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The Education Structure Of Two Countries Education Essay

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Wordcount: 1155 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Education and training human sense of responsibility to the community and country

To do the tasks mentioned above, the education agency to help children discover their unique talents, aware of all potential and develop enthusiasm for learning throughout life. The main reason that education is the basis of all nations, root of all skilled, educational development will be synonymous with economic development and prosperity of the country. I will compare and contrast the similar and different types of education in my country – Vietnam and education of the country that currently I am studying in – the USA.

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The education structure of 2 countries is quite similar: elementary school, secondary school, high school, university and some courses after graduate in university. Elementary school (from 5-10 years old): Six years or up in age, children in the “kindergarten” and usually complete elementary school level in grade five or six classes. The school year is called “class”. Middle school (from 11-13 years old) two or three years, depending on the school system , Also known as “secondary school” . At age five, children often learn a kindergarten and then in grade 1 to grade 6 in primary schools. Grade 7 to grade 9 is held in a high school separate facility, also known as secondary schools. Curriculum is focused on major studies such as math, science, literature, history and language, as well as historical and educational subjects on objects and the environment. Next is high school, we know that it’s from grade 10 to grade 12. At this point, students can usually choose the subjects to choose from the different areas. Graduate students in the U.S. currency will have passed the exam in the country called the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). However, international students often just prove proficiency in English with a TOEFL score. The high school level, education in Vietnam proved more difficult, relatively large amount of knowledge along with the rules, regulations, examinations rigorous. Vietnam grade students 10 to 12 proved better about the theory of natural subjects, as well as society; but lacks of practical and physical. Also in contrast, in the U.S., students are exposed more to the fact, to participate in experiments such as physics, chemistry, biology, along with the many sports activities are included in order to help students develop more comprehensive.

I believe that differences as clear as possible to the university courses, colleges, and courses after graduation such as masters, doctorate. So this is the reason that I choose go to the US to study in university and not Vietnam. In general, the system of postsecondary schools are classified into five American type: Vocational School, Community College, Public University, Private University, Liberal Arts College. That is the point so different from education in Vietnam. System of vocational schools is few and almost not considered important, along with private universities are not high quality but very expensive fees. University type of public good quality is required exam too hard and strict, while the normal type of school just to have poor quality students. But in compare, Vietnamese students are very curious and hard, so should the students pass difficulties and learning in schools even that school is not good , they still become successful. Anyway to catch up the speed of development with the world, Vietnam has been somewhat more attention to the important residential schools gifted as music, painting, film, photography, with attention also to the quality rather than quantity of teaching .

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I will say more about this issue to see clearly the difference. Usually the American education system, including 12 first year undergraduate school. Thus an international student can complete 12 years of upper secondary school before going to school in America. This is a very good opportunity for foreign students like me to be trained in the US. This most prominent of the education system is the most American presidents, prime minister and other leaders, research has advanced U.S. degrees and graduate or postgraduate study in the education system U.S. American education system is the sum of universities world-renowned academic programs which have reached its peak with the most modern in the world. American education system is a typical characteristic is the number of foreign students is very high. Almost all classes, schools, the number of international students account for more than half to the east. Environment for international students is also very rich in culture, foreign languages and people. Not where you will see the number of foreign intellectuals as large as in the U.S. The international students can attend school in the university obtained a 2-year-associate degree or obtained a four year-bachelor’s degree. Although most universities in four years for students accepted into the majors but not selected to the second year all students must be informed and choose their majors. The students finished second in the certificate may continue to study at the school in four years and obtained the certificate in four college graduates. Students achieve certification 4-year college graduates can continue to study for a certificate or Masters Degree Doctoral Degree. Certificate is a Masters Degree with two years of service for intensive training in a specific field. Students can get into training programs master if they have a university degree in the field. However, there are many exceptions, such as an MBA (master of business administration) students do not need to graduate with a degree in business administration. Students can continue to improve the knowledge and intensive research on a narrow sector can participate in any training program Doctoral Degree (PhD). A college student with a 4-year college graduates can not achieve sufficient depth career, so they are often studied by the higher level as a master’s degree or PhD degree. For example, if a person want to economists at the level of local authorities, he or she should have a master, and if want to teach economics at a university is required by the PhD. In addition, some subjects in depth study level only high school, such as law, medicine, dental school of the masters program and doctoral. Completely opposite, in Vietnam, of course masters or doctoral not good and not very much. However, as the initial step should be acceptable. And this is also the weaknesses of education in my country, where very few masters doctorate trained in Vietnam. often they are scholarship to study and train abroad. But I hope that this will be the foundation for future development of education over Vietnam when these people have experience, qualifications, they will help the young generation, helping to develop education.


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