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Peer Counseling

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Peer Counseling: Another Dimension of Warrior Recovery


What is peer counseling? Is it helpful or harmful to participate in peer counseling? How many hours are needed to be a peer counselor? When was peer counseling introduced to the theories. How effective is peer counseling? Do individuals empower themselves with peer counseling? Does peer counseling offer advice? Is peer counseling differentiated from an actual counselor? In order to view the intricate of a peer counselor we are going to be exposed to the different techniques use with individuals. How does peer counseling help the individual?

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Peer Counseling are individuals, who are selected to helps others because of their abilities to interact with individuals from a wide range of background and standards. Requirements are as follows; 20 hours of training, person must accept the responsibility to be professional, protect confidentially, and most of all show the greatest respect to the client. Peer counselor does not provide advice but assists the individual with making the right discussions. One of the major contributors in using this method of counseling is the armed forces; it has established a first line of defense. The concept was introduced in the early 60’s and 70’s. It has helped the armed forces with peer counseling, their clients’ family and the community. The goal is to prevent potential conflicts of interest, crises intervention, and using basic elements of theories. Peer counseling maximizes the role of a “helper” in many cases. One of the major goals of a peer counselor is to have empathy.

My Reflection

Peer counseling is a thriving way for individuals to help one another. Peer counseling observe and discuss individuality, productivity and increase the quality of interaction with others. Individuals may guide others to have a better understanding of themselves. Experienced, peer counseling can help individuals to become self reliant and maintain a positive outlook on life. If a peer counselor is not properly trained, they can provide improver or wrong information causing the individual not to progress in a normal healthy way. Training for peer counseling, an individual gets involve with workshops, supervised practicum experiences, presentations, role playing, and interaction with professionals. In accumulation to providing guidance to the individual, training should emphasize the client’s right to confidentiality, privacy, interpersonal skills, and empathy. In addition to this training, the individual should be well aware of the responsibilities of the peer counselor. However, upon competition of the training, peer counselor become proactive on helping individuals in becoming good and healthy individuals. Peer counselors should be able to: make appropriate referrals; help the individual complete all of the required counseling sessions, and conduct group discussions on the topics of self helped. The crucial point in peer counselors is the cooperation of the entire group to help others as well. Peer counseling is a pact between peers to work together, it is critical to provide immediate feedback and evaluate the individual to see the individual’s progress. Peer counseling could be considered to be the norm now-a-days, but the individual need to realize that this is only a mini-self help. If the individual is in need of a counselor, the individual needs to initiate the session with an actual counselor. Peer counseling is only a short-term goal to help the individual while away from any civilization. Peer counseling helps the individual feel secure and acquiring a set routine of therapeutic help. Peer counseling by no means takes the place of an actual counselor. It is used as an outlet for the individual to get self help. Peer counseling can help an individual if the individual is not able to get help. While procedures in selecting a peer counselors, the individual must aim for a counselor who demonstrate empathy, high self-confidence, and the ability to accept standards different from their own prospective. In selecting a professional counselor, training programs main emphasis is on the intellectual of the individual. Therefore the abilities of the individual may not connect with effective interpersonal skills. Peer counselor programs offer training in specific skills related to genuine relationships. Professional peer counseling training programs are a “melting pot” of science, art, and practice with interpersonal skills. Overall, in order for peer counseling to be considered successful the individual must have an understanding that it is only short term until they are able to reach an actual counselor.


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