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Professional Development For Strategic Managers Education Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Education
Wordcount: 3986 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Skill audit the term talks about skills a person have in him/her it’s all about what skills you have and what one will need in future therefore a person works on it to fulfill the requirements he/she would be needing in future to fulfill his/her organizational goals and tasks and to be successful more over it helps making an individual effective and efficient for the areas he/she working in to improve his/her knowledge, skills, and abilities KSA to be a successful individual in every step of life(B Wilson – 2010).

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Every individual has some skills some are god gifted some we got to learn with the passage of time and as we are here talking about the professional and personal skills, so PERSONAL skills are those skills that we need in our daily routine that is how we solve are daily routine problems which are sometimes really small but some people make it really big for them managing them with intelligence is a skill and controlling situations with a positive thought is also a skill because if a person is not a positive thinker he/she may face difficulties in managing situations which occur in daily basis is really very important, as how u mange your time with your studies, friends and entertainment it’s all balancing your life, moreover how you balance your personal and professional life and related issues which sometimes really affect your work in organizations and at home which often lead to separation or effect your job as one is terminated talking about PROFESSIONAL skills is those skills which every individual needs in their professional life’s to be successful and to be effective professional skills helps over how to manage your subordinates and your organizational responsibilities, professional skills are of two types, SOFTSKILLS and TECHNICAL SKILLS. Soft skills helps individuals to manage their subordinates and customers and organization as these skills includes, communication skills, it is how you manage your employees a good manger will avoid conflicts between their employees and subordinates and can change the situations. Leadership skills, it is a very important skill as a manger having good leadership skills can lead its team to its goal very easily and can achieve the targets on time moreover it gives benefits to the organization. Problem solving skills, this skill helps mangers to solve problems that occur in organization and to overcome that problem without facing big loss; this skill is one of the very important skills that a manger should have. Moreover a manger should be good at scheduling tasks like what targets to achieve within a given time period it is how to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively, inspiring your employees and your subordinates with those skills that you think your managers should have as this will create a will power in them to be like you in many situations. Motivational skill, it’s how a manger motivates their employees to words their work and this skill helps a lot as to gain their organizational targets effectively and efficiently. Skills involve many factors like setting your organizational goals and targets, coming up with training sessions to motivate employees and making them more useful to your organization as their KSA that is knowledge, skills and abilities would be useful to organization and it we polish them that would be highly profitable for the organization useful into consideration of your employees and see where they have interest if a manger have good observation he will fit the right person to the right place as it increase his/her efficiency, moreover organization will be benefited(JD Connelly).

Effective Management And Leadership:

Every individual working need to have good and effective management and leadership skills, every individual differs in many thing like the way they work, they talk, they think, they tackles with situations moreover how they use their skills.

Management skills help in managing people in organization efficiently and effectively, as well as leadership skill is also very important as it helps manager in leading their organizations effectively and accomplishing their tasks within the required timeline.

A manager should have effective personal as well as professional skills as it helps manger to keep balance in their professional and personal life’s which is very important as sometimes individuals are not able to manage their time and situations that leads to disappointment and sometimes stress and depression that affects an individual’s personal as well as professional life’s which leads to termination or separation and take a lot of time to be stable and normal again.


Every individual working in an organization should be self aware of themselves their qualities and skills as they help them to manage their work in organizations whether they are doing any type of jobs, if an individual is self aware of their skills, abilities, knowledge they can do skill audit and can manage what they want in their future to be successful and effective for their organization as well as to themselves.

Motivational Skills:

Motivational skills are one of the most important skills as it helps a lot to motivate employees towards organizational goals and targets and to achieve them efficiently and effectively. Motivational skills help a lot in dealing stressed situations and problems.


In order to progress in your field one must learn how to make solutions of the problems occur, and must be able to describe or investigate the problem. Diagnose the causes of the problem that affects in your personal as well as professional life, mangers should develop strategies and make alternates to resolve the problems occurring in the organization, problem solving helps a lot in decision making as an individual can solve problems and cope up with different situations easily. Problem solving is not a very easy job one as to first analyze the situation properly that have to work on it with keen observation as if one don’t find the right problem can lead to big losses, after you have found it you should create some implementation strategies and implement them.


