildhall, are not the ‘whole package’. Some of the most significant changes I’ll encounter will be in the area of personal development. My horizons – geographical, cultural and intellectual – will be broadened by the experience of studying in Guildhall’s international environment, and by the extra-curricular activities and opportunities you choose to pursue.

If this is my first time away from home, living and studying in Guildhall will encourage me to be more independent, self-confident, and resourceful, better at managing my time and your money, and better at working with others. In a word, more mature.

If I are a mature student, I am already likely to have some experience of skills mapping, reflective practice, learning styles, career planning, CV and interview technique. The decision to return to education may have been step one of my career plan. It is still of benefit to reassess your goals from time to time.

Very simply, acquiring basic competency across a range of transferable skills will make me better equipped for any career you chose to follow. Unless you are naturally gifted at everything you do, everyone can benefit from some well structured and focussed training courses. It’s also clear that gaining a range of transferable skills is important in finding your next job. Several surveys of employers have found that although PhD graduates were technically proficient, highly motivated, and resourceful, they needed additional training on “soft skills” such as working in a team, communication, and career planning.

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Learning Outcome:

If I say something about myself two years before I have come to London for studying with the different people in a different environment. At the begging time I had less able to communicate with the other countries people and another thing is that education system is different. Day by day I am trying to develop my communication skill.

Besides, I am working a part time job in the Burger king which is most popular fast food shop in the Europe. I started there as a sales assistant. I have to communicate with the various kinds of customers. I have to manage so many situations. After few months later I become a Supervisor. I have to manage all my staff, ordering the delivery, receiving the delivery, managing the worst situation.

So I can say communication skill and time managing those are the two most affect full transferable skill I have achieved to get the success. Always I try to attend in my class in time and my work place. That is why I can get the entire lesson in the class and I got the reputation in my work place because of time maintaining. I never be defocus depending on time management. Another thing is that for my well communication skill I can discuss about my study with teachers and my class mates as well as I can manage my all the staffs and the customers in the shop.


In addition to these good reasons for spending some time acquiring transferable skills, I will also find that they are an important topic at the Institute. Indeed, I will hear your supervisor and the Education Support team mention transferable skills regularly. This is because there is now a requirement for students to spend ten days per year on transferable skills training and without doing this we can’t complete our PhD.


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