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Self Evaluation Of Skill Profile Education Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Education
Wordcount: 1978 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The success of a person in professional as well as personal life depends on the different qualities and skills. The person with a good skill profile can achieve success. The skill profile consist of different skills such as

Communication skill.

Numerical skill.

Skill in information technology.

Skill of working with others.

Own learning and performance.

The above stated skills differ from person by person but it is essential to monitor and improve skills so that, it helps to improve a lot in any field that we are working with. Here I am analysing my own skills and choose a particular skill that I found essential to improve for my success and future.


I would like to pursue a career as a construction project manager. My skill profile includes communication skills, working with others and own learning and reliable performance. It is indeed essential for me to analyse my personal skills for better development of myself and for whom I am working for. The skills which are mentioned above are vital for me, even though I have to improve in some of them.

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The goal of my life is to become a successful project manager. For that I need to sharpen my skills. Before having experience, working in a construction firm as a project manager I was least aware about my skills. But when I started to work it was a great opportunity to analyse my strengths and weakness, and how it could help me in my professional as well as personal development.

Considering my communication skills, I am a good listener and I can grasp new ideas easily and also organize presentation without any difficulties. But when it comes to writing skills it is difficult for me to draft official documents or letters. My speaking skills are fair enough as I can speak in a group without any problems and I am confident that everyone would understand me.

When come to working with others, this skill contributes a lot in my personal as well as professional life. As a project manager I give prime importance to this skill hence have to improve a lot in this. I came to know how well or bad it becomes, by dealing with people in a group from my professional experience. So in order to achieve my goal both professionally and personally, I have to analyse and find steps to improve this skill. Since this skill has a major role in my life I had already started to improve this skill. While considering working with others, skills such as time management, planning skill, interpersonal skills and Personal qualities are also included.

Then coming to my own learning and performance, it is always recommended to analyse own experience and performance to learn something new and apply the knowledge gained in future to produce more efficient output. We can learn and analyse from ourselves and from others so that we know how others feel about us. Only with the proper analyses and development of this skill can we achieve success.


The chosen occupation entails the management functions including communication skills; problem solving, information technology, working with others, and improving own learning and performance. Among which the skill I would prefer to improve about myself is working with others. For a project manager, it is essential to be able to work in different locations, different people and different cultures. So skill of dealing and working with people is most important as I may be concerned. It is essential to focus our ability to meet requirement in a group for achieving shared objectives. In this skill we can measure how well our process skills, interpersonal skills and personal skills are. In my experience I could say that proper monitoring and analysis of these skills helps us to work better in a group. Definitely it will increase qualities like confidence, reliability, empathy, self-awareness etc. This provides a mind for willingness to learn. And the confidence in applying team skills such as, handling conflicts and communication of ideas will increase considerably. Then the skill of dealing with others helps to improve the character of individual by developing personal disciplines like planning, organizing and target setting etc. Personally I have got a lot more to improve in this field. To certain extend my role as a project manager helped me to improve these skills effectively.

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The development plan which I am using for the improvement of working with others depends on many factors and it also consumes a lot of time. Only experience makes a man perfect, my plan for development definitely aims on interpersonal skills, personal qualities and process skill. For improvement of working with others what I did was, even if I am not working I try to keep a good relationship with others around me. It helps a lot to improve skills which are required for my professional as well as personal life.

For interpersonal skills I plan to conduct group discussion on a general topic among my friends. In my opinion the act of group discussion is a good tool to develop interpersonal skills. By hosting this group discussion I and my friends can think a lot to get new ideas and it is going to increase the team spirit. This group discussion session will help me to develop my team work and supporting others in the process. In my opinion these kind sessions will help us to find new ways to effectively communicate new ideas. There may be conflicts regarding the ideas for different people, so if I am able to resolve the conflicts in that small group I hope I can manage the conflicts in my professional work as well. And the major skill I think we would acquire through group discussions is self-confidence.