A manger should be good at communication skills as this skill helps a lot in every situation of life whether a person is with any one or with any situation as a good communicator faces less difficulties comparatively to a person who is no good at communicational skills. One should convey a message or implementation of tasks in such a way that people, employees and your subordinates or followers understands your message clearly and get the right idea or scenario of the message. If it’s not effective or cannot convene them the reply would be disappointed as what the receiver has perceived would b wrong. So if one don’t want to face this kind of situations have to understands the importance of communication skills and a effective communicator can lead a good relationships with in organizations moreover can get trust of people around him/her.


An individual with effective leadership skills has many qualities like he has a positive attitude that supports individual which is very important moreover, he encourage team spirit, allocate the tasks, plans, do scheduling, give his feedback. He is responsible for developing plans and to achieve the planned task. Moreover give training to the followers or teams to achieve the tasks, goals or targets efficiently and effectively.

Leadership skills are often god gifted as it is stated that;

A GOOD LEADER IS A BORN LEADER therefore leadership skills are one of the very important skills that possess in an individual, the good leader always is responsible towards their works and always has good command over the situations he faces and he is responsible for leading people under him whether in organization or in normal routine as we know a good leaders have the whole world around him and they leads nations. A leader believes to do the task no matter what the circumstances are, he is the one who keeps the right balance between his followers and work as no conflict occur and solve problems according to the situation. The above mention skills are present in the good leader these skills help a leader to be a good leader and to lead the company in a good way and in the right direction.

A leader strengthen the morale of the team and his followers he works on the weak areas of the team and make them productive and updated he knows how to use and implement strategies and to satisfy his followers and teams and to attain the goals they are working on.

A leadership skill in strategic management involves planning which strategies to be used how to implement them and how to work on them then comes leading how one will motivate the team workers towards the tasks and how to work on it to achieve it so leading is one of the most important factor. Then comes organizing it perfectly by giving them training and guiding them and solving their problems, the last is to control them in a way that they can achieve it in the required time efficiently and effectively. He knows the team and the people working under name and he is fully aware of them and their qualities and can allocate the tasks and set standards among them in better way comparatively to someone who is not good at leadership skills.


One should be completely aware of his/her Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats as a person who knows himself can easily solve his/her problems and can cope up with situations moreover he/she can do skill audit too. There are many skills that a person needs in an organization to be effective and efficient while doing their job, such as presentation skills, presentation skills are very important as it is useful in organization as good presenter of any team will keep in notice who the audience he/she is talking to and he will convey his message in a way that they can understand. Team building, it is one of the most important skills a manager should as a good team can achieve any task or can fulfill any organizational goal efficiently and effectively with in the required time period. Problem solving, is really a helpful skill as in situations like when their problems occurs between a manger and a team worker or between two team worker that sometimes really create big misunderstanding so at situations like this a good manger can solve a problem intelligently. Motivational skills, this skill help a lot as in situations when v employees are not motivated towards their goals and tasks it creates big hurdles between organizational goals so a good manger can motivate their employee towards their goals. Communication and leadership’s skills are the most important skills that I will need in my job role as it helps a lot in managing team work and motivating people around you to words the tasks or goals one is looking for. Therefore leadership as well as communication skills help a lot. Moreover how they plan, organize, lead and control their situation and targets in the organization and to achieve them efficiently and effectively (P Hersey, KH Blanchard… – 1982).


Above mention skills helps a lot in meeting organizational as well as personal goals and objectives like communication skills helps in both scenarios dealing with subordinates or with parents after a bad result.

Leadership skills involve many aspects like planning, organizing, leading and controlling.


LG electronics a company established in 1958 which was a merger of two Korean company lucky and gold stars. From which they drive out LG and the slogan is life’s good their business is in around 39 countries around the world moreover they share a good market in electronic area.

