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The Role of Education in a Developing Country

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Education means a form of learning in which knowledge, skills and habits are transferred from on generation to the nest generation. The education of a person starts when he born. At the early stage the most important teachers of a child are his parents and specially his mother’s. Because one mothers can teach his child best. As there are three levels of education primary, secondary and tertiary.

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One always quickly consider that for the developmental role of education in a country the tertiary level is important, but I think that for better future the bass means start is important and the start of a child’s education is within his mother’s hands. So the nations or countries are by build by mothers, if he teacher child well then it is impossible that country can’t developing.

The education plays a great role in developing country in every field. It plays like a model role in the development of one country if the people of a country are educated then they can easily helps them in development.

In the earlier stages the peoples are talented, so that they invent many ideas and think much more but due to lake of education they can’t prove them much more. At that time they have no laboratories in which they can prove their ideas. But now the world which is developing are used their ideas and thinking. It is due to education that they are developed so that they can prove the thinking of past scientists.

Education is the driving force for the national development and economic growth are very strongly depends on the education and these both are playing great role in developing a country. The nations are build by education economic growth can be increased, if the peoples of a country are educated they can easily grow up the national economy because then they can better knows the economic principles and rules and can think about them easily if they are educated.

Education gives people the skills they need to help themselves out of poverty or, in other words, into prosperity. If one got education then he is able to a better job then a labor’s work. He is ale to do a government job or any other private job and can show their skills which are helpful in developing a country. There is huge difference between an educated and uneducated person, an uneducated can’t show his ideas and skills better than an educated person. He is always beyond the educated one. Hence it is the education which can leads a person from poverty into prosperity.

As we know that the agriculture plays a very important role in the development of a country. The education plays a great role in the field of agriculture. If we gives the education of agriculture to the students then they can perform better in the agriculture field, they can invent the new ideas which improve the rate of agriculture and their quality. Nowadays the nation gives a chances to the student to study about the agriculture which is very good process because if the new talent know the advantages of agriculture in the role of country then they can solve all the problems in the field of agriculture if they study the agriculture. And by this way if the agriculture of a country is healthy then that country can perform better in the competition of advancement in the world. Therefore the education plays a great role in agriculture which is very important for the development of country.

Education plays great role on health. As if the peoples of a country are healthy then they can work hard and good. They can think positively and perform his duty better than any sick person if the peoples of a country are educated then they can take health care and cleanliness. They can take his health care better than an uneducated person by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of that action that they want to done. They never want to do anything which is harmful for his health. And due to this reason they can take health care and can perform better in developing a country.

For the development of a country, the medical field is necessary. One country should have advanced his medical field for the development of a country. Nowadays the ratios of doctor’s are increasing gradually. The doctors can play a great role in developing a country. They can control the health of people of a country. if they work hard then they can invent new ideas and processes of different diseases. If the doctors of a one country are talented and invent new ideas about the health and in medical field they can play a great role in developing a country. The development of a country in medical field are within the doctors hands, if they work hard then they can achieve all the targets that are face nowadays in a country.

The role of religion in the development of a country can plays a great role. The religion has great effects on nations. One country can know him in the world y religion. Actually the nations are building by religions. The religion of one country can united the peoples. They can live in a unity by the religion. The religion and culture plays a great role in a country, they can attract the peoples of other countries and also have effect on non-Muslims. The countries can develop by remaining his cultural and religions relations. Similarly all type of education, the religious education plays a good role in developing a country. Hence we should also take interest in religious education.

It is necessary to familiarize students to the technology and modern living and careers and in the development of country. if the students knows that what and how technology helps in the development of a country and they are thought about the technology then they can make advanced from them and can play a great role because nowadays the student are talented and can achieved the targets. The technology can become country prosperity; they play a huge role in the developing countries.

The one of the most important thing which plays an important role in developing a country is AN ART. The art of one country should develop a country. All subjects like technology, medical and engineering, the arts has its own importance. By arts one country can remain continues his culture and history. Nowadays the nations are developing by arts.

“Art enables us to find ourselves or lose ourselves at the same time.” Arts include many branches which help in developing a country. Mostly they include media, painting, designing and many more which helps much nowadays in developing a country. Like other types of education the art also have some value in developing a country. It is due to arts that the countries lead one another. So we should also give a time to study arts because it plays a great role in developing a country.

In general all levels of education are important but the most important one is tertiary level, which Includes College, university and higher education. In this stage the students have to face many difficulties and learn more about the every field of life. Also within the teen ages a child have sharp mind so they can learn every thing in every field. In other words they can think both positively and negatively and they can show a good result in both field. So here the education plays important role to teach a child that what is right and what is wrong? If they have to teach well means teach positively then they can shows a good result in developing a country. So that’s the reason that tertiary level of education plays an important role in the development of country.

Education teaches us that how one can live his life better. He teaches us about the relationships and manner of leaving in a society then in country and in a world at global level. He teaches us the difference between that how can leave our life better and prevent ourselves from bad societies.

An education is a basic necessity for any country’s development and helps us in teaching that how we can improve the culture of peace. Due to education we can improve our technology and mostly our defense technology by which we can secure our country. if the peoples of a country are educated then the other countries want a relationship with that country by which we can improve the business with other countries and can improve the income of our country, and can leads our country at the top of world’s country list.

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The country or nation’s systems are by one person which is known as leaders of that country. Now if the leaders of a country are well educated and qualified then they can control all the system of that country very well. They can think positive and can compete with another country easily in the field of development and prosperity of a country.

They can easily perform his functions and duties under the rules and equality with every person, otherwise if the leaders of a country are uneducated then they can’t control the system well, they can’t give justice to every one. They can’t take any information about the modern world .They can’t compete with another countries in the field of development. Hence there is a great difference between an educated and uneducated leader. This is only educated leader who can perform every duty of a country well.

Every field of education has its own importance in the development of a country. Like other subjects engineering also plays great importance. Nowadays all the factories and industries work due to engineering. Due to engineering the most difficult and time consuming works are become short, due to machine and new technology we are able to done it in a very short time. Due to engineering the countries are even able to become an atomic bomb. They invent many new technologies all most in every fields which can work easily and time saving. One nation can become better from another one on the basis of technologies. So the education is necessary for seeding the technical education like engineering because they can play a great role in developing a country and helps them to become superior in the world.

There are some difficulties that we face now it the field of education also which creates problems in developing a country. The most important challenges in the field of education are acknowledgment. The peoples don’t know the importance of education. They don’t understand his importance. The second thing is that, there is a lot of poverty in a country due t which we face challenges in the field of education. The people can’t found something for his food then how can how got education and become a pillars in the development of a country. After that one of the problem is corruption due to which we can’t got opportunity by which we can go higher education and can help in developing a country.

Those countries who know the importance of education, so they first prefer to got education. Also there are some countries in which all the students can’t get education in the universities. So they give scholarships to someone’s who are talented and they got education on free of cost. Those countries first prefer to get education because they know that there is nothing which helps in developing a country more than education.

Therefore the education plays a great role in a country. They help in the every field of life. It informs us in about the every thing after this is in our control that how we use that thing. We can use them positively or negatively. If we want to develop a country then we should be use it positively.

Education seeks us that what and how and how many one thing develop a country. it shows all the advantages and disadvantages about that thing. Education helps us to teach one thing first and then we can use it in developing a country.

Hence the education plays a huge and a great role in developing a country. Due to this the Diogenes Caertius says that “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth”.


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