For personal qualities what I am going to read new topics and understand anything new from it, so that this may increase my ability of willingness to learn. Each day I am planning to learn something new it may be either professional or non-professional. So soon it will become my part of life to develop the mind of a continuous learner. Then I am going to get the feedback about me from my friends and relatives which may contain either good or bad comments, so I wish it would develop my openness to feedback. Otherwise it is so difficult to understand the good or bad feedback which I may receive from my job. I will work hard to develop empathy towards my colleagues, for which I am planning to understand the emotions and thoughts of people around me. I will try to maintain a good relationship with everyone.

Since planning, organizing, reviewing and target setting are coming under process skills I am planning to give more priority for the development of these skills. For a project manager like me each day at construction site is a new experiences where there are a lot to learn. I am the only person responsible for the smooth functioning of the project under me so I would like to improve the above skills in a time bounded manner with maximum efficiency, for that I would collect data from previous project reports and analyse how the predecessors overcome issues with effective solutions. I could also gather help from other company executives for finding the solutions. In planning skill I would develop a buffer plan or a secondary plan so that if anything goes wrong that could affect the working of the company then I could use my secondary plan. In organizing I would take the initiative of hosting small activities like conducting seminars and group discussion.

The above mentioned development plan will improve my skill profile in an effective manner, so that I could use my skills in both professional as well as my personal life efficiently and effectively.


There is always a challenge in construction project management. Let me highlight some situation where all skills are put foreword to its limits from my work experience and analyse how I could make the difference after going through the development plan. The field I took to explain is concreting. While considering high rise buildings or a couple of sites together the process of concreting is a tug of war between time, cost, labour, health and safety, planning and organizing.

The initial stage of concreting was planning and it depends on the availability of man, machine, labour and good climate. So there would be planning sessions before the work was started and the dates for the concreting will be prefixed under normal progress of work. From this planning session planning skill will improve considerably since the planning body comprises of supervisors, contractors, sub-contractors, labour contractors, machine hirers. Considering all major challenges to occur in site, planning will take place by giving proper priority to health and safety, quality control and material management.

And the day before concreting there would be meeting with the concrete suppliers and truck drivers with the project manager to ensure that the raw materials are delivered at the site at correct time in correct batch as specified from lab. By conducting this, the ability of communication can be improved a lot. Within the same, skill of listening, analysing problems also can be improved. For the transporting, placing and delivering the concrete to site there would be many ideas and it is difficult to choose the most feasible solution for the same. Only by experience and proper development of skills can high efficiency could be achieved.

There would be a briefing before the concreting and the main intentions for the meeting are quality control, health and safety, material management, labour management and time management. In quality control there would be a quality controller that should be present at time of concreting and should make sure the mix is having the specifications from the lab. In material management the contractor should ensure that all materials needed for concreting should be delivered to site three hours prior to concreting so the work could not be delayed. The labour management wing plays the role of providing sufficient number of labours for work which includes specialists as well. The time management is the point of no return, if the mixed concrete is not properly placed in desired location within its setting time, then it is a disaster. Therefore mixing, transportation and placing should be done properly. By this the skill of organising, operation and problem solving are improved considerably. The previous experience and proper guidance from senior staff also helps to forecast the technical and practical difficulties of the work so it helps to develop the learning skills as well.


After doing this assignment if I could be in same position as project manager then I know in which all fields that I can make improvements on. In the communication skills, I would like to make use of different charts and figures to understand the topics. Usually in site, health and safety rules are written in steps, instead I would use figures and cartoons so that workers can understand those quickly. Then I would prepare a separate Gantt chart for the day to day work other than the chart prepared before the start of the work. It is the result of learning from experience, because without the use of Gantt chart it is difficult to make report of daily work. If anything goes wrong and affects the work in site I would make use of the secondary plan for the work. Secondary plan is the usage of available resources of labour and material to finish some other work that could be done if there is any delay in prefixed operation so money and time can be saved considerably.


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