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Online learning versus traditional classroom learning

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Wordcount: 1263 words Published: 3rd May 2017

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Distance learning – is a set of technologies that provide students with the basic delivery of study material, interactive communication between students and teachers in learning process, providing students with the possibility of independent work on development of study material, as well as in the learning process. Now the term distance learning has become synonymous with e-learning or online learning, meaning, in fact, not only learning via the Internet.

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Prerequisite for the emergence and subsequent development of distance learning was the expansion of the Internet technologies usage in all spheres of life and activities, including in education. Study of Internet technologies and software for the Internet is an indispensable part of any high school (and sometimes school) program. Over time, the Internet has become not only an object of study, but also turned into an environment where you can enjoy full training applicants.

According to The Differences Between Online and Traditional Classroom Educations (2010), modern computer telecommunications are able to provide knowledge transfer and access to a variety of educational information on a par, and sometimes much more effective than traditional teaching tools. Experiments have confirmed that the quality and structure of training courses, as well as the quality of teaching in distance education is often much better than traditional forms of education. New electronic technologies such as interactive CDs CD-ROM, electronic bulletin boards, multimedia hypertext, accessible via the Internet, can not only ensure the active involvement of students in the learning process, but also allow you to manage this process in contrast from most traditional learning environments. The integration of sound, movement, image and text creates a new unusually rich in its capabilities learning environment with the development of which will increase and the degree of students’ involvement in the learning process. Interactive features used in the LMS programs and delivery systems allow the information to adjust and even stimulate feedback, dialogue, and provide ongoing support, which is impossible in most traditional systems of education.

According to E-learning vs Traditional Classroom Instruction (2010), distance learning allows solve several problems inherent in traditional teaching methods. Its main advantage is in solving the problem of access to education, which means general availability of educational resources regardless of geographic location. In addition to the advantages of geographical freedom in choosing the place of study, will solve the problem of availability, remote technology has many other virtues. Pedagogical features of this technology include mainly independent work student at a convenient time for him. Thus, self-management training schedule makes it attractive for busy people who wish to obtain a second degree, or improve their skills.

It should be mentioned that the same advantage is also a “trap” for those who believe that by studying distantly, you can work on educational material occasionally, from time to time. Typically, learning is constructed in such a way: the student periodically receives from the teacher’s assignment for the review of the theoretical material, passing the final test, based on the theory and also, perhaps, practical tasks. If the assignments and tests will not be delivered on time, the next stage lessons will not be sent to student. Besides that there are a number of distance learning advantages among them:

Flexible schedule for student, it can even change the student himself, combining education with work and other activities, saving time on the road to the school or university.

Typically, students are given the opportunity to communicate with an individual teacher or the author of the curriculum.

Illustrations, diagrams, charts, presentations, online tests to increase the visibility of information, making learning fun.

Often the cost of Internet education is much lower compared to full-time. There is also a unique proposition. Thus, the Internet University of Computer Science gives everyone a free education (choice of courses is also quite broad – more than 180).

Many institutions that provide services to distance education, after school has issued the relevant document.

According to Somer Flaherty (2010), distance education (as, perhaps, any other) have its disadvantages:

The choice of specialties as long as enough is extensive – most of them are related to computer technology or commerce.

If you are more receptive to hearing information, distance learning, you may find it boring and difficult.

If you cannot change live communication with the teacher and other students to correspond via email, online education is hardly suiting you.

Due to the fact that distance education is gaining momentum, it is not always compete with the traditional. In the distance learning student only uses Internet technology in all types of training activities. A user to login, get access to learning materials (sometimes after the payment of course). Modern technologies allow place not only textual information but also pictures, video and audio. All of this is provided with convenient navigation system on sections of the course. There is typically in distance learning when student receives not only the layout of educational materials, and testing, but also communication with the teacher and other students.

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According to Somer Flaherty (2010), distance learning can be group or individual. There is not entirely correct view that distance learning students are not available techniques and teaching methods of group learning that, say, the students, being away from each other, cannot fully communicate and engage in collaborative work. In fact, modern system to the proposed number of communication: the same forums and chat rooms have become an integral part of the methodology.

Another important point in the organization learning process is a way student and teacher communicating each other. Such interaction is organized synchronously or asynchronously. The first method provides for communication of students and teachers in real time. Basically, this uses the internal chat systems of distance learning. Sometimes, the system also contains tools for video conferencing. Asynchronous learning is carried out when the student and the teacher cannot communicate in real time, and then up to the organized, mainly through e-mail correspondence. It should be noted that teacher’s consultations (both synchronous and asynchronous) – is a prerequisite of successful distance learning course, and without it learning will not be complete.

In my opinion distance learning system give equal opportunities to pupils, students, civil and military professionals, the unemployed in all regions of the country and abroad to realize their human right to education and information. This system can be most adequately and flexibly respond to the needs of society and ensure the implementation of the constitutional right to education of every citizen. I am very sympathetic to the fact that in the heart of distance learning is the student. Considering my experience I can say that most information is remembered by a student with self-learning, independently. I strongly believe that distant learning – is the future of education system.


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