Around two years back in 2008 they face a big loss in PAKISTAN (Balochistan) their warehouse got burn up and all the material they have to supply to other cities across Pakistan were all destroyed that was a big disaster for them which have finished a big market that LG was sharing among other competitor has lost it that was a natural. Disaster of which LG should have prepared some strategies that can at least cover some loss that they has faced, after this accident LG is still not able to cope up with the situation still and now they are closing down as now a days they are doing layoffs from the organization moreover their employees are also leaving them, if LG has done some strategic planning before it would be not facing this kind of problems and can overcome these issues more easily. From this example we can learn how organizations should be strategically strong and overcome situations like these which are a lot helpful and moreover it can stable easily without losing its position in the market.



Everyone should be aware of their Strengths. Weakness, opportunities and threats in one is very important as well as hard as it is really very hard to know the real self, and to really know your actual self one should ask a friend about it as it helps a lot.


My communication skills helped me a lot as it really make my things good for me and I can deal with worst situations in a very normal manner means without getting panic, whether it’s related to my personal life, or my professional. Moreover now I have a trust on myself as well as found new and better ways to cope up with situations that are really stressful in depressing in a positive manner moreover dealing with new people is no more a night mare to me, due to this skill I can mange good reputation among people I really want to have.


I always look forward to good and competitive opportunities. As they brings new learning with them which helps a lot in dealing with new and different situations which always have distinctive solutions more over it brings great new and unique ideas from which one can improve many skills. These opportunities help a lot in overcoming your weaknesses, and make one more objective oriented, efficient and effective towards his goals, objectives and tasks. Which helps a lot to become a successful in future, and always appreciated.


My major weakness is problem solving as I sometimes cannot cope up with the situation and that makes me panic, which majority time destroys all my hard work and leads to stress, moreover I don’t have control over my emotions, I am not a strong person and I want to be one, sometimes due to these weakness I lost my hold on situations that leads to disappointment and make situations worst that take me away from my vision.


The main threat in my life is me myself as I believe to take myself into control then nobody can challenge my plans and cannot ruin them for me as people always pinpoint the negative aspects in one’s work that majority times leads to disappointment and demotivated us so therefore I always work on myself that the area I am working on I am an expert of it and no criticism can effects on my performance and I have to do more and more better with every new assignments and every new thoughts (S Cottrell 2003 )

TASK # 2

Construct a personal development plan that meets leadership development requirements identified in the skills audit.

To make myself better in leadership skills first I have built my confidence level and to believe on me, in a sense that I can do anything I want to As I have to be a positive thinker first that can change half of my life and I have to trust myself that I can do it as to built up your moral strong half work is done and moreover I have to see things out of the box that will help me in wild situations and I can generate good and unique ideas moreover can come up with innovative solutions to train and motivate employees or the followers I have in the way I want because if I have that charisma in me that I can change people’s thoughts I can change the world. Therefore to achieve these thoughts and skills I have to make a plan and follow it thoroughly as first step would be observation that I have to observe that what the audience around me wants to listen , I have to prepare that lesson and speak in a manner that fascinate them and to build their trust on me as long as they started trusting me my work is done, now I just have to trust myself and my feelings and I have to be very positive that they would not be miss guided or face any difficulty because of me, moreover I have to look up on them as my strength and to be strong enough to help them all and to them all personally,

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Theses all factors mention above will make me good at leadership and to develop leadership skill I have to be very much passionate with what really want and what I am learning I have to increase my Communication skills as if I can communicate well to them after that they can understand me what I really want them to do and if I am not a good communicator I cannot be a good leader as well. After this come the motivational factor as motivation is very important for a leader its team or its followers are his motivation and for the followers or team the leader is the motivation if a leader is not a good motivator he cannot be a good leader so I have to increase my motivational skills to meet leadership skills. I have to schedule my work to be on time and to be up to date more over I have to be self aware that I can see what I am into with at that particular moment.

