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The Roles And Responsibility Of A Teacher

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This report is designed to help an individual who wishes to be employed in the teaching field. The main focus of this report will be on primary school teaching. The report will talk about the key entry requirements that are needed, the key issues and policies that are usually required and a summary on what would make this profession considered an attractive occupation and why it would be recommended.


The report is designed to help any individual to know what they are looking for when deciding to join the professional field of primary teaching.


The methods that were use to find information on the topic was mainly from internet sources, books and journal,


The Roles and Responsibility of a teacher:

The roles and the responsibilities that a teacher must have are that they must be able to maintain a professional manner when working with children. They also must have a high expectation from the parent and the children. The parents ask that their child do very good compared to other school. The teacher must also have the updated knowledge of any up coming or current polices regarding the children. (Teachernet.gov.uk/ Standards 2007) According to Teachernet (2007) it also explains that the teacher must also have the ability to work together as a team and must also be expected to work longer hours if required. They also must be able to use different ranges of strategies to help develop children abilities. Like help develop knowledge and understanding for example. Support those who need guidance on their learning methods. Establish safe environments for everyone; ensure what is happening in the classroom and outside as well. They must have a good knowledge of literacy and numeracy skills and IT skills as well.

Teachers must also mark assessments to the correct requirement and make sure that the marking is approved by the second marker.

Entry Requirement for the teacher:

To become a teacher the standard entry requirement that a person must have is GCSE five A- C in Maths, English and Science. A CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and experience with working with children. These are the standard that the person working towards teaching must have.

The next stage would be to achieve a QTS Qualified Teacher Status – by doing ITT – Initial Teacher Training. There are several routes to ITT.

Postgraduate path

With a degree or similar in a relevant subject for the primary National Curriculum, a PGCE – Postgraduate Certificate of Education – could be a good route. You can study by distance learning on a flexible basis, two years part-time or one year full-time.

SCITT – School-Centred Initial Teacher Training

SCITT is a classroom-based training programme taking one year and normally leading on to the PGCE qualification. You need a degree to qualify.

Employment-based routes

You could gain QTS in a school while working on a trainee salary along a programme shown below:

GTP – Graduate Teacher Programme – (you must have a degree)

– RTP – Registered Teacher Programme – (you must have degree, BTEC HND or two years of a degree)

OTTP – Overseas Trained Teacher Programme – (you must have a non-EU teaching qualification equivalent to a UK degree).

The number of employment-based programme places is limited and a great deal of competition exists.

(Careerguide.com 2010)

There also will be training requirement throughout the person career. It can depend on what the person needs help on.

Government Policies and Issues

One current issue that the teachers are facing is the abolishing of the SATS. There have been talks about how the government wishes to get rid of the year Six SATS. In the Teachers Nut magazine Dec 09, it gives an article about how the teachers wanted to boycott the Sats as they felt that the children are given too much pressure.

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An article written by Sarah Lyons in Nut magazine 09, shows a survey where they found the latest teacher workload and how much they are tackling it. The survey looks at the different ranges that the teacher must do. One of the common problems that arose was that the teachers had excessive workload and that there was a limit of 48hrs and that the teachers were going well above to fit all of these. Also there was an issue of amount of task that they were given to fit and try to get the student to do.

Every Child Matters 2004 (ECM) is a green paper which shares programmes to help support and improve the outcomes of young children from the ages 0-19 years. With this it provides how the child should be treated in schools and make sure that they are safe wherever they are. Although it is a law paper, it is really useful as it can help contribute the relationship between the teacher and student, because if the child is feeling insecure it can encourage the child to talk to the teacher.

In the journal written by Johnston 99, the number of males entering the primary teaching field has decrease compared to female. They explain that the male are more pressure to be seen in a more masculine field as the teaching field is more feminine, as the teaching field need more of a caring environment which tend to be more female This make the males feel that they have to compete for a position which they must show that they can be caring as a female. The journal explains how men feel pressured into more masculine roles as teaching has been stereotyped as a female field. As a result these cause men to feel that they have to compete for the position, which they must need to show that they are caring just like women.

Curtis, 2009 explains that the head teachers of primary schools are asking parents to not believe the league tables as it is it is not reliable. This is because the table shows some of the children potential. Primary teachers are complaining that the children are not being shown their full potential. It also shows the difference between schools and undermine their child education as other students would resort to bullying when they find that the student go to a bottom school.

The media is putting pressure on the teachers as they are complaining that the students are not doing well. They are making the teachers feel that they are not given the students the best and are only there to make money. Because in the Daily Mail 2010, an article explained that the teachers are having to put up with more children as the classrooms are really small and that the teachers are having problems looking after more then 30 children in a class, which then makes it creates more issues as the teacher is finding it more difficult to teach as they will not be able to help the child to their full potential as different child will need different help.


Why is teaching primary school a good profession when there are so many issues and many policies to learn?

Teaching is a good professional field to go into as it gives a person something to give back. Becoming a teacher means that you will be able to challenge yourself and make use of all the skill you have learnt throughout your years.

It also means that you will be able to express yourself and will learn to work together with teams. Becoming a teacher will help you become focus and make you independent. Becoming a teacher will help you be proud of your student, when you see them giving you smiles when they have achieved something. Also as a career, there are opportunities that can mean that you can move up the ladder. Also, the pay rate increases as you move up and the starting rate is from £20,000 per year and moves onwards.

Another reason why this is a good professional is that as a teacher you will be able to learn new development and policies, that it will be very handy and you will be contently constantly learning training new things to improve your skills.

Becoming a teacher will mean that you will have a job security and will be able to travel the world and help teach other students as well, also it will make you feel younger and livelier with the children. You also get the summer term and any other main holiday as well. And also teach new subjects that you may have not known about. Becoming a teacher is fun and will make you enjoy your life. It will also make you please that you are able to teach others and make them feel proud of themselves.


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