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Online Education and Traditional Education

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Thousands of people turned to online teaching them to complete their education to rise to the high level in their jobs and them to take qualifying courses or improve their level of education .It has influence in our society such as helped a lot of people who can not come to the seat of education, and it has its pros such as gives us with an chance to develop technology skills for teachers and students, and cons such as It is known that online education is not for all people, not for the uncontrolled educated or inflexible instructors , and there is a difference between online education and traditional education, and it has types.

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It is highly important to say that learning is no longer confined within the four walls of a classroom. The instructor, armed with a textbook, is no longer the sole source of educational experience. It is also known that Information resources are everywhere, often separated from the learner by time and space. Online Education defines the process of connecting learners with these remote resources. No one can deny that Learning is a lifelong pursuit where training and retraining become strategies for both individual and corporate success. It is noted that there are a variety of Online Education solutions for every educational need. It is thought that some people agree that Online Education has come a long way and opened new vistas in the field of education, some researchers are still questioning the value of learning through non traditional means. Whatever is the case, there are various opinions to consider and they are all true in their own right.

This search for the purpose of to show people different between online education and traditional education .Many people prefer traditional education than online education.


Online Education can be defined as a media based, remote, or asynchronous and supported by some instructional systems, it vans also be defined as it is a formalized teaching and learning system dedicated Because it can learn through electronic media and the Internet, and online education low cost and do not require specific places for education.

It is noted that Online Education offers more opportunities Cases where it is difficult to traditional education of students with difficulty scheduling or distances as well as distance education can be easier and more flexible in terms of time and place

There are three popular Online Education technologies include:

Voice-centered technology, such as CD or MP3 recordings, Video technology, such as instructional videos, DVDs, and interactive videoconferencing, and Computer-centered technology delivered over the Internet or corporate intranet.

Many surveys, studies and researched highlight the fact that Online Education Can be online education such as traditional education to provide appropriate ways for teaching assignments, and no interaction between student and teacher, and can be for students and teachers formulation their opinions in a timely manner.

No one can deny that this type of education has merits and demerits, in our research, we will focus on that fact, we will do our best to discuss it I a manner that helps us to develop the Saudi educational system and upgrade its output.

One of the most important benefits of Online Education is that beneficial for gifted and slower Students for many reasons such as : one hand, Provides advanced education and good for all ages, especially for students who have been deprived of the school environment . On the other hand, it provides students with individualized Online Education classes allow interactive. Stimulate and support and boost the morale of students that will enable them to progress in our time. Help develop and expand the horizons of children from gifted students through improved curricula.

On the other hand, one can not deny that online education works to save money, and one of its advantages. While in traditional education to provide a budget for many requirements such as housing and gas, and other needs of students both in online education do not need them, with the student’s ability to full education at But, we can conclude that Become rare to use and transport, and they only need a computer and a quiet place suitable for the study, and there are a lot of students dream to go to the headquarters of the study.

In our research we will identify the importance of online education and the pros and cons, and its effects on society and types.


First of all, we a student group would like to say that our research report will be forwarded to all people who want to complete their education, but they still have some problems in time or anything, also for student in higher education or secondary student in some country.

Due to the developments in Information Technology and the industrial revolution as well, it is agreed that there are many new ways and modes of transfer and accommodate materials for students .Which make education floppy in nature ,and also not strictly obliged by time and place .

Some studies mentioned the fact that: there is information already collected by the researchers and findings reached can be extrapolated across all the universities imparting education in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the applicability of certain previous studies in gathering data and then inferring concrete results may not be quite fully applicable to Saudi Arabia,

Taking in to consideration that any comprehensive On-line Education solution will often be a combination of technology options, creating a set of learning tools that meet the needs of both the instructor and the learner.

It is worthy mentioned to say that Distance education is divided in terms of transportation into two types: Direct contact and indirect contact .It Is allows the possibility of combining start work life and study at the same time, it’s to reduce cost and it’s use the technical means and advanced technologies, such as the printed word , or recorded on cassette tape , or recorded on videotape or on CD and make the links between teacher and student and the delivery of material to the last . Online education not relies on the actual attendance but in traditional education you must attend every day for the study. Online education is reducing the administrative burden for the teacher .it’s a good way to teach some people because it has multiple ways .

