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The importance of planning and schedule for teaching

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Teachers arks question. I do not understand. because teaching was not clear. Teaching is a complex situation that the student does not understand the question of why teachers includes several factors such as

1. Because of lack of prepare or teaching. Lesson Planning.

2. Because no teacher to teach psychology.

3. Because teachers do not teach technique

1.Lesson Planning.

                Lesson Planning. A priority of teachers. The instructor know in advance that what is taught. For any purpose any instruction on what the media and assessing the manner in which the ready before teaching. The teachers plan to teach correct principles would contribute to confidence in teaching To teach the content covered. Teaching guidelines and goals. And to teach the values to students, so teachers will need to have a better understanding. About the meaning, significance, nature steps of preparation and planning principles of teaching. As well as the characteristics of a good lesson. So that the learning process to set goals effectively.

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The meaning of instructional planning.

                Planning a teaching program, teaching all placed in a pre-course exam. To help teachers to organize teaching and learning process according to the aim of the course is placed. So the lesson plan must include details of specific programs such as the intended concepts / principles of instructional content and learning activities. Instruction media Assessment / evaluation. And the period of the teaching. Everything must be included with the lesson plans organized.

                Planning, teaching preparation before teaching. To achieve the learning objectives defined. Using data from the Survey of the problem, analyze the content, resources, analysis of the concept of learning objectives and learning activities and teaching evaluation. Then write out the plan in the form of lesson plans.

                Lesson Planning. The activity of thinking and doing before the teacher started teaching any one subject. Typically consists of the goal. Content selection. The activities of teaching and learning of textbook selection, evaluation and documentation of equipment, printing course syllabus.

                From the above definition was considered that Meaning that describes the activities and information will be used for planning instruction. It was concluded that the meaning of the teaching plan is to provide instruction in writing in advance. To guide instruction for teachers. This will help to achieve the learning objectives set forth effectively.

          Information that teachers need to plan for such teaching.

          1. For the purpose.

          2. The selection of content.

          3. To the teaching and learning activities.

          4. The selection of instructional media.

          5. Assessing.

         Teachers should provide this information, a continuous line. For the purpose of bringing into practice.

The importance of planning for teaching.

                Lesson Planning. The work of teachers. Teaching success as well, or not much. Depending on the teaching plan is another key. If teachers are planning to teach well, it was already half goals to achieve. Lesson Planning is important as many.

                1. The teachers teach with confidence, when confidence in teaching would be taught with a facility Follow the sequence of steps Uninterrupted because I have prepared everything ready. Teaching will be carried to the intended destination completely.

                2. Making it a valuable teaching worth over time. Because teachers are teaching plans, goals and direction in teaching. Teaching is not a metaphysical Students will receive the knowledge, attitude, skill and thought the experience as a teaching plan. This makes it a valuable teaching and learning.

                3. To meet the instructional program. This is because in the planning of teaching. Teachers must be graduates from both the purpose of teaching content to teaching, learning and teaching activities. The use of instructional media. And assessing. Then make out a lesson plan. When teachers teach the lesson. It would make the teaching to meet the goals and direction of the course.

                4. To achieve the teaching, effective teaching is better than no plan, because in the planning of teaching teachers need to plan carefully for all components of teaching. Including establishment of time, place and other facilities that will facilitate the learning is a convenient and easier, so when planning instruction carefully and follow the lesson plan laid down. Effects of success would be better not plan to teach.

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                5. The teachers have documented a reminder. Can be used as a guide to teaching. Prevent the duplication of review and the way in or out through an assessment test to measure the learners. In addition to the teaching document provides guidance to those who teach in case needed. When teachers can not teach itself. Students will gain knowledge and experience continuous

                6. Makes the good attitudes toward school and teachers to classes. This is because the instructor. Along with teaching. As well as the psychological. And the availability of the material. Psychological readiness is confident in teaching Because teachers have prepared carefully taught. The availability of the material is. The teachers have prepared documents or materials to teach with only a. When the instructor ready to teach. Small teach with clear Make students understand clearly the lesson. And result in the student attitudes toward the instructor and the classes.

Styles Lesson Planning.

                Planning to teach teachers to teach something that will teach how to teach at any time how much What the teaching of some And assessing how Therefore, in the planning of teaching to get to know such information. Must be prepared in two stages.

                Step 1. Prepared teaching schedule.

                Step 2. Prepared lesson plans.

                Initially, the instructor must prepare a schedule before teaching. The content analysis of course descriptions. When preparation and teaching schedule. Therefore the teaching schedule as a guide for lesson plans. Therefore, teachers should know the nature of teaching schedule. And lesson plans, which are as follows.

Teaching schedule.

                This course is scheduled to document every teacher will have to use as a basis for planning teaching Held a long-term planning of teaching throughout the semester. Or an entire academic year without much detail.

The meaning of the teaching schedule.

                Teaching is teaching schedule or plan instructional programs. Made from the curriculum and teachers guide. Or teaching approaches of the Department. Contents are the essence of the teaching period and weekly throughout the semester. Or an entire academic year the teachers know that every semester that Each week will have some teaching content. Which activities and in many lessons.

                The importance of the teaching schedule.

                Teaching schedule is long-term planning. Which need to be completed before school begins or a new academic year. Scheduling is important because it taught the following.

                1. A guide for the teacher’s lesson plan is to prepare lesson plans need to see the main course is scheduled. Because it indicates the instruction set that. Each day of the week will be teaching any of the content or activities will teach the content of the lesson plan to teach each day, each day, each subject was taught to match the schedule.

                2. You were taught to see the long-term plans. Know the content to be taught throughout the semester that is useful in preparing and planning work throughout the semester or an entire academic year.

                3. Is useful to academic and management of the school in planning executive. Academic school, such as planning a schedule. Placed teachers. Documentation. Prepare final exam day Exam Preparation Materials. Prepare the library. Preparation classes. Preparation of various buildings and so on.

Teaching techniques.

            Technique is to use strategies that extra step process, method, or any action to help the G process, algorithm or other action. Quality and more effective teaching techniques, so it means strategies that use supplementary teaching process. Instruction method of teaching or conducting Of any teaching. To help the teaching quality and more efficient, such as in a lecture the instructor may use various techniques. That can help to describe the quality and more efficient, such as for example the use of G media questions etc.

Teaching skills.

            Teaching is the ability to practice teaching areas. Skillfully covering. Planning, teaching and learning. Instructional design. Learning and Teaching. Approach to teaching techniques and teaching style system of teaching materials and evaluation of teaching and learning. Including the use of concepts and principles of learning and teaching various

Innovative teaching

            New innovation is made. Which may be in the form of thoughts or actions. Therefore, innovations or inventions, various means of teaching are concepts or new inventions. That can be used in the teaching and learning. This could be something completely new or partially new. Or may be in one context or over time. Or maybe something new is in the process of proving test. Or have been accepted to, but not widely used or as part of normal operation.

3. Psychology teaching

Definition of Psychology: Psychology is the subject of human behavior overall. To understand the causes of such behavior. In order to help predict and control such behavior. Functions of psychologists is to find the cause of their behavior, studying the factors that have caused what. To understand such behavior. Once an understanding of the causes of behavior. It can lead to expectations. Control and prevent the development of such behavior. As appropriate. Psychology of Human Development. Will help to know that What factors affect the development of human resources. Which can predict and define development in the direction the target is a valuable and beneficial to all parties.

Psychology of Human Development helps students understand themselves. Know the capabilities of their own that are much different from the others in any Recognize strengths and weaknesses. As well as ways to develop their own best to understand the relationship between people in a family environment. Social work education and literacy change all its forms and to manage the variability


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