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Stakeholders and External Bodies in Education

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Explain the roles of stakeholders and external bodies in education and training

What are the stakeholders?

A stakeholder can be anyone who is interested in the business; they can be an individual, groups or organisations that are affected by the activity of the business. There are two types of stakeholders which are Internal and external.

Internal stakeholders are groups within a business which are:

The teachers, students, parents, support staff, and midday assistants.

The External stakeholders are groups outside a business which are:

The government, SENDCO’s, local authority, social workers neighbours, trainers, suppliers, community, agencies.    

School stakeholders are interested in the curriculum and can shape the school curriculum operation which has been designed for the students and will be the ones influenced by it. The teacher primary role is to write the curriculum by a daily lesson plan, weekly lesson plan, term plan and yearly plans, to ensure that the children learn all the information they need to learn to be able to progress to the next year and understand the information within the next class this is all done by adapted to meet the needs of the individual within the class. Parents are stakeholders as they pay for their child/children education through there tax’s so their voices are heard very loud, Parent is also a stakeholder as the teacher relies on parents to help teach their children by sitting with them to read, practice their writing and helping with homework, etc. (Foskett and Lumby, 2003: 87)     

Explain how being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies impacts on organisations in education and training

Accountability stakeholders are those who have an interaction in a range of ways in the school including the educational achievements and wellbeing of its pupils.

The stakeholders take a number of different forms, reflecting on the different ways in which the life and work of schools are governed locally and keeping up nationally.

A common impact that can be found is the stakeholder not being able to meet at the same time due to other commitments, information not provided in enough time to have the meeting and not communicating correctly with each other.

Way these impacts can become over come is by having a group email for all the stakeholders so they can receive all the relevant information when needed and stakeholders informing within enough time to try and allow everyone to be able to join in with the meeting, discussion, a change to an idea event, or even the curriculum. By having a group email, chat or messages can stop information being misunderstanding that been passed on, Even though the fact that the information has been passed on is good, you must always make sure what is being passed on is a clear indication of the situation and that it has been received clearly too.

In conclusion, many barriers can be formed in lots of different situations however every barrier has a solution and can be overcome by evaluating the problem at hand and working together to solve it.

Explain why it is important to work in partnership with employers and other stakeholders in education and training

When working in partnership this provides a clear understanding which makes everyone aware of their different roles and responsibility then need to carry out. By making everyone aware of their role and responsibilities this help to make a successful partnership work, as communicating is a number one key to be able to achieve this. You also need to remember to share the correct information, guilds and any updates this can be done in writing, verbal or both and ensure that everyone understands the changes that taken place so all the employee, stakeholders and professionals are able to support positive and improved outcomes.

 As a teaching assistant I use a variety of communication systems to support and promote partnership, within the workplace, on a daily basis, some of the communication systems we use within the school include daily plans, communication book and dairy. We use all this different communicate items to work in partnership with the parents, colleges and other partners are able to know what happing throughout the day what the young adults are working on this also work for good team work because if we’re busy doing a activity the other staff can read the plans and know what to do or what we’re working on. 

I work very closely with all the staff in the room and when helping to plan for the children I need to listen to all staffs input and what worked and what didn’t work throughout the current planning

To be able to provide the best for the young adults for the coming weeks the staff analyse work throughout the week which I also use this information to help provide activities for them. By doing this the staff feel valued, respected and enjoy being able to have their import into the young adults activity.  


Working with colleagues it’s very important for everyone, We need to work in the same way and following the same rule and regulations the employee and employers I work with everyday are the best source of advice and information to be able to deal when issues accrue. By all following the same rules and guidance we are able to fine the records easy and be able to use or refer to the information when needed. Regular meeting with staff can raise any issues that arise and solve the problem before an issue arises, new ideas can be discussed and can be trial in place if any good and see how they go.    

Other professionals

Working with other professionals gives me a different point of view on the situation and this way I receive support from qualified and understanding people. I can share information and seek advice. This way I get an excellent feedback and much-needed support. Some individuals have complex needs which are very difficult to cope with and seeking support from others is very important. Organizations receive different training and do specialize in giving help. Therefore maintaining a good relationship with them is important to provide quality support for Service Users. Working in partnership with advocates is needed when Individuals have a lack of capacity and have no one who can act on their behalf. Working together with independent advocates shows that setting follows the guidelines and regulations. .Independent person can see the different point of the situations discussed and help to decide what the best is for the person concerned.

Analyse the impact of being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies on curriculum design, delivery and assessment in own area of specialism

I currently work in a special need school with children with all stages of ability and also have worked in a mainstream school with children with special need was removed from the testing as they the school was worried that the children’s grade would have a huge impact on the school overall score, which I feel that has a major impact on the individuals in some cases the children are made to sit the test when they don’t have the ability or ready for the test which put a lot of stress on the child causing children to become stressed, depressed, have anxiety and even panic attacks to pass the test. The teachers also have a lot of pressure to ensure the children pass the test and get the grade they need for the school to pass. “The national curriculum test undertaken by thousands of primary school children across the country each year, is producing unreliable data causing some pupils to be incorrectly labelled as low ability, and others to go on to secondary school with unrealistically high grades”. (Getty)

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We recently had a child join my class with very unrealistic data saying he couldn’t do half the things that he can do due to the testing with was carried out on him before coming to our school. So was put with the low ability children which were the wrong area for him which led to lots of behaviour issue as he wasn’t being challenged with the work he was being set.

I feel that they test are unnecessary and could be tested in another way to prevent the stress for the young children. Some country doesn’t test their children or give coursework but has the best pass rate within the country I feel this is because the children are less likely to develop mental illnesses at young ages and able to cope with the work they are given.   

Last year, parents across the country took their children out of school for a day’s protest over the exams to demonstrate the benefits of creative learning away from rigorous testing.

The government has since agreed to get rid of the SAT for six and seven-year-olds from next year but these raise the expectations for the year six assessment.

As you can see this impacts all the stakeholders involved from the children, to the government and everyone in between as with the upset from parent removing not sending to school to stop their child not to have to do the test which affects the school scoring and the attendance then affects like the government as they have to change the legislation regarding this situations to be able to provide the best for the children.  



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