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My Personal Swot For My Bright Future

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Wordcount: 3419 words Published: 2nd May 2017

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Introduction : I was analysed of the my personal and professional goals, skills, learning style, development, management, my personal swot for my bright future. I need to do this things for this complete this all the tasks.

As you can see in my personal skills audit (appendix 1) I have taken the necessary steps in order to successfully achieve my goals and objectives. In order to achieve the goals stated above I have to undertake numerous personal improvements in order to further develop myself and improve not only as a person but also as a manager. Within the skills audit the main areas in which I need to immediately improve are: I) to improve my writing skills, ii) using visual aids to help in presentations iii)using graphs to present information and iii) using strategies to help cope with stress.

These main areas of improvements will be crucial to both my personal and organisational goals as without these I will not be very successful in communicating effectively with both friends and colleagues. I feel having good interpersonal skills and being able to communicate effectively and efficiently is a fundamental role in having a successful career as a manager.

Task 1b

Some of the skills and goals I need to acquire are the ability to talk and act confidently regardless of what the situation or who am I talking to. Also not being afraid to voice my ideas thoughts and opinions. Also being able and willing to try new things and take some risks rather then being safe.

I would like to be able to be assertive and take control of situations and install confidence in others whilst pressing hard for my recommendations, ideas and decisions to be accepted and recognised. This leads on to me being able to pro-actively take the lead in as many situations as possible especially when there is a group decision to be made.

Finally, to focus my energy on finding a solution rather than losing my temper in any situation, to be able to calmly assess most/any situation before reacting to it and strive to look for positives in any circumstance and make the best out of any unfavourable or negative situations.

With confidence, I can blaze and explore new opportunities for myself. I will dare to try new things & go against the herd, which in time will give me more opportunities possibilities for success. With confidence, me, my true self and potential will finally shine through and be seen and recognised by others. With assertiveness, I no longer need to follow in other people’s decisions and footsteps and I will be able make decisions by myself and ultimately live on my own terms. By being assertive, I will command respect and recognition from others. I have also noticed that I participate and contribute fully when I am assertive and therefore It will further build my confidence and install self esteem in me.

Anger management. I will try not say things that I will regret later on. I will not hurt my loved ones and friends. I will cease to waste energy venting out my anger. Rather the energy can be used in a positive way. This will also help to avoid pointless confrontations and have compassion instead.

What is needed?

Use Novelistic Language Programming techniques to help aid in confidence.

Assertiveness can be developed by suggesting ideas and making more decisions at home and during company meetings.

Meditation can be used to help relaxation and to develop a calm mind in order to control temper


.i) Buy & read ‘How to develop confidence’ books and other self help books relation to confidence.

.ii) Read books on communicating assertively & respectfully also self help books

.iii) Local anger management class organised by local authorities/councils or other professionals

4. Tim

My current plan is as follows:

Mon, Wed, Fri, 9-10pm, read ‘How to develop confidence’ books

Thurs, Sun 7am – 8am, practice NLP techniques on developing confidence

Tues, Thurs, Sat, 9-10pm, read communication books

Fri, 2pm – 4pm , practice being assertive in company weekly meeting

Sat, 2-3pm, Anger Management class

Task 2

Managers are employee of firm. From day of day .the board of directors decide the policies and the objectives of the firm. the manager has to carry out those policies and make sure that he objectives are met . Being a manager means trying to keep at least four groups of people happy.

The Board of directors , shareholders, customers, and the employees.

To meet these demand there are certain things that managers do in effectively in their jobs : planing, organising, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting and staffing.

Managers vary a great deal. A manager may be good at planing and organising but not be very good handling people. Different situation need a different approach. There is no one way that is always right. In some situations people expect to be told what to do. At other time ,people like to asked for their opinion and have some effect on the final decision .Mangers tend to have their own style of leadership


A good leader gains the support, hard work, loyalty and respect of other workers. Leadership is the ability to see what needs to be gone and how to get people to work willingly to get those things done as well as possible.

Leadership style

The style of leadership depends mainly on the personality of leader. There are fore main style of leadership that are widely recognised.

Authoritarian – people are told what to do and how to do it. They are not trusted to do things properly and may not to be asked for an opinion .Decisions are not explained .There is no consultation and little delegation.

Democratic – decision are based on the view of such many people as possible .Decisions are made only after hearing and talking into account the views of other people who are involved.

Paternalistic – the leader acts like the head of a family, deciding what is best for the firm and its workers. Unlike the authoritarian leader,this kind of leader listen to other and explains reason for his or her decisions.

