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Learning A New Language Education Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Education
Wordcount: 794 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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I love language because it carries beauty and thought. Like many non-English speakers, I have begun studying English quite late in seventh grade. To most non-English speakers, learning a new language, English, is both novel and challenging. Many students may explore English with the curiosity toward a new language and culture; however, they may lose their interest because of inappropriate and rigid teaching approaches, or an unfamiliar/ insecure sense towards a new language or culture. My initiation of English study originated from my obsession to literary aestheticism. It was a step-by-step aesthetic pilgrimage to the glorious palace of western literature, when I started from ABC on, then read simple passages, later moved onto the beautiful essays and poetry and at last plunged into the classics by literary masters.

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   Learning a new language is not an easy job especially for teenagers or adults who have passed their critical period of language acquisition. Language learning always takes patience; moreover, it needs good strategies, motivation, and a good instructor to help students to overcome the sense of alienation toward a new language or culture. And as an English-major, it happens all the time that my relatives and neighbors would ask me questions such as: “what do we do to learn English well?  What are your strategies?. My answer is always: “oh, English learning takes only patience and practice.”  Though it’s true that English learning takes great patience and hard working, I wish I could offer them more effective ways and share my experiences with them.  But I can’t because I know how to learn English, but I can’t tell people the principles and the reasons why we learn English by using certain strategies or approaches.

When I came to college and majored in English Literature at University of Dammam in Saudi Arabia, the literature and the linguistic courses helped me a lot in understanding my early language learning experiences. The joy of reading English and writing English Inspired by the strong inner call of self-exploration and the will to help my friends reinforced my already deep love for English language as a whole. It convinced me that I would be willing to make painstaking efforts whatsoever as long as I could keep improving my command of this fascinating language. I am confident that my abilities, competence, and performance rank way above my academic GPA which was low due to family circumstances that I went through during my undergraduate studies. This is evident by receiving a scholarship from the Saudi Arabian government to pursue my graduate studies at your college.

After my graduation, I worked with Alamiah institute for computer and technology in Saudi Arabia as an English teacher for two years and eight months .I started working with them from 03/2007 until 11/2009 .The first six months they gave me courses from the teacher training program, which gave me an overview of teaching methodologies, learning psychologies, and practical training.   In class, some teachers shared with me their teaching experiences, their viewpoints towards the current education system and trends, whereas other teachers shared with me their philosophies of life.  Thanks to their efforts, I have come to realize that teaching is not only the delivery of knowledge, but also the effort to share with, to affect, or to help people.

  My aspiration is to pursue a graduate program at Nazareth College because it offers the flexibility needed for an in-depth understanding of teaching English. I have browsed through your website and noticed that your TESOL program has a strong focus on intercultural communication and on the interaction of social behavior and language use. I am also eager to work under the guidance of the distinguished faculty members of Nazareth College such as Dr.Rui Cheng whom I had met before I applied for TESOL program. I am convinced that the facilities of TESOL program at Nazareth College will be very useful for dedicated involvement in research projects. I believe that a graduate program in TESOL at Nazareth College will help me reach my goals. I am certain that I will be able to use my potential to the fullest if I have the opportunity to enter your program.

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Your program provides courses that cover methods of teaching, evaluation, and materials development, as well as engage in fieldwork both as tutors and practice teachers.  I believe the program offered will help me acquire the versatility needed to reach my full potential as an English teacher.  It would be a privilege to be able to secure admission to pursue graduate studies with you.

Ghadeer Saleh Alrazqan


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