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Strategies for Student Creativity

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Wordcount: 3056 words Published: 9th Jul 2018

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Strategies to stimulate students’ innate capacity to be creative during their study stage

  • Jorge Luis Garzon Medina


This research paper involves in to research how stimulate students’ innate capacity to be creative, consider it is necessary to apply several strategies during their first years of life, throughout the primary and secondary school years, an also throughout college. This research paper indicated that the student need promote the education and for each education stage had taken into account some strategies that have given result in others parts of world, with these strategies have stimulated students’ innate capacity. Furthermore, this paper use an important phrase that said Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”, this research paper use this phrase for explain that everybody can surge in different career, only need put all effort. Finally, this research paper considers that with the emotional wellness and creativity capacity of each person to can become a great genius.

Keywords: innate capacity, strategies, genius, promote the education, ability, emotional wellness.

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But You judge a Fish by its Ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is Stupid”.

Everybody born with different skill and ability, but during their student live each student will go forming their creativity capacity. Furthermore, it is possible wake up the creativity with different actions. For example, in their daily live when there is a problem, each person use the creative capacity for solve any problems. Also, if a people develop the creative capacity, he will can become a great genius. Then, to form intelligent people is necessary take into account the environment where they surround. Because in some cases a student can have creativity and capacity, but if he does not have enough resource in their environment, he will cannot become in a great genius. However, there are cases so singular where the people only need creative as is the case of William Kamkwamba, he was only a farmer in a corner of Malawi where was not have sufficiently base resource to overcome, born a man very intellectual, so thanks to his imagination and his creative, he could create energy for his town through a windmill. In the article “A Young Tinkerer Builds a Windmill, electrifying a Nation”, (Childress, December 12, 2017) Sarah said that “”Mr. Kamkwamba said “I was thinking about electricity,” said Mr. Kamkwamba, explaining how he got hooked on wind. “I was thinking about what I’d like to have at home, and I was thinking, “What can I do?””. If in the world had more creative people as “William Kamkwamba”, the could change.

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To create more researchers is essential to promote creative capacity in all people, from the newborn to the future stages of life. as soon as, society must be clear that everyone can become in great geniuses. Moreover, the society must know that each person can become a great genius in their field of work. therefore, each person only need do what you love the most. That is to say, each person should enjoy of their career for develop, and develop their innate capacity. Then to stimulate students’ innate capacity to be creative, it is necessary to apply several strategies during their first years of life, throughout the primary and secondary school years, and also throughout college.

During their first years of life

The most important stage of education is in the first years of life because at this stage children learn from all the activities that are around them, they leave their mother’s womb and opening their little eyes. So, they see that the world is very immense to explore. Furthermore, in early childhood are several factors that intervene in their developed such as they are cared for with love, the relationship with their families, the food they receive, freedom of exploration, and other activities. In the site web “UNICEF in the state of the world’s children”, (UNICEF,2001), UNICEF said that ” how the child develops during childhood stage sets the stage for later success in school and the character of adolescence and adulthood.”. Then, to stimulate child’ capacity at this stage, it is necessary to work in three specific areas: first develop all their senses, second to promote in discover their environment, and third their social and emotional development.

In the first years of life, some children have not developed all the senses because some parents do not take care of them, they do not pay much attention. Hence why these children do not develop all their senses, for example in Brazil some children who suffer from abuse by their mothers. Furthermore, this effect could affect in future stages. Therefore, this must change immediately, and a good strategy to overcome these disorders and even to improve the development of the senses in children is a specialized center called Zen preschool, where children can develop all their senses, such as touch, on other hand, they use different articles to stimulate their touch. Also, the smell when it can smell different types of things like the food, and the ear was inaudible in hearing activities such as listening to children’s songs at low sounds. Moreover, this center also helps develop motor development through yoga that is the thing most relevant in this center (Zen preschool: Wellness parenting Brazil style, May 16, 2016). For this serious reason is indispensable to take this model and implant it in other parts of the world. In the article “5 Ways to Stimulate Your Baby’s”, (Parents Magazine, Bell & Reece, 2008) They says that.” Just make sure you give him things that are safe and clean.”. For smell. in the article “5 Ways to Stimulate Your Baby’s”, (Parents Magazine, Bell & Reece, 2008), El Dr. Marquis says that “use the same products regularly, because babies like familiarity”, these activities will be indispensable to wake up the sense in first year of life.

On other hand this center Focus in develop explorer capacities in children through learn outside all day. Their Wald kindergarten is in the middle of forest where the children could run through forests, that naptime is even outside. While they are outside all day, they can learn through convivence with environment, and their weather, also they can discover their own weaknesses, and strengths. Their learning is more visual and practice, and every day is different for them (Kenny, 2008).

For last place in first years of life is very important to promote the social and emotional development, also is very important consider that the children the children encompass both intra and interpersonal processes. Also, the children experience, perceive and express different emotion. Furthermore, during the first stage is when the children want learn to recognize others emotion transmitted for other people in the actually the children are very curios. Also, for this reason is very important take into account that is very important work in this process. There is an organization that takes into account the development in the initial stage, to promote social and emotional development in each child, called “Social & Emotional development “, this organization has an Internet platform called “Virtual Lab School” where it gives messages and explains through appropriate lessons of How to achieve the development of children in meaningful interactions to promote learning and growth in the socio-emotional skills of children and their environment.