Laissez-faire – the leader plays very little part in making decisions. Those who run things day to day take most of the decisions . Such a style seems attractive, but it may mean the firm has no clear directions.

Management styles

Autocratic – managers tell people what to do and how to do it. Once made, a decision must not be questioned .This style assumes that all decision should be made at the top. Decisions are made quickly but there is little or no delegation. Authoritarian managers do not usually consult. Paternalistic managers may also be autocratic. However, they may consult staff and take their views into account when making decisions, and explain their reason for them .A paternal company often has good social and welfare for their workers

participative – worker are invited to take park in making decision. As a step,worker are kept informed, often through a house magazine or newspaper. They need to know what is going on before they can help to make decision .In a participative system the workers may make decisions jointly with the managers.

Consultative – managers ask for the views of other managers and worker before making a decision. Workers are again kept well informed They are asked for their opinions through committees , such as work councils. However, they may not be involved inn actually making decision

Skills audit

the skills audit was a very effective tool for me to analysis myself in terms of strengths weakness and areas of improvement.

The skills audit was broke down into 10 different sections (see appendix). There conclusion I came to after taking the self analysis is that there are definably areas that I need to improve in, and theses results also showed up in my personal swot with regards to my weaknesses. Theses weaknesses or areas to improve in relate to not being assertive enough not being confident enough not having the written communication and literacy I would prefer and losing my anger. Subsequently these results have appeared more then once and are therefore are not an anomaly and are defiantly areas in which I need to improve inorder to be recognised as a good manager/leader.


as you can see from my swot analysis in the appendix my analysis of my current strengths seem to display a very positive sign of a good management and leadership skills. No matter what leadership style or management style I believe my strengths have a underlying relationship with all the different styles.

However on the same token my self analysis shows my weakness are so much so that I would not be a very effective manager as in order to be an effective efficient manager then these weaknesses should be transformed and turned into strengths.

learning styles audit

for this exercise I took an online test which measured my visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary skills. (see appendix)

This test was interesting. I found that my strongest attributes were my logic verbal and my physical ability this confirmed to me my ability and passion to get tasks done and showed my mental capability showing compliance and the ability to communicate with others well. This is defiantly the attributes that I need to become a effective manager or leader. It also highlighted my weaknesses. These were my aural, social and solitary skills. I personally relate the aural skills to me losing my anger quickly therefore don’t bother listening which is not a good trait to have as a leader as you wont be able to make informed decisions and my self confidence is definably something I have to improve on inorder to improve my social skills and not wanting to be by myself all the time and self confidence is a vital ingredient in becoming a successful leader.

Time management

after taking the time management test online I scored 55. this was in the highest band of the scoreboard. This indicates that I can effectively manage my time. This is a very crucial skill in becoming a successful manager and I can say that it is one of the skills I don’t have to improve on much when I take on a managerial role.


The mbit test indicated that I was a auditory learner. This means that I best learn by hearing and listening. I found this data very interesting as I found it contradictory to previous test. All my other results show I am not a very good aurally and I place this down to frustration, stress and anger. However I can appreciate how crucial this role is in becoming a effective leader as without listening to people and their ideas then this is a sure fire way to failure.

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My current achievement is done the bachelor degree and doing the job in some news rounds and more than else and I have abilities to done the different thing like I am just done the assignment and more. I always use my best skills for anything solving problems. I would like to achieve more knowledge from the others like tutor or friends or experience people. They are help me for my improve knowledge. Also I want to develop my skills, knowledge of business studies, basic knowledge for nice communication skills and I want to complete the my studies for my bright future.

Sustainable plan development & maintaining its technological, research & scientific assets, researches improvement, promotions, scientific technological development of country and finally its widespread sustainable development. Therefore identifying making contact and supporting this

powerful stratum of the society in order to make use of their scientific cooperation

and participation in various fields to produce science and technology is a strategic

trend for sustainable development based on a national research development program.

This study analysis the monitoring and evaluation of state research development

program, evaluation and monitoring procedures and standards, including the different

actions taken by evaluation and monitoring agencies and association. In an indirect process for determining the eligibility of research institutions participate in state development research programs it has directed that institutions are eligible for participation if they meet two fundamental conditions.

Be able to evaluate ,monitor, analysis and predict fundamental changes in science

and technology in order to keep abreast of the global fundamental changes in science

and technology.

Be able to develop priorities plan to organize technological activities of the country

to re engineer nationwide development of science and technology and to provide a

sustainable structure for research development program. Evaluating the national research system for developing strategic priorities towards science, research and technology emphasizing on decentralization and independence of universities and research centres in terms of administrative, financial, employment and organizational affairs .It also devising a comprehensive assessment system for research and technological affairs in national level For improving information

technology through supervision of research programs for promoting the role of

scientific associations and research organizations through their involvement in the

decision-makings and supervision processes and also planning to boost the share of

public and private research.