To being a good leader the skill audit I have to go with is first TRUST, trust is the base of everything, to win heart as when one throw a baby in air he smiles and trust on you that you will catch him, just like that trust helps a lot in winning one’s heart, making up decision, therefore for it first I have to trust myself and then believe in me as it helps a lot and I show my dedication and I am always honest with my tasks that is allocated to me and finish it by deadline which helps me a lot in gaining others trust and make my things easier for me. Then comes building up relationships that should be very friendly and positive therefore which can lead to healthy and trust worthy relationships more over I have to look forward what kind of relations I am coming up with as I know my weaknesses that is I am not emotionally very strong which leads me sometimes messing up the whole scenario for me and as well as for others, so therefore my target I s to build up good and healthy relationship[s in my personal and professional life’s. to be responsible is one of the very important factor that I have to be strong with as I am already very responsible person and take care of important thing as if I mess up with them I will screw my things up and the circumstances would be no good. Therefore I have notice that my responsible behavior helps me in maintaining good and strong relationships with others moreover with less time people trust on me and that motivate me and make me more loyal towards my work and responsibilities. To improve my skills I also have to consider which way I am heading towards and moreover I have to review my tasks and the procedure so I cannot act bias to my team members and is all become strategic planning to be good at leadership skills and to audit my skills for my future that will help me to be efficient and to be successful.

Assess the outcomes of the personal development plan against personal work objectives:

To fulfill these strategic planning objectives, I have to first Schedule myself as in I have to be a good time manager as it is one of the basic thing which match and resolve task by which I would be able to meet my objectives. I have to divide my work and give equal timings to each of the task and a dead line so I would be managing my time effectively. PLANNING I have to be an effective planner so my schedule tasks don’t get disturbed as I work and study so usually I face difficulties in planning things as when its end of the semester I have to complete some given projects and moreover my finals are on my head and at job I have to give my best and to complete those tasks that is allocated to me so I have to develop good strategy to work on them more over I have to be consistent so that I can fulfill my task with my schedule as I have planned it, so consistency is one of the important factor and I have to work with my problems within the required time so I don’t mess up my planned targets. To achieve all these goals training and development will help me a lot as if I will take some classes regarding it I will develop skills to overcome my problems and I have to work hard to achieve all these abilities, knowledge and skills as the world is moving really very fast and I have to move with it the rapid changes in technology is creating bid differences among people therefore to cope up with it I have to be more time bound planned scheduled and fast moreover I have to be S.M.A.R.T. that is SPECIFIC, MEASUREABLE, ACHIEVEABLE, RELEVENT & TIMEBOUND

Therefore I have to be smart in my daily routine whether personal or professional this is how I will implement these strategies to achieve my goals.

Evaluate the impact of your own learning against the achievement of strategic goals:

While working on these strategic goals I achieve a lot benefits as I felt that I am getting responsible and I really learn how to manage my time as now I am good at time management, I felt I have improve my KSAs knowledge, skills and abilities moreover I used the S.M.A.R.T technique very smartly which really help me as to how to be Specific with me things like i gave importance to those tasks which very more important, and measureable the planned and scheduled things were, and I really achieved my targets and goals within the required time period I was given that made me really efficient and was appreciated by my colleges as well as bosses, which really motivated me to be more specific, moreover to be related with relevant things help me to give good and positive output, to be related with things helps me a lot to be more efficient as I realize the reality that only less knowledge and less believe on ourselves leads us to difficulties after it I really can solve difficult tasks without panic as I learnt how to be a good problem solver. It is really easy to overcome the things which are making us weak and it’s easier to hear appreciation comparatively to criticism I really felt it after I implement these strategic goals on myself I learnt how to fulfill my objectives, how I can win trusts of the people around me, how can I became more responsible, scheduled and planned, and how I mange my time which was one of the biggest issue I faced. I learnt how to communicate with people who really not interested in talking, how to reduce down my work stress by following all these strategic goals. One can easily learn these strategic goals by following some really small and important techniques, you can ask your good friend about the weaknesses u have as we are really not able see the problems in ourselves as others can judge, so ask a friend whose anything you really don’t mind moreover you can take help of therapist (counselor) as they can help and highlights the weakness one has in himself. A good quality learner can overcome these problems very easily.


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