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The Concept Of Teamwork

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One of my greatest strengths is which I’ve acquired during my education is good planning skills. This has always benefited me to set goals and try to achieve them. At the same time I’m driven by the thoughts of success, so before I do anything be it my personal or professional life I always plan and write down things which I’m suppose to do, so it makes my tasks easier and convenient to achieve. In life planning plays an important role to achieve the targets and also in business if you do not plan your work, everything becomes clueless and improper. Therefore careful planning paves the way to success. Planning is an important investment in the success of a project. Carrying out the process not only prepares you for what lies ahead, ensuring you have adequate resources and use them in the most effective way possible, but also can warn you that a plan is not worth pursuing

Team work

The concept of teamwork is extremely important to the success of any team. All coaches talk about working as one unit, as a unified team. Teamwork and unselfishness create the backbone of a great team, without them a team cannot realistically compete. Team work is strength of mine, as I get friendly and cooperative with everyone soon, it is one of my advantage points. Team work involves working confidently within a group, contributing your own ideas effectively, taking a share of responsibility given. I remember back when I was in school the teacher gave us a difficult task as to organise a meeting within a few hours. So I formed a team, gave each one a responsibility, we combined ore ideas and thoughts and completed the given task. Everyone was glad that we were able to conduct the meeting within least period of notice. I enjoy teamwork because two heads are better than one.

Time management

This important aspect in everyone’s life. If you do not time any given task, then you are in a risky position. I learnt this skill while studying, especially when you are giving a talk or speech you should not exceed the time limit, if you do so it becomes less interesting and vice versa. If you do not know the timing it can be stressful and be pressured, also it could lead to a big disadvantage and end up doing nothing and achieve anything. Therefore this is very precious and important to me in my life. I have learnt a lot through time management. Timing everything in life plays a vital role.



This too is important, because from my childhood days my parents were strict on punctuality. they ask me do any activities in due course of time so as not to waste or be late for anything important would always be in any required place before half an hour. This had me feel less nervous and panicking. When I’m punctual i tend not to make unnecessary mistakes. Punctuality also revolves around responsibility, commitment and the seriousness with which you take. It is also necessary for one’s success. This is important at workplace. If you need your company to be successful then you have to be punctual. I am happy to say through my experiences I have gained punctuality.

Self motivation

Self motivation is the force that keeps pushing us to go on – its our internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keeping forward. There were many a times in my life I lost almost everything which was important, but I was strong and kept on motivating myself, as I insisted on doing what i had to do and kept on going. This is a very fundamental tool in achieving anyone’s goal. During examination time I self motivate my self as how to reach the acquired goal and also I set goals so that I can somehow achieve them through all the hard work. Self motivation skills are essential if we are to enjoy success, fulfilment, and fitness throughout our life others.

Organizational skill

This is a very important skill, if you need to do an activity, need to be organised, if not it would be difficult. For example: in my house if my book shelf is unorganised I cant and wont be able to find what I want and the place would be messy at the same time you get irritated and would even get the idea of what you intend to do. Therefore I always be organised so that I need not be clueless of what I intend to do. If you organise and plan well ahead; whatever you intend to do will be done in the correct manner. I acquired this skill from my teacher because she used to organise everything and therefore even when she was in a hurry to get a work done, she would be able to do. Getting organised involves being both efficient and effective. Careful planning and attention to detail enables you to make the most productive use of time and resources.


Language skills

I derived this skill from school and from my career as being a teacher. Language skills are listening, speaking, reading and writing. These four are the most important skills in life. To be able to speak you need to listen and to be able to write you need to read, without one another this skill is useless and ineffective. For any purpose in life, is it business or any other field the language skills play an important role. In business you need to be attentive in listening, should be able to speak, read and write. I am glad to say that achieved this skill early in my life. Also I was good at puzzles and word games; this made me gain my skill in language. In language skills I was able to learn correct usage of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and etc…

Communication skills

I am happy to say that I’m good at communicating anything. As I was a teacher acquire this during my teacher training programmes, like how to communicate with young learners, teenagers and adults. These three are three different stages and you need to communicate in three different ways to get your message through to them. It is also receiving information that others are sending to you. If you communicate incorrectly the whole process can go wrong, therefore if you need to build a successful career you need to communicate effectively. I had to give many talks and presentations so through this I was able to improve myself in the communication skills. Through this I learnt controlling of the voice and also varying the voice in order to deliver the message.