In this processes supporting the implementation of state-run research projects by

universities and research centres as a means to diversify their financial resources and

also encourage faculty members to play more effective parts in national research

activities are in the career.

When creating a verification plan, it is best to have a brainstorming session with all the relevant stakeholders. The session should include a discussion of the various features and components. It is always best to be near a white board for brainstorming and going over the various aspects of the speck and making sure everything is captured. That’s not necessary for every stakeholder, but the idea is to get alignment on the various interpretations of the functionality, and have the time for refinement of specifications if necessary.

In order to go over the spec in a systematic way, it is best to use mark up languages to capture the details directly from the spec to the plan. By using a mark up language verification planners can go over the spec and decide exactly what sections are the most important. They would use an annotator to mark desired sections or attributes in the spec to be automatically captured in the plan. It is good practice to use a tool that assists in resolving unannounced areas of spec, so you can make sure your plan is thorough and completed.

By following these brief guidelines and utilizing good planning with some of the newer verification management solutions, My team will truly benefit. I will understand if I have reached the milestones me planned. And I will be better equipped to make changes and shift priorities, if I haven’t reached my milestones. Perhaps I will need to shift resources, change a release date, or develop a better way to observe the risk analysis and roll the information up to management. In any case, I will feel much more confident in My overall design process, and have a much higher rate of project success with a little bit of time invested up front on better planning.

The Planning Inspectorate is meeting private and public sector groups regularly to discuss issues relating to its role in assessing the sound of the new style development plans. It is hoped that short article helps readers to understand the nature of the new system and the Planning Inspectorate’s role within it.

Corrective action : corrective action is performed by the person or other the root cause analysis is necessary to prevent recurrence of the problem, or the corrective action is not considered acceptable. All the corrective actions speps are taken to correct the process after the root cause of the discovered like training, Revision of documentation, change the process.

After that manager is satisfied the corrective action is sufficient for the managers.


The purpose of this evaluation was to investigate the effect of informal cooperative learning and the affiliation motive on achievement, attitude, and interactions. Participants classified as high or low need for affiliation used either an informal cooperative learning strategy or an individual strategy while receiving information, examples, practice and feedback from an instructional television lesson. Results indicated that participants who used the individual strategy acquired significantly more knowledge from the lesson and indicated significantly more continuing motivation for working alone than those who used the informal cooperative strategy. Instructional strategy did not influence performance on the application portion of the test. Results also revealed that high affiliation participants expressed significantly more continuing motivation than low affiliation participants for working with another person. Low affiliation participants expressed significantly more continuing motivation than high affiliation participants for working alone. Finally, results indicated that high affiliation dyads exhibited significantly more on-task group behaviours and significantly more off-task behaviours than low affiliation dyads of learning and development.

Through the use of advanced computing and telecommunications technology, learning can also be qualitatively different. The process of learning in the classroom can become significantly richer as I have access to new and different types of information, can manipulate it on the computer through graphic displays or controlled experiments in ways never before possible, and can communicate with the other. Their results and conclusions in a variety of media. For example, using technology, students can collect and graph real-time weather, environmental, and populations data from their community, use that data to create colour maps and graphs, and then compare these maps to others created by students in other communities. Similarly, instead of reading about the human circulatory system and seeing textbook pictures depicting blood flow, students can use technology to see blood moving through veins and arteries, watch the process of oxygen entering the bloodstream, and experiment to understand the effects of increased pulse or cholesterol-filled arteries on blood flow.”

“I know now – based on decades of use in anywhere, on findings of hundreds of research studies, and on the everyday experiences of educators, properly used, technology can enhance the achievement of me, increase my involvement skills and knowledge, and improve administration and management.”

As leader thinking the plan started before few months make sure It is going to true way of planning. because if plan is going wrong way. As leader of the company must thinking about how to chose better way for company to make a more profit. The leader observe that the plan is one to mathematicians have been powerfully drawn over a very period of time. One of the reasons of this enduring influence of algebraic geometrical is the fact that the plan makes strong appeal to the imagination in that it not only illuminates properties of the figures that leader has able to draw or visualize but also extent the range geometrical thinking for it and think about it in a much deeper sense than that of granting formal assent to give his best opinion.

Www.spotlightidea.co.uk /?page5 /p=2019

Conclusion : I have done my all tasks. I need to improvement in my particular skills and knowledge of business studies. My personal and professional goals are very very important for my future. I am enclose all online test results in appendixes.


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