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Study On Science And Mathematics In English

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My name is Chung Wan Teng, studying in the diploma in business management course at Olympia College Ipoh. As mentioned-above, I would like to support all students must use the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. As a student, I want to take this opportunity sharing my opinion about support to teach of Science and Mathematics in English.

2. Recently the popular issue in our social about the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English is arguing at newspapers, televisions and internet. The research shows (Ong Saw Lan, School of Education Studies, and University Sains Malaysia) that in 2003, the Malaysian government implemented a new policy in the national education system. That is English is made the language of instruction in schools for teaching of Sciences, Mathematics. During the previous years, these subjects have been taught in Malay language but seems like no any improvement from students and parents. Besides that, the purpose of using English to teach these subjects is to enable students to improve in their English and SINGAPORE is a good example of the value of English to teach Mathematics and Science. They are using English to study, learn, communicate and write. Therefore, they can talk English correctly with their family, friends and tourists. They are keeping improve themselves anytime.

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3. In addition, I believe that the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English not only pave the way for a borderless society and it also motivates students to learn more than one language efficiently and students will get benefit in this way. As we all know that English is the language spoken internationally and mastery in this language would allow easy access to information in these fields. The decision to change the medium of instruction from the Malay language to English for the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics subjects was made based on the government’s concern on the nation’s human capital development towards and wish to achieve the standard of a developed country, as well as an early preparation to compete in the era of globalization.

4. The Star Online (2011) in its front pages states that some of Sarawak’s top educationists are saying the importance of English as a global language must not be denied. Therefore, we cannot ignore English and it is international language. These are few advantages for students if teaching of Sciences and Mathematics in English.

First, students can easily adapt when they enter university, especially oversea universities. If they do not know to talk in English, they will be unsafely because they don’t know how to talk other country mother tongue. The second advantages is if use English for teaching these subjects, student can improve their English in many aspect such as communicate skill, comprehension, reading and writing skill. On the other hand, if some students are poor in English, they can go tuition centre to learn English like Erican. There will provide professional teacher to teach and guide them correctly. Thirdly, being able to learn Sciences and Mathematics in English to make students can cope and handle with their further studies well. This is a significant advantage to learn these subjects in English. Fourthly, it also helps students in their future career. If has a local student to be a scientist, or work in medical professions, the student cannot explain the findings to the world as he does not know the knowledge of Scientific English. Another example is if a businessman needs using the Mathematics terms in English, otherwise he possibly can expand to the outside world perhaps he can get a good future at outside. Another advantage is information access. Some of the well-known math and science journals, including “Annals of Mathematics,” “Nature” and “Science,” are written in English. These journals are more widely cited by scholars than similar journals. Many respected journals are translated into other languages, but the earliest and most accurate accounts of the author’s words are always in English. In university science courses, access to the latest information can mean the difference between a good and great student. This constitutes a considerable academic advantage to learning math and science in English. For mathematics students, having access to newly developed proofs and theorems can make the difference when giving presentations at math conferences and competitions.

5. Therefore, for my opinion Sciences and Mathematics should be taught in English to equip Malaysian students with this language skill for a competitive world. As I mentioned above English is often used as an international languages creates a great ease in communication among people who would otherwise probably never be able to communicate. For my view, actually teaching of Mathematics and Science in English is viable because we have enough resources, materials and expertise knowledge. We have a first-class plan but we just need more time to effectively implement the plan in nationwide. In this case, I am not the means to against Bahasa Malaysia and I do know that it’s our national language, but what I am saying that is using English to teach these subjects will bring a lot of benefits as I mentioned above.

6. The research shows that (The Star Online, 2008) by Mahendran Maniam, Seri Kembangan, Selangor said English in Sciences and Mathematics can help increase proficiency. I am fully support this point. This is because teaching of Sciences and Mathematics in English would help the students especially the youngest youth. They are able to get more information and resources from network TV, internet and some high quality references books because most of them are English. Therefore I would know that some of the scientific terms from English which have similar spelling, for example computer – komputer, science – sains, constant – konstanta, logarithm – logaritma and so on. If a student say cannot understand English, why visit blogger, Facebook, Google and msn on English not a problem. They are just finding excuse to lie on themselves. So, I think teaching Sciences and Mathematics in English are not a problem for student.

In conclusion, this all is the reasons why I support using English to teach Science and Mathematics because it provides many benefits to students. As we all know that English is a national language and it also important in our life. I hope the government will agree and continue with the teaching of both of these subjects in English because we need to look ahead and move forward to get a best life in future. Student will be more talkative in English when they study at overseas university and working in a company which is using English to communicate. Besides that, I would like to mention again I’m not against Bahasa Melayu (our nation language), because English will be more useful in our future life. Therefore, I hope Sir to support my stand of teaching Science and Mathematics in English.

Thank you for spend your time reading my opinion. This all are the benefits of teaching Science and Mathematics in English. I hope to hear from you soon regarding.

Your faithfully,




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