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Public School And Home School Education System: Malaysia

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Wordcount: 1085 words Published: 2nd May 2017

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Education is important without any doubt. Education system in Malaysia can be separate into normal public school and home school system. In 1957, the Razak Report indicated that Malay language is the main medium of instruction . (Kusuma et al. 2001, pg 6) The English and Chinese school which accepted the government offer will become normal public school. (Kusuma et al. 2001, pg 5)In nineteenth century, there were only average families have the chance to home school. (A short history of home education ,2005)The term of public school is they do not need to pay for the tuition fee. (Definition of a school-content, 2010) Educate children instead of school is the definition of home school.(Ross, M 2008)The syllabus used in normal public school is KBRSM ,while the syllabus used in home school is IGSE O-level and A-level.(Kusuma et al. 2001,pg 17; Tan,BC 2011)Nowadays, home schooling become more well known ,the debate about home school better or normal school better is being discussed vigorously .Different education system may produced different characteristic of students. Therefore, the aim of this investigation is to evaluate the normal public school system and home school system.

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Normal public school is producing better students than home school

The advantages of normal public school

One of the main advantages of normal public is the student is able to live in community. Public school provide large amount of opportunity to students, from a great deal of group project to team sports. (Advantages of Public schools, n.d.) According to the majority of survey respondents, public school students are typically capable to live in community. There are ninety two percent of respondent indicated that students in normal public school are able to live in community, as shown in figure 1.

(Personal survey 2011)

Figure 1

Other advantages are normal public school students gain a diverse social education.

(Kusuma et al. 2001,pg 38) Normal public school provide variety of students that comes

from different socioeconomic classes and background. Normal public school students has

the chances to meet it and solving different point of view and understand people with

various backgrounds and values. (Education Bug n.d.)

In addition, there are wider extracurricular provided by the normal public school.

Normal public school frequently offer a series of sports to a range of clubs and other

opportunity. Normal public school mostly have the facilities such as swimming pool or

purchase equipment ,such as laboratory equipment. Therefore, more curriculum are

available in normal public school. (Education Bug n.d.)

Moreover, student in normal public school is guarantee to have a teacher with

teaching certificate. Public school’s teacher is required to have a bachelor’s degree and

must pass in the Malaysian qualifications agency’s exam (MQA). (Kusuma et al. 2001,pg


The disadvantages of home school

The drawback of home school is the additional financial burden. The textbooks are usually expensive, the parents need to pay a premium price for it.(Pros and Cons of Homeschooling, 2008) Besides that, the curriculum needed is costly .The parents are require to spent on field trips, computer software, and materials for project. (Disadvantages of Home Schooling, 2002)

Another disadvantage of home school is the teachers or parents are not qualified to teach all the subject. The teachers or parents may not have a degree in education. Moreover, parents are oblige to dedicate and tolerant to their child. (Negative effects of homeschooling, 2008)

Furthermore, home school students will have the problem in social interaction. Home school students are less chances to interact and socialize. (Pros and Cons of Homeschooling, 2008)Home school students are at a disadvantage, because they do not have the opportunities to have relationship with their peers. (Disadvantages of Home Schooling, 2002) Responses from the survey indicate that sixty four percent of respondent are agree that home school will produced the student which is poor in social development,as shown in figure 2.

(Personal survey 2011)

Figure 2

Home school students

4.0 Conclusion

Based on this data, one could say that the normal public school system is producing better students compared to home school system. Students in normal public school is learning within a group setting, it give a stage to the students to have the diverse social interaction. Moreover, normal public school is provided varies of curricular activities for the student. However, normal public school could not provide one to one attention to all the students. They could not learn within their own level. Nevertheless, this is provided by home school system. Home school students is lack of social interaction and some parents may not qualified to teach the subject. This is the drawback of home school system. Therefore, normal public school system is still a better education system for producing a better students if the government could reduce the number of student in a class.

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This investigation is discussed whether normal public school system or home school system is producing a better students. A variety of primary and secondary research were used including a survey, an internet source, book source to provide the evidence to support the conclusions. The major of findings indicate that the public school system is producing a better student. The public school students are able to learn within a group setting, and has diverse social interaction with peers. Moreover, there are varies of curricular activities provided in public school. The disadvantages of home school are usually more expensive and the parents may not qualified to teach the subject. It is also harder to provide social interaction. The benefit of home school is small to teacher ratio and the students able to learn within their level. While the drawback of public school is high student to teacher ratio and scheduled learning. Quality of a student will be affected by the education system. A good education system will produce a better student. The report concludes that it is important for everyone to know the definition of home school and public school, the pros and cons of public school and home school.


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