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Problems Of Pakistani Education System

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Hamza Naeem

Can you imagine what will happen with Pakistan if there is no improvement in the education system of Pakistan? Can this system will improve in future? Education is like a back bone for the development of a country. It is like a weapon through which everything can be corrected. The definition of education is the process of delivery of knowledge and becoming an educate person. According to the constitution of Pakistan, 1973 –Article 137-b “The state shall remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within minimum possible period”. Problems in education system should be eliminated to promote unity among men and women and offer a better quality atmosphere for learning.

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In Pakistan the major problem of education system is dual education system. Dual education means that study of students in different mediums. The poor students study in Urdu medium and the rich students in English medium. This create very problem. For Instance, when both rich and poor students enter into a mature life, the poor student face very difficult to pick the English language and the rich students pick the English language and answers very quickly. This create discriminants among the poor students.

In many schools of Pakistan government have changed Urdu medium syllabus to English medium syllabus and most of educators in government schools are unaware of those English language which is written in the course also most of teachers are old there.so they do not teach the students properly as a result many of the students fail. Government should have either change the syllabus in Urdu language or rule in a young teachers who know English language properly.

Gender discriminants is also another flaws of education system in Pakistan. The ratio of primary education for girls is less as compare to boys which is more concern able for the government. The growth of the private schools has been increase in Pakistan for the last few years. It is believed that Pakistan is the country which is facing a lot of gender discrimination. It creates a lot of gap among haves and have not’s.

Lack of technical and scientific education is also the biggest flaws of Pakistani education system that have never been focused before. The main reason for this problem is that lack of technical and science teachers due to this reason students are un aware of technical scientific equipment’s and this creates a lot of problem in future when they enter into a live work places. Therefore, less technical and scientific education means low standard of education.

The allocation of funds for education are very low. *In 2011-2012 it is near about 0.9 to 0.58 percentage of the total GDP. It should be near about 7% of the total GDP. At that budget grant, the illiteracy rate would not be decreased but increase day by day. The simple way to increase the budget of education federal and provincial government should decrease their expenditures and should spend this on the education budget to increase literacy rate.

In numerous government schools the instructors are less educated and they do not teach the students properly. When the base of the child is not prospective then in future he will face lot of difficulties in many subjects. Those who does not know how to teach the students become instructor and they are not professionally educator because when they have no work to do they become to instructor. This shows that Pakistan have low criteria for education.

Another problem of Pakistani education system is lack of respect of teachers. In Pakistan, there is no respect of teachers. If teacher beat any student in college or university then next day the student which is bitten by teacher beat him. It is noticed that, **In Karachi November 22, 2013 “The senior teacher of science faculty was beating at the hands of some activists of a major student organization”.

Selection of subjects among students is one of the problems of education system especially in colleges. Some students do not select correct subjects in college and they fail. For example, when students enter in college life their parents force them to choose those subjects which their parents suggest and students do not take interest in those subjects and they do not read properly this causes a failures.

Another flaws of Pakistani education system is regionally difference. The schools in province Baluchistan (largest province in its large area) are not well decorated and groomed as compare to province Punjab (largest province in its population).In Punjab there is a level of merit of education as compared to other provinces as they are fail to develop a good atmosphere for education. In FATA there is a low literacy rate of education. The literacy rate of education for women is extremely low as compare to men.

There is a lack of good institutes in Pakistan. In our neighbor country like India have near about 1500 universities and in our country there are only 150 universities but some of these universities have no standard level. In many universities of Pakistan, there is only one main program which is engineering. Some of these universities are recognized with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and most of them are not recognized with PEC. This create very problem when students go to apply for a job they are rejected because their degree is not recognized with PEC. In the medical field of Pakistan there is lot of private institute and they receive lot of fee from their students. After completion of their MBBS private institutes provide no house jobs for their students and they have to do house job in government hospitals free of cost.

Lack of government funds to educational institutes is the main problem of Pakistani education system. Sometime many universities in Pakistan are closed due to lack of funding because government make policies in universities and after making policies for universities government ensure the vice chancellors of universities that government provide all facilities to the poor students But ,in fact it is not come true.

In many schools of Pakistan lack of furniture’s, proper rooms, play grounds, staffrooms, and arrangements for portable water, sanitary workers, support staff ,peons and security guards. It was reported in express tribune (March 24, 2012) that ***“According to a Free and Fair Election Network (Fafen) report released that, 95 boys’ primary schools out of 161 monitored across 85 districts in January were found to be without playgrounds. In addition, 74 schools were without chairs for students, while 35 did not have any furniture for teachers and 118 schools had no staffroom. As many as 38 schools had no arrangements for potable water and only eight had sanitary workers. Other support staff – peons and security guards – was present only in 48 schools. However, classrooms in 133 schools were found to be clean despite the unavailability of sanitary workers. Also, 129 schools had electricity connections but only 16 had well-lit classrooms. Fans were available in classrooms of 128 schools.”

No politician in Pakistan paid attention in improving the level of education system. Politicians are no better rights to involve in education system and now this time our education system reflect with this fact. Public education system needs a new wall without the interference of political leaders. Bureaucracy is falling to reform in education because they are unaware of educational system. It was posted in Dawn newspaper that ****“In Timergara (Lower Dir.), July 25 various teachers organizations have called for an end to political interference in the district education department”

Students political wings like (IJT, PSF, APMSO) etc. in many universities creates very problems in educational institutes. The fight between different student wings in university creates problem like during their fight university academic system is badly affected. Sometime university is closed for one or many weeks and this is not a good sign. In fact, it is the failures of university administration and also provincial and federal government.

In Pakistan there is “Chaudhary” and “Wad era” system of education. It means that in many villages of Pakistan the children of the poor study in government schools, small and without facility in village schools they work very hard but when big people (Chaudhary and wad era) see that poor’s child work very hard and want to become equal with them then they threat him with different methods.it indicate that in Pakistan there is no rights of poor people to get education and become equal with rich people.

Poverty is also one of the biggest fact that stops the parents to send their children to private schools.so they without take any steps prefer to send their children to government schools where the education is not much more satisfactory. Without money families are unable to send their children to schools and bear uniforms and other expenditures. Free primary education is a human right but in Pakistan it is only free in government sectors which is not satisfactory primary education.

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Finally, government should take steps for the improvement of education system and spend money for the improvement of primary, secondary and higher education and also increase the budget for education. More Schools, colleges, universities, medical and engineering colleges are needed to be open. More attention must be given to scientific and technical education so that more students come in these fields. Subjects relevant teachers should be enter as soon as possible. Politics should be finished from education. Students also pay full attention on their study. Full rights to get education should be given to women so that they should come equal with men. If government not take steps we should stand for it until all problems will not finish. Allah Almighty said in Quran in surah Raad (13) verse 11 that “It is a fact that Allah does not change the condition of a people unless they bring about a change in their own selves”. These are all hopes how to improve our education system? But who will come among us to eliminate these problems?



** http://dawn.com/news/166719/karachi-student-activists-beat-up-teacher-ku-faculty-members-protest-today

*** http://tribune.com.pk/story/354172/report-public-schools-lacking-furniture-playgrounds/



Hamza Naeem





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Mr.Zameer Nawaz

Namal college, Mianwali


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