It is of paramount importance to mention the advantages and disadvantages of On-line Education in order to utilized the advantages and avoid disadvantage in the soon future to develop the Saudi educational systems a whole:

First let us talk about the advantages:

These advantages of online education include the following: Firstly, Gives us with an chance to develop technology skills for teachers and students . Secondly, It also gives us access to World Resources And experts through Internet connection and Internet resources. Thirdly, It states for an increase in access to education for those who otherwise have no other chances because of the labor , family or financial constraints. in addition, It give us for a modality of instruction best appropriate for certain students . Fourthly It states greater elasticity to schedule education students can select the time and Location of “class time”. Fifthly, It also gives greater elasticity in location for study . Sixthly, learners can participate course at house or labor or on campus or at library. Seventhly, bearing in mind that it is student Centered -DE places responsibility for learning with the student who should be more active and self directed. Eighthly, It facilitates greater learner instructor interaction, it also increased interaction with classmates. Ninthly ,Facilitates Pedagogic Development-Individual Instructor Development, Produces a carryover effect into the regular classroom of improved pedagogic techniques, and it allows for the internationalization of learning opportunities. Finally, it has the ability to equalize get to education.

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Second, we will talk about the disadvantages to be avoided in order to reach our own target to develop and upgrade the Saudi educational system:

These disadvantages of online education include the following, firstly, It is known that online education is not for all people, not for the uncontrolled educated or inflexible instructors. Secondly ,It provides us with sentiments of solitude from time to time . Thirdly, Is likely to be less group uphold for educated resulting to isolation and potential non-completion of the program .Fourthly, It requires a great voltage to establish and maintain the technological infrastructure .fifthly, It also requires considerable effort and cost to develop suitable materials.sixthly, It is noted that education design for group activities and group interaction more require on the teacher . Seventhly , it is also noted that learner should be more proactive and self-directed in online education environment. Eighthly, It depends on individual motivation and initiative .Online Education takes gap time between learner participation and feedback time interval between need for student support and decision .ninthly, It also needs occasional internet provider downtime and Finally, we can say that one of the big disadvantages of Online Education is time and frustrations participate learning how to access online for beginner.

There are four types of Online Education but it is highly important to understand the difference between different types of Online Education when choosing the right course for you, you can choose the one that best suits your learning style and personal circumstances.

Distance Learning:

It has a lot in common with the original correspondence .Students can study in anytime, and at any place of their choice , and without face-to-face with a teacher.

Self Study:

It can be defined as a minimalist form of distance learning. , and considers a good method of education so that the person learns and understands himself. Enables person to take responsibility in the planning and implementation.


e-learning gave to people many opportunities to learn through the Internet and to benefit

Blended learning:

It can be defined as a combination of Online Education and traditional classroom teaching.


Our research is focused on 'Online education' , therefore, It is of paramount importance to mention the pros and cons of Online Education in order to utilized the advantages and avoid disadvantage in the soon future to develop the Saudi educational systems a whole.

It is agreed upon the fact that Online Education Presents more opportunities in situations where traditional education has difficulty running. Students with scheduling or distance problems can benefit, as can employees, because distance education can be more flexible in terms of time and can be delivered almost anywhere and anytime.

Online Education is the provision of academic courses and entire degree programs when instructor and students are geographically separated.

Many surveys, studies and research highlight the fact that Online Education be as effective as the traditional format when the methods are appropriate to the teaching assign , there is interaction between student and teacher, and the teachers supply students with the appropriate and timely feedback.

Online Education it has different types . It is highly important to understand the difference between this types when choosing the right course for you, you can choose the one that best suits your learning style and personal circumstances

Finally, the success of the On-line Education depends basically on the environments surrounding us, many nation has succeed to follow this system as they apply it as appropriate, while others failed to do this but this is an important type of education to be observed and followed.


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