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Observation and Evaluation of a Teacher's Lesson

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Wordcount: 1095 words Published: 4th May 2017

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Describe the group characteristics (number and types of students, grade level, course description, etc.) of the observed classroom.

There are 25 elementary school students in the classroom. The teacher is teaching multicultural students in an English Language Learners program. As the teacher explains how to distribute class material her instructions were made in English and Spanish. This indicates that some of her students are from Hispanic origin.

Describe the tone of the observed teacher’s interactions with students.

The teacher’s tone is firm and clear. The firmness of the teacher’s voice establishes the role she takes as the leader of the class. The clear tone allows the students to understand instructions given by their teacher. The firm and clear tone establishes the way the teacher interacts with students based on a teacher centered instruction. The teacher provides the students with information and the students are the receiver of that information.

2. Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning

Explain how the observed teacher builds the confidence of students with diverse backgrounds.

The English Language Learners teacher assisted one of her student as she explained how to distribute class material for their next activity. She assisted the students by communicating effectively in Spanish to guide the student to properly distribute class material. This method helps students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to build their confidence by encouraging them participate during an activity. When a student has a clear understanding of the instructions they are able to complete the task successful. This helps students to interact with their class environment in a positive way as they start building their self confidence.

Describe the level of student engagement with the observed lesson.

The students in the video are highly engaged. For example, the students are seating at their chairs and seating up straight as they listen actively to their teacher instructions. The students use eye contact to let their teacher know they are paying attention as she explains how to distribute materials. By staying quiet and facing forward is another indication they are engaged with the teacher’s instruction during their lesson.

3. Connections to Other Effective Teaching Practices

Connect one pedagogical strategy observed in the lesson to building the confidence of students with diverse backgrounds.

In the video the students are organized in small group discussions called cooperative learning. “Cooperative Learning is a systematic pedagogical strategy that encourages small groups of students to work together for the achievement of a common goal” (George Mason University, n.d., para.10). Students from diverse backgrounds are often hesitant to share ideas with the entire classroom due to the lack of confidence. Small group discussion allows the opportunity for students to contribute ideas and develop a bond among their group members. In the video the students in the cooperative groups were laughing as they interacted with one another. Children from diverse backgrounds learn to work as a team, develop social skills and start building their confidence through cooperative learning.

4. Evaluation

Assess the effectiveness of the strategies the observed teacher used to build the confidence of students with diverse backgrounds.

The first strategy viewed in the video was the way the teacher interacted with her diverse students through her tone. The teacher centered method was used through the teacher’s tone of voice as she established her role as the leader. The purpose of this role is to effectively build a respectful relationship between teacher and student. As this relationship develops, students from diverse backgrounds will begin to build a bond of trust with their teacher. This bond influences a positive impact in a student’s self esteem, confidence, and it motivates them to participate in class activities. The second strategy viewed in the video was the teacher’s explanation on the importance of understanding and learning from her diverse students bring into the classroom. For example “Teach me how it is that you say it because I want to make the connection between what you know and what we know. We want to make sure that you feel good about who you are.” When a teacher demonstrates respect and wiliness to learn from their diverse students, it helps students to appreciate themselves more. Through that appreciation students will feel valued and respected which will contribute to their confidence. The final strategy is cooperative learning. Cooperative learning allows students to interact with other students in a smaller group rather than sharing it with the entire class. Students from diverse backgrounds can build their confidence through team work, sharing ideas, and creating bonds as they work in groups. This foundation of confidence can lead to participating and sharing ideas in a class discussion.

Explain the thinking process you went through to complete this evaluation.

A teacher’s relationship with their students, a teacher’s method of teaching and cooperative learning method was the strategies I focused on to complete this evaluation. The first thing I focused on was the teacher and student relationship. Seen in the video the interaction between teacher and students was established through the teacher’s role as a leader and the way she included her students during the distribution of material by speaking in English and Spanish. The relationship a teacher has with their students is very important. It leads to respect, trust, and it encourages students to seek further education. The second things I focused on was the teacher’s explanation why she taught the way she did. For example, “We don’t want you to lose what you are and who you are.” When a teacher shows respect and willing to learn from their students it leads to building a positive relationship in the classroom. The last thing was exploring the importance of cooperative learning. I realized this method is great opportunity for students to develop a positive interaction with peers and a healthy impact on their confidence. All of these strategies contribute to a student’s confidence, motivates students to succeed and genuinely build a bond among peers.


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