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The Educational Curriculum In The Philippines Education Essay

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Wordcount: 1091 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The educational curriculum in the Philippines is low compared to other countries. Other countries are able to learn more advanced subjects and they are able to learn them properly. The reason why other countries are ahead of us in the educational aspect is because of the K12. K12 is a prolonged educational program that allows the students to learn more advanced subjects. Adding K12 to the curriculum will enhance the education of the country because schools will not need to quicken the learning process of the students, will learn more advanced subjects and will provide greater employment options. This essay will tackle the impact of changing the curriculum to K12. This essay will show why the Philippines is in need of a better curriculum. This essay will also discuss how K12 will affect the learning capabilities of the students, will tackle the advantages of K12 and the effects of it to the students and to the country.

Naturally, the known definition of K12 is a 13-year educational program from kindergarten until high school. Recently, it has been proposed to be used. By changing our curriculum, students will surely have a higher standard of education. DepEd proposed this program to enhance the learning capabilities of the students.

K12 provides students, as well as the country, many privileges with more time for students to study and understand their lessons; they will be able to do better in their exams. The students will be able to attain better education that will give them more job opportunities. Another reason why the Philippines has one of the lowest qualities of education in the world is because students are not given the right amount of time to understand their lessons. This change in our education will provide the country with a better economy. It only takes us 11-12 years to graduate from high school. K12 provides us with an extra year for teachers to teach more advanced subjects that students will take up only when they are in college. This will shorten the time of students’ stay in college.

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Surely without K12, the quality of education in the Philippines is low. Even other countries with low economy in Asia have better quality of education than the Philippines. Some high school graduates do not have what it takes in working for an international kind of work. Without this kind of quality education, Filipinos will not be able to compete with a high-end job abroad. K12 will give the Philippines a chance to be a better country by starting with changing our curriculum.

Almost all of the countries in the world are having k12 as their basic education program. As a result, all of them have better education that we, Filipinos, might not have been able to acquire if the proposal that was not made by the DepEd. In fact, the Philippines was ranked one of the lowest in education last year.

Students need time for them to properly understand a lesson. K12 provides students to have more time understanding the lessons, not just cramming them for a latter exam and forgetting them when the exams are over. K12 gives them a chance to learn more, to enjoy learning in a calm and enjoyable manner, and understand them better. Students will be able to do a better job in their exams and will be able to attain a better education if they understand the lessons taught. In other countries, they have an extended year for the students to study and learn. Here in the Philippines, students are forced to cram for a test because of the less time given to education here.

K12 does not only provide time for students to study. It also offers more subjects in which students can take during their high school years. In other countries, they study calculus and other advance subjects in their high school years, giving them lesser time in college. They need not quicken their learning paces because they have the time to follow the pace they currently have. Here in the Philippines, high schools are only given a short amount of time that’s why they can’t put any of the advanced subjects. Because of K12, students in the Philippines will have a better education.

The United States (US) and the Philippines both have proper education for their students, but US provides greater employment options because of their K12 while the Philippines does not have great employment options due to the lack of knowledge given in the high schools. They both have the “just right” standard of education for their students.

US, with K12 in their curriculum, provide better education, thus providing better employment options. Studying requires time for students to completely understand what they need to learn. Better education is attained by them because of the prolonged time of studying. They are able to understand and execute what they have learned properly in the business world. The students afterwards are able to get better employment options because they have studied well. US have better colleges than the best university in the Philippines. They are able to mould their future leaders properly. Being able to study in a prestigious university in US, students have the opportunity to be accepted by any corporation or firm in the world.

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The Philippines on the other hand has a lower education compared to US. We are even one of the lowest in Asia. Filipinos, who are going abroad for work, are most likely to land on a low-end job because of the low quality of education. OFWs are most likely to be caretakers or janitors abroad. (Other countries offer low employment options for Filipinos because the standard of education in the Philippines is low compared to the others.) They take employees from US or other countries that have a high education who are fit for the job. Only 25% of Filipinos get a high-end job abroad when they are against Americans.

From what has been discussed in the earlier paragraphs, the Philippines, as well as the citizens will have a better education and a better future by adding K12 to the educational curriculum. Students will lead our future. With a better quality of education, students will be able to obtain this kind of future. The economy of the Philippines will rise as our labor force attains better education. With this kind of educational curriculum, students will be able to understand their lessons well and will be able to execute what they have learned properly. K12 will be of good use to the students and it might bring forth a new beginning for the country.


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