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A study into the effectiveness on Homeschooling

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Wordcount: 1011 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In the information age, knowledge is one of the most powerful forces in society. At the same time, home schooling is becoming increasingly prevalent at an amazing rate. As to the function of it, there is a long-running controversial debate. Some people support that home schooling is a popular alternative to traditional educational environment. However, others stand on a very different ground. This phenomenon is often brought into public focus.

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As we know, home schooling means children are educated at home. Their parents play a significant role in the teaching tasks. They can be seen as the teachers at school. Since the human produced the family, home schooling was generated. The education that all people receive consists of home schooling with school education and social education. Home schooling happens between family members, because of that, home schooling is initially, lasting and it around the people who are educated. Home schooling has a great influence on human beings.

To a large extent, this situation is desirable with its many positive aspects. Home schooling affects children’s physiology and psychology. In the physiological aspect, the families provide the material lives of their children. Families influence children’s growth and can establish children’s life habits, and so on. In the psychological aspect, families could guide the personality of their children. The personality, will and character of children are not inborn: they need to be cultivated by their families, especially in the early stage of education and family environment. Families make the greatest impressions of the growth of their children, and also they are initiative and authoritative.

Home schooling could develop the confidence of children. Home schooling is different with school education. Home schooling need children just compare with themselves. During the growth of children, no one has the same life, so the parents should take the advantages and disadvantages as a key point in order to their children grow up.

School education has a lot of homework. Excessive homework is encroaching on children’s free time and family time, making it difficult for them to engage in activities that are important for their full development (McReynolds 2007). But home schooling doesn’t have homework. Children can do anything what they want to do in the free time.

On the other hand, some countries offer some conveniences for home schooling. For example, Canada’s government provides all the courses for the different levels of students, so the parents could use these materials to teach their children. Even though these students do not go to school, they still can send their homework to the school office to examine and their results will be kept in the files. The government also takes charge of these students. These students could take part in any public examination and the results will be admitted. Moreover, the most important is the university will acknowledge the results of home schooling.

However, some people hold a different attitude, arguing that school education is better than home schooling. Firstly, in the objective of education, school education clearly reflects the requirement of students, and school education is scientific, clear and explicit. Because of that, the purpose of education is always subjective. Secondly, the comparing with the system, school education has its own organization and financial support. The school education has relatively independent system. And it can keep the stability and persistence of education. Nevertheless home schooling cannot achieve that. Thirdly, school education has strong to sense of organization, and home schooling is unable to do that.

The comparing school education and home schooling, school education has wider range than home schooling. The students in the school can meet different people from the same age, and they should know how to communicate with each other so as to improve their social skills. However, the students just talk with the people they know in home schooling, they cannot develop their social skills and they might be become unsociable.

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It is a process that the children grow to an adult. There is a vital feature of process, which could not develop without communicate with companion. Even an excellent adult cannot replace the impact of companionship. Many people presume that a homeschooled child is unhealthily sequestered at home, away from normal social interaction in the broader community (Carlson 2009). Someone may say that the internet is increasing rapidly and home schooling will not have any barriers. It is not true because the internet cannot displace face to face communication, particularly the education of children is active and visualized. It cannot be replaced by machines.

Even if the family environment is very good, students cannot realize these experiences when they are in school. School education is more interesting than home schooling. Meanwhile, the school is like a little social, that help children grow up and their abilities can be tested. The abilities and senses of the students are difficult to develop when they graduate from the schools.

In my opinion, school education is the education of scientific culture, while home schooling is the education of the life value. To compare both of them, I think home schooling is more effective than school education. A person who does not have a positive outlook on life, on the world and on value, they will not bring benefit to the society. Even if they have scientific culture, they might bring harm to society. For example, some terrorists have high intelligence and are ability to create missiles, this behavior could harm the safety of society.

All in all, I admit home schooling also brings disadvantages. For example, home schooling doesn’t have its own organization and financial support. But in many aspects, its merits obviously outweigh its drawbacks.


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