Is necessary consider that in the first stage of years is the more important for that the children develop many skills and obtain for their body more capacity for relationship with other children. Always take into account these three-important aspects for developed during initial stage. So, if develop these aspects during initial stage will be possible give a good step to next stage.

Throughout the primary and secondary school years

Second, to stimulate the innate ability of students to be creative, it is necessary to apply various strategies throughout the years of primary and secondary school. In primary and secondary schools, children need more information because at this stage they open the door to knowledge, which is why they need more strategies to learn new things and need a new model of teaching to overcome old-fashioned models. On the other hand, at this stage it is more fundamental to observe teachers from children because at this stage teachers need to open their eyes to see the abilities that each student has and to recognize which hemisphere they have developed the most. for these reason a student must considerate some strategies to stimulate the innate capacity in this stage such as, determine what hemispheres have more development, work in their skills and ability and finally search new models to overcome learning’s antiquated models.

In the primary and secondary stage is very important for teachers who use the method of observation because from this stage it is possible to determine which hemisphere has more development a student, there are two hemispheres as right hemisphere and left hemisphere, but each hemisphere is dominant for different behavior. While the right hemisphere is responsible for controlling creative and artistic abilities such as space skills, facial recognition, music as well as controlling the left side of the body. The left hemisphere is responsible for controlling academic and logical abilities such as calculus, math, literature, and control the right side of the body (Wolman, May 12, 2012). However, the two hemispheres share information through the callous body. For these reasons, it is important for teachers who use the observation technique, when using this technique, and determining which hemisphere has less developed the teacher must use certain strategies to awaken the part of the brain less developed.

Is necessary take into account that in primary and secondary stage is when the student has more creative capacities that an adult person for this reason is very important to work in student’s skills, for example when the people are adults have loosed the creativity capacity so when the people want to run companies, they have many scary to lead their companies because they think that possibly fail (Robinson. K, 2006). In this stage is important that the student add creativity because in this moment because how in the video “do school kill Creativity?”, (Robinson. K, 2006) Ken Robinson says that “Picasso said: “all children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” I believe this passionately, that we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it”. For these reason is very important consider the creativity with the science. then the professors would be who infuse this meaning all the days in their classes.

On other hand, there is a great problem in primary and secondary education because during several years, haven´t change the system education for this reason is impossible that the children can develop their creative capacity and less can become in great genius. Then is very important take other models of others part of world to change the education system, for example the Finland phenomena is very strong for take in all the world with this process all system would change, because with this model It is a radical change in education, takes into account the individual characteristics, considers necessary the group integration is focused on that in primary and until the middle of high school is not necessary to send homework, because at this time is for children to be discovered, and can learn new things like sports or arts or become self-taught. Then when he reaches future stages is not frustrated, and can get his career in what he most likes because he could know himself (Finland Educational System,2013). Nevertheless, in this actual moment there are many information, so with education given by professors don’t is sufficiently, the new teach need more strategies for student can enrolling with all educative system for example Innova Schools in Peru, designed with help from global innovation called blended learning”, with this method the student combines the traditional classroom with individual classroom in online the idea is each student can adapted to study and promote in the student the capacity like a researcher (Segal, 2016).

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Throughout college

In third place to stimulate students’ innate capacity to be creative, it is necessary to apply several strategies throughout college. In college stage a student that pass through previous process and took each detail in each stage such as, worked in their emotional stage, worked in their skill capacity, developed a hemisphere more than other, develop their body Internally and externally and other details. Then a student can have many options to choose different career, for example if a student would like the sports, he can to follow a career relapsed with these topics, or a student have more attraction for the science and want all live research in different science, he can to follow a career relapsed with science career, or student focus for the arts, he would like follow a career relapsed with some major relapsed with the arts. However, in this stage a student when go out secondary school can have many ideas in your mind. So For these reason is necessary established following strategies: take a capacity test, use help of psychologist, and provide a lot of information on the many possibilities they have as majors.

The first strategy for students surge in the college is to take a test of abilities. Then through this test the student can determine which skills, he has more developed. Moreover, a strategy to improve this test would be a test both in the psychological, physic(body), academic, and artistic. Consequently, the test not only focuses on the academic. Then you can determine the performance in different fields and with these results the student can be guided to start a career

The second strategy for students surge in the college, and can become in great genius is through a psychologist help. All people when born, born free to act, creative, imperative social, but with the pass of the years in the society will go imposing paradigms, blocking ideas, impregnating models and as we grow we will lose our innate creativity, then gradually will die our skills. for these reason is when the hand of a psychologist is utterly indispensable, especially when we are going to take a career, and per different paradigms each person not choose the prefer career that student more likes.

The third strategy to student surge in the college is provide a lot of information on the many possibilities, they have as majors Students when they want to go to college, they do not have idea how they will do the work, after they obtain their major. Therefore, they do not choose a career that do not know. Then the idea with this strategy, would be after to obtain the results of a Test show them a list of college that could follow according their abilities, and show them the possible future work that could work after obtain majors, and show how they will do in the professional life

In It is summary is important search different new strategies to improve the interactive development between the students, and the teacher during the different stages of the student life. Also, it is important to consider the individual differences of each student. Since each person has different abilities and capacities individual. since there are different science, but the “The greatest scientists are artists as well” and “the greatest artists are scientists” as said Albert Einstein. On the other hand, it is important to think in the society that, with each career that students choose can become great geniuses. Since all can achieve get their dreams. Is possible change the world because “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” as Nelson Mandela said.


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