I like to work hard because I always know when you work hard you always get good results. Nothing in life comes without hard work. It is the success to everybody’s life. From the small days I learnt to work hard to achieve my goals. I am dedicated and committed to what I have to do. By doing hard work, you not only learn also you get to know what a particular thing means. Everything in life is not easily reachable. There are some things in life you have to work hard to be successful. When you make your decision to put in hard work to achieve your goals, you get back into the driver seat of your life. It is not a smart move to depend on the lucky break, because it may never come when all you are doing is waiting. However, when you start to put in hard work and take action, the chances of you having lucky breaks or new opportunities are much higher.


Self Discipline

Self discipline is an important quality because it is essential to success. When self disciplined you do not bother how tough the given job becomes. I do not stop until I reach my goal or completed. I have learnt throughout my life that it is the ability to reject instant gratification in favour of something, in other words not to be greedy. As I was self disciplined from the beginning I was able to gain self confidence and satisfaction in whatever work I did. I had to go through difficult paths and routes to reach my goals, but through self discipline I was able to do it. You must always believe in yourself, like what you are doing and what you want to do. I attended some life coaching courses in my country which taught me self discipline skill. Through meditation also you can gain self discipline and confidence.


Decision Making

This is a very difficult word for me. Sometimes it is very hard to make decisions as I have a fear like whether the decision I made will be correct or incorrect. Decisions cannot be made overnight. I’ve learnt one way to improve is by brainstorming. The purpose of this is to produce as many as possible options without evaluating them. I must not censor my ideas. When I decide on anything I must make it a point to implement it, then I would be able to find out whether I have improved this skill. Good decision making is an essential skill for career success generally, and effective leadership particularly.

Stress management

Stress is one of the important aspects in business. I get stressed up very quickly and that is a weakness. When in business it is important to tackle the causes of stress, because stress can lead to poor decision making and an increase in mistakes which can lead to customer complaints and etc… I can overcome by learning to recognise when I am stressed, like what caused the stress and to deal with it. Learning to manage time, also to learn to relax. Also to reduce the demands on myself, like not to commit on something which I’m unable to do. Also by thinking positively and to have some fun while doing work.


IT skills

This is a disadvantage to me. I know the basic knowledge of computer skills. But I further need to improve in this skill if I need to be in the business field. The business field is full of technology. I would like join a course where they would teach me this skill. Also during my free time I will have to use the computer more often. Therefore by using and following courses I would be able to overcome this weakness. So that I can be geared to use new applications, operating systems and etc… Technology plays a vital role in the modern era, so it is compulsory for me to be acquainted in it. Another method to improve is by reading technical skills and also to learn different programmes.


Everyone becomes nervous for some or other in life. Sometimes it is difficult to overcome. I get nervous during presentations; it is not that I get nervous over the audience. I get very conscious and worried as to whether I will make mistakes and they would laugh at me. Now I’m started to learn new methods to improve this, by trying to ask questions amongst a large number of people and also trying to deliver certain speeches and presentations with selected group people. Some ways to overcome nervousness are to relax, practise, and also breathing exercises. This is very helpful.


Leadership is easy to get but not easy to practise. You need to build trust and respect from the rest of the members. Some people are born leaders than others. I can improve my leadership weakness by gaining the trust of others, be responsible, by being fair and also listening to what others have to say. To have a clear vision of myself and others. Able to lead others with inclusiveness and compassion. Maintain a positive and also to have self esteem. Listening to others and being reasonable too is important. I intend to take training programmes from qualified people to develop my leadership